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  1. They catch you and throw your but in jail.
  2. Big Daddy owns the underwater world. Your Torpedoes are under his control :twisted: .
  3. doesn't look so fierce NOW, does he?
  4. I cut the wires and release the dog.
  5. Space boots! And to 3rkid, Its true, the post wasn't about the gun, is was about an old man with a gun, just like in the cartoons.
  6. "Git off mah Property!"
  7. My stupid sign > Your Stupid Sign
  8. AHA! Except it WASN'T unrelated, because that cat..clock..thing was covered in clocks and wind-up mechanisms. A trademark of Steampunk. So.. for that..
  9. E harmony saved his relationship.
  10. Dont reuse pics.. :shame: :lol:
  11. Big swords are more pro
  12. Im confused with your post.. PS. this is a pic of me.
  13. Hey, thanks for that I tried it, but the page file only takes up 4GB, same as the size of my RAM. Oh well.. the number just reverted back to 380GB left.. i think im just getting false readings.
  14. No, no fraps here.. EDIT!!: OK... so this is weird.. I click on the drive to check a file.. and exit back to my comp.. and it now says the hard disk has 380 gigs left.. Not 308.. And i know i didn't just read it wrong because the blue bar is also smaller.. Does vista have problems with gathering data from the hard disks, in order to calculate how much is left on them? Because it seems to be giving me false data..
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