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  1. Hey guys.. a while back i built my comp, its working fine.. except for the fact that I'm loosing hard disk space at an incredible rate.. I have a 500GB hard drive, minus about 11 GB for Vista. And i have about 10 things installed on it.. only 10 things. Which collectively take up only about 50GB. WOW Halo2 Spore Mirrors edge GIMP Combat arms Sims 3 NFSU NFSU2 Portal So i should be at around 400GB., but yet, im at 308! Of a total space of 465 GB (It says 500 but it never is) - 11 - 50 should be 404GB left For instance, today, i went down from 328 GB to 308, and i didn't install or do anything! That's a 20GB loss from not doing anything! Each day more and more seems to be dissipating, but I don't have any viruses, since it's a new comp and I don't watch pr0n :roll: I've checked with kaspersky, and with spybot S&D but.. no viruses.. Any ideas people?
  2. Recycled Eco-friendly pink bag > your non-recycled non eco-friendly pink bag.
  3. Actually post pictures!
  4. Harry Potter Puppet Pals 'nuff said.
  5. Mr. T yoda uses the force with more experience.
  6. YOU FAIL! That Pic was used before! so you FAIL!
  7. Judge Judy overrules that crap.
  8. My evil lemur > your non evil lemur
  9. BOOM Headshot. [hide=Hidden due to swear word. Click if you want to.][/hide]
  10. LOL at the pink-dude's head.
  11. Super Eraser!!! *Cue batman theme song*
  12. :shock: =P~ :D Having to choose your death and choosing to drown in ice cream!
  13. So what, you just used the "my friend" excuse just so you'd get some help? :lol: Anyways: Saved Games/custom content you can just reinstall the game on your new PC and then transfer over specific folders (saves and whatever else) over to it. WoW you can just copy over the entire game. The other games I'm not sure if they create something in the registry or not, you'll probably need to reinstall them. Hehe.. just in case there were still some grudges from the last post.. Anyways i was able to locate the exact folder for spore with the saved files.. so everything is good there.. i guess this is lockable...
  14. :ohnoes: *Scared of the geek site* *Looks around computer table for idea..* :| Nestea!
  15. :twss: :thumbup: This Face --> :twss:
  16. :? #-o If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.
  17. :P :D The fact that if you farted 24/7 for 6 years, your farts would have released the same amount of energy as an Atom Bomb!
  18. *pretends to know what flarp is* :? Flubber!
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