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  1. Chapter 1: The Council Tell me why the RTG claims that you are traitors to everything it stands for! This shrill cry came from Assdra Vrek, representative of the Moon Clan on the Barbarian Council. Ranaldas and Ranald were startled by the sudden proclamation, and looked up bewildered. Who told you such a lie? Ranald asked, incredulous. I have, in my hand She waved the paper around. From Getalin, acting Minister of Intelligence, in which he states, and I quote Information within the confines of the Ministry has shown that Santran has been gathering evidence of the brothers Ranald and Ranaldas of a plot to get rid of Santran, Minister of Intelligence. How do you respond to that? Ranaldas looked with a face of horror at Ranald. Ranald only deeply sighed. And would you mind telling me what this evidence is? He claims that you planted the Betrayer in his path. He claims that you set the whole thing up knowing full well what you were going to do! Ill ask you again, what evidence does he have? Again Ranald was quiet and firm. Relations to the Moon Clan were not going well due to the fact that no women had been in the High Council until recently. It had now been five months since the Betrayal, as it was called by the various groups in favor of the Exiles. Things had gone mostly well. The Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Ogres, and some Trolls all continued to honor their agreement. The Princes Guard of Burthrope was also supportive. However, problems with the Barbarians had been occurring more and more frequently. The Fremmeniks, the Miscellanians, the Etceterians, the Moon Clan, the Mountain Clan, and the Varrokian Barbarians had all been approached by the new GPA. Some had ignored it, like the Mountain Clan and the Miscellanians. Others chose to listen to it, at least somewhat, like the Moon Clan and the Varrokian Barbarians. Some were still undecided, and their votes could swing either way. Are you deaf man? She has related the evidence to you, twice! What more do we need to hear? This from Darim Kuron, representative of the Etceterians. There were mutterings around the table, never a good sign for the Exiles. In recent times they had been denying more and more to them, and the Exiles had only a sliver of their former power left in the Council. I will ask for Ranald, what evidence do you have? Everyone quickly raised their heads and looked at the tall, slender woman approaching the table. She had teal hair that seemed to whisper. Her shoulders were broad, arms straight, her posture rigid. Her legs were long, her skin a slight tan. She was wearing a blue tunic, a blue skirt, and blue boots. There was something oddly familiar about this woman that suggested she was known by all, yet never seen. Karin Voran, Speaker of the Council, managed to find his voice. And who are you? My name is Asana, but you know me better as Santran. They all stared, shocked, mouths open wide, gazing at the object of all secrets. Ranald managed to regain his composure. Ladies and gentlemen, the Minister of Intelligence is back! Chapter 2: Predator and Prey Jardar Gorint had been a carpenter for as long as he could swing a hammer. He was a fairly tall man, and thickly muscled from his years of experience. Just recently, he had lived in a cottage of his own design, near the Draynor Forest. That is, until the GPA intervened. Jardar was coming from a job, as usual, when he saw smoke rising in the distance. Concerned, he ran towards the clearing his cottage had once occupied. He found a recently extinguished ember, in the distinct shape of his home. His anger building, Jardar noticed the other great mystery of the area, a heavily intoxicated GPA tax collector hobbling around carrying a torch. Jardar quickly made the connection and slowly but surely extracted his revenge from the unlucky drunkard. That episode, however, was two weeks ago. His biggest mistake, Jardar reflected, had been to put the heavily tortured mans body outside of a GPA outpost. Perhaps if he had not done that, he would now not be hunted by two separate bands of GPA and a few odd bounty hunters. If only my rage hadnt gotten the best of me, Jardar thought wistfully. In the last two weeks, Jardar had learned much in the art of stealth, camouflage, and good old hit-and-run tactics. His current plot was to hide between the two groups and lure them into combat with each other. Already annoyed by their prolonged search, the two groups were itching for a fight, and would soon decapitate the members of their own troop. At present, he was hiding in the vaulted branches of a tree, providing him with the ability to view both groups actions. The yew bow and steel arrows he carried with him were just icing on the cake of his revelry. Picking up the bow, he notched an arrow and carefully aimed a shot at the closest idiots pack. Loosing the arrow, he received a long hi-pitched scream from said idiot. Jardar smiled and glanced at the other group, awaiting their response to this new development. With his usual brilliance, the corporal started slashing apart the bushes in his rush to discover the source of the sound. He received a gift for his stupidity, and promptly fell flat on his face, an arrow puncturing his chest. The recruits, unexpectedly leaderless, simply stood there, dumbfounded. With a smirk playing across the edges of his face, Jardar returned his attention to the first group, who were now, unexpectedly, taking up battle positions. Pondering the situation, he quickly tied some rope around his waist, and tied the other end to the tree trunk. Notching another arrow, he swung down, once again looking at the leaderless expedition. Firing the arrow directly in front of the still startled recruits, he quickly pulled himself up. With a grin, he smiled, thinking, here is where the true fun begins. Chapter 3: Shoot to Kill Korint Gastar had been the quintessential barbarian. He used his rage along with his battleaxe, he quaffed his ale, and he had issues with women. Just because his training instructor was a woman, didnt mean that the latter problem would go away. At the moment, he was being disciplined for trying to bash a Gnomes head in. For the umpteenth time, Korint! The Gnome is not your enemy! Hes only your sparring partner, and for no reason should you attempt to deform his head! The unfortunate Gnome in question was called Fardygat, leading to his christening of Fatty Cat by his barbarian comrades. He was more blue than tan, and appeared to have lost as much skin as was possible. He was a mere 4 feet, making him a giant among Gnomes. He carried a short sword with ease, but he couldnt deflect his partners raw strength. Korint looked at his partner, at his instructor, and at his axe. A wild idea flashed through his head, but he was not fool enough to give into those urges. With a sigh of defeat, he turned around, hefted his axe over one shoulder, and strode towards the barracks. With a similar sigh, Fardygat followed along. Asana crossed her arms and shook her head sadly. This pair had been trouble from the beginning. The mind inside of the body still managed a loose paradox, and his thoughts remained as sharp as ever. Crossing the plaza, he reflected on the sheer luck the Alliance had that the barbarians werent xenophobic. With another sad shake of the head, Asana entered the command structure. * * * Aw, Fatty Cat, Im sorryits just, I justaw screw it. Sorry Fardygat simply nodded, picked up a rag, and began cleaning his sword. Korint sighed, then hefted himself onto the top bunk of the bed, and stared at the wooden roof. The barracks was large, and only three floors up. It was furnished in a sparse military style, but served most of the combatants as needed. Korint glanced to his left, and noticed that a female Elf was sleeping in the top bunk, a Dwarf beneath her, scratching his coarse beard. Korint scratched his own beard, then slowly removed the chain mail he wore on top of his tunic. Quietly, he pulled out some cards, and sat next to the Dwarf. The Dwarf glanced up then pulled out a table from beneath the bed. Another round of poker commenced. Chapter 4: Aggressive Negotiations Lastilla Gastar stood slumped over a railing of the magnificent wooden Barbarian Watchtower. Her spear stood leaning against the same rail, still gripped within her hands. At 62 she was an imposing figure, and her blond hair was tied into a bun at the back. Her rough leather jerkin armor kept her protected from any threat that, well, hadnt appeared thus far. At the moment she was glancing north towards the village of Edgeville, whose neutral position was beginning to irk each side. With a sigh, she walked the perimeter of the tower, idling glances at the western road and eastern bridge. The western road was as busy as ever, with Dwarves and Barbarians heading into the setting sun, towards Camelot. There they would join their brothers and sisters, and prefer for war. All while Lastilla was here, bored at the lack of action, and angry at being left here. She approached the south side, and glanced into the interior of Draynor Forest. The villagers kept claiming that they had heard sounds escaping the forest at random times each day. Thus, the council had cooped Lastilla up at the Watchtower, with provisions being uplifted daily. Unexpectedly, she saw what appeared to be an arrow fly out of the forest and ground itself a mere 200 yards from the village. Her interest piqued, she focused her attention at the area, only to be surprised when a man broke through the foliage, running at a speed she had never thought possible by a man on foot. Behind him, the distinct colors of the Guildpact broke through, swords and bows waving in his direction, hot on his heels. Pulling out a rope, Lastilla tied it to the railing. Testing her knot and finding it satisfactory, she grabbed the other end of the rope and jumped over the edge. *** At that moment, Jardar was running at breakneck speed towards the ring of buildings he saw in front of him. Lazily, in the back of his mind, he realized that he was a mere 100 yards from the edge. Jardars eyes however, made the distance look like a mile. The band of murderous lunatics behind him werent improving the situation. Perhaps driving them insane wasnt the best approach, he reflected sullenly. An arrow whizzed overhead, and made contact with the ground a mere foot behind Jardar. Yes, I definitely shouldnt have scared the living daylight out of them. Nor should I have caused that stampedeHis reflections came to an abrupt halt when he saw a woman rush out of the village, spear at the ready. Jardars mind performed a somersault at this new complication. Somewhat surprisingly, it decided that he would drive the remaining five Guildpact monsters at the woman and hope for the best. With renewed energy, his legs flew gracefully over the wild grass. He was amazed when the woman completely ignored him and his dodge, and let loose a battle cry as she charged at the first of the severely puzzled warriors. He had stopped, unexpectedly for those behind him, causing them to continue running, straight onto the womans spear. With two dead and the others lying sprawled on the ground, the woman spat at the ground near them. Jardar found himself amazed at the bravery or insanity of this woman. Taking on five warriors was difficult at the best of times, and with the remaining three driven mad, these were not ideal conditions. Kicking the two dead bodies off of her spear, the woman leaned forward and put her weight on her back leg, spear at the ready. With a snarl, the three rose, growling at the woman. The first one that charged was quickly skewered by her spear, the body flung at the remaining twos feet. A standoff proceeded where neither of the men had the bravery to charge at their assailant. With a quiet whimper, they dropped their weapons and scampered back into the forest. With a smile on her face, Lastilla turned to the stunned human. Chapter 5: A Girl For All Seasons Ranaldas was not a happy general. His troops were barely organized, supply convoys were continually attacked, and the base sentries kept mysteriously disappearing outside the base perimeter. Every lieutenant he sent out to investigate came back sheepishly saying that nothing occurred. With a snort, he dismissed them as usual, and finally, after two months, he decided to find out what the hell was going on himself. He was a powerful man, and at 58, not someone to be ignored. Walking past the front gates, unguarded per normal, he headed toward a glow that appeared in the forest. Drawing his longsword, Ranaldas strode cautiously into the forest in the direction of the light. Drawing closer, he saw men and women, laughing and strolling in a makeshift camp, carrying beer in hearty jugs. With a disgusted spit, Ranaldas turned back towards the base, his anger rising. Those sentries would have an interesting surprise when they returned. *** Jardar Gorint proceeded west from the sleeping fishing town of Catherby, following a trail beaten into the ground by the movement of many bodies. He walked alone in the dusk, and carried the few possessions he could call as such. He followed the beaten path diligently, feeding and drinking on the go. The events of the previous day had left him with a letter to be delivered to his saviors brother, some Korint character. That he happened to be in the RTG army camp was only a bonus for Jardar. Jardars nerves were primed at his expectations of life within the RTG. He began humming a pleasant tune and carelessly walked along the path. Suddenly, he saw a bright light up ahead. With a gasp, he started, pulling out his sword and pulling himself behind a tree. Pulling out a self-fashioned telescope, one of the few things he was able to salvage from his former abode, he put it to his eye and viewed the camp from afar. After much blushing and blinking, he concluded that this could not be the RTG camp. With a more cautious manner, he continued along the path. *** Ranaldas was busy within his own thoughts, still walking back, when he heard the cracking of a twig underfoot. Drawing his sword and drawing himself against a tree he quietly waited for the loud intruder. He drew in his breath as the man walked right by him, clueless. He appeared to be following the path to the RTG camp, but if he was a GPA spy, he was very inexperienced. Ranaldas slowly broke cover and with carefully measured steps followed the invader. Putting his longsword back, he drew a dagger into his right hand. In a fluid motion, just as he had been taught by Santran/Asana, he grabbed the mans left shoulder with his hands, pressed himself into the others back, and wrapped his dagger arm against the mans throat. With a whisper as dangerous as a plague, Ranaldas whispered to the man. Who are you? Jardar gulped, forcing skin past the edge of the blade. He had not expected such defenses, but of course, that was just being naïve. Im from the Barbarian Vil-l-lage in Asgarnia, sir! Jardar gasped out, frightened at death in a manner that he had not know since childhood. And what proof do you have of this claim? I have in my breast pocket a letter from Lastilla Gastar to her brother Korint-t, who she told me was in the RTG!! Ah, Gastar. Well then, lets go pay the good Corporal a visit, shant we? With a nervous nod, Jardar slowly put one foot in front of the other. In direction of the large towers his heightened senses only now registered. Chapter 6: Lock and Load Jardar stood at the top of the sentry tower, his telescope in hand. He carefully watched the missing sentries while men scurried behind him. His meeting with the General had been as unexpected as it had been fruitful. Hed been tasked by the General with the simple task of scaring the hell out of the missing sentries. Jardar donned a GPA uniform, grabbed a short sword and a net, and took up a position near the windows of the sentry tower. He tracked the drunken sentries progress towards the camp with the telescope. He glanced around, checking to see that all the men were in their positions. An arrow that had been lit on fire arced up and landed right next to the first drunken sentry. In his drunken stupor he picked up the arrow, then dropped it with an echoing cry of pain. Jardar unconsciously checked that the grapple was secure and readied his net in his other hand. Jardar saw that the men wearing the GPA uniform were fighting with those with RTG uniforms. From his vantage point, it seemed almost comical, but to the drunken soldiers, it looked quite real. They all drew their swords and ran to the gates, tripping over their limbs. As they reached the spot between the two sentry towers, Jardar let loose a war cry and his net. He then grabbed the rope at the end of the grapple and slid down to the base. By this point, the fighting soldiers had all stopped and walked over to the mass of drunken writhing bodies. Many could not help but laugh at their incompetence. Jardar glanced over to the HQ building, watching the General calmly stride over. He calmly scanned the battlefield. Ranaldas patted Jardar on the back. Good work, Sergeant. This ought to teach those sentries to behave. I want you to begin planning an attack on that camp for two days from now. Welcome to the Avenging Army. Chapter 7: Grievances Asana folded her hands across her chest, while leaning back in her chair. Her face was fair, with high cheekbones and a head of dark, black hair. Her eyes gave off a twinkle that seemed awfully misplaced among her female features. Her thin neck seemed short within her body, and her shoulders appeared wider than was correct for her slim female form. Her bosom was not exquisite, but was still a defining feature of her figure. Her midriff appeared weak, but any RTG soldier could attest to its strength under pressure. Her long, thin legs hid her inner power and endurance, which her wide feet supplied with balance. At the moment, Santran was deep in thought, trying to get Asana into a comfortable position for thought. Her different body form restricted him, but he had managed to get used to it over the months. Her long hands, with their delicate fingers, continued to annoy him. Holding a sword or frankly anything heavy became a test of wills. After Santran a.k.a. Asana had reappeared, many disgruntled RTG deserted and joined the new RTG. A large chunk of the new human fighting force was comprised of ex-RTG, and their combat experience helped greatly into molding the whole into a fighting force. Nearby Asana, Ranald sat, stroking his white beard, also deep in thought. Whereas Asana/Santran had to cope with counterintelligence and espionage, Ranald had the unenviable position of keeping the whole army fed, clothed, and organized. Few things happened at the camp without his knowledge, and the recent theft of goods was no different. Your brothertroubles me. Asanas mouth finally said. Oh? In what way? Ranald replied, surprised. He seems to enjoy disciplining the soldiers a littletoo much. Santrans hesitation was palpable in Asanas body language. Ranald smiled. It is his way. He seeks to show the men that he is the strongest, the smartest, the greatest out of all of them. It will all work out for the better, I assure you. Your reassurances do not help, Minister. You may have been my friend, but mychanges and experiences have altered our relationship. You have hidden from me all that occurred during my absence. Ranald sighed, and the expression on his face changed to that of an adult that is trying to explain a difficult concept to an eager child. If that is your wish, I shall regale you with our sorrows and our triumphs. It is a long story, and not a happy one. Chapter 8: Four Months Ago Aryada, her long, silken, blonde hair waving, her velvet dress shimmering in the breeze. Her wardrobe had finally been opened after the deep cold she had suffered, however temporarily, under the RTG. No, the former RTG, she corrected herself, chuckling. She walked along a terrace towards a door embedded within a tall, circular tower, with long purposeful strides, her legs appearing briefly between the buzzing onslaught of their fast paced movement. Finally reaching the door, her delicate tanned hand, now lacking the tattoo, grabbed the polished ivory handle and pulled it out towards herself, calmly opening the door. The room inside appeared to encompass this entire floor of the tower. It was covered in red, orange, and yellow sashes and curtains, with a fiery rug that gave the impression of a harem. In the middle of it all, a bed stood, a fine, four poster bed, upon which a man lay. The man had a foppish, common look about him, the sort that you meet everyday walking through the market, along the street, or across a field. He wore nothing but some undergarments, and he appeared to be sleeping a restless, dreamless sleep. The rest of the room was composed of wardrobes, dressers, chests, and various other containers of clothes that lay spread along the walls of the tower, giving one an impression of being fenced in by fashion. But Aryada had not come to marvel at the design that Sorebeluma had painstakingly assembled. She had instead come for the very man who lay in the center of it all, both literally and figuratively. The guard who walked up behind her was tall and strong, and he stopped behind her, standing at attention. She turned to him and gestured for him to close the door. Obediently, he did, and proceeded to stand nearby until the appointed signal. Aryada smiled a strange grin and the twisted light from the towers skylight cast an unearthly glow upon her figure. *** Filitov stood outside the door, digging one of his toes into the ground, out of sheer boredom. He had been demoted to Sergeant after the fiasco at the Guildpact, and had been used only for guarding minor things. Hell, he thought, I wouldnt even be guarding this door if there was a handle on the other side. He grunted in disgust as Private Buchanan appeared on the other side of the terrace. He was still as scrawny and petrified as ever, but what he was currently doing was much more up to his level. As he approached Filitov, the older man looked away. Buchanan knocked on the door that Filitov was guarding. Filitov confused, was about to lecture Buchanan when two knocks were heard from the other side. Still flustered, Filitov lifted the ivory handle and quickly opened the door. Aryada was standing there, her dress halfway removed. What is it? She said shrilly. M-m-m-maam, S-so-Sorebeluma asked for me to bring Guh-guh-guh-Getalin to her. Buchanan stammered out, eyes bulging at his superiors appearance. Ah, so it will happen now Aryada replied thoughtfully. Alright, you two, take him. Tell Sorebeluma that I will expect the product to be returned here. Make sure no harm befalls the Prince on his way there. With a nod, both men came in and took the still unconscious Getalin by the hands and feet and carried him out the door. Aryada left the door barely open then began completing the removal of her dress. She had waited long for this day. Chapter 9: Checkmate Jardar sat in the large, tall, wooden watchtower above the gates of the camp. The tower was composed of a long octagonal column of wood extending from a thick rectangular stone base. Around 20 meter off of the ground, the tower spanned out, and the octagon grew bigger. Within this eight-sided bowl, a wooden floor and hatch appeared. The hatch was oak, and had an iron latch attacked, opposite the steel hinges. Upon the floor, a table, three chairs, and a weapons rack stood. Within the chairs sat three men, of which Jardar was one. Upon the table was a chess set, hewn from fine mahogany. At the moment, Jardar was losing. His king was in check and he had no good moves. With a frustrated sigh, he tipped over his king and shook the hand of his opponent. The third man stood up, and moved his chair over to the lip of the base, and looked out at the tree line. The guard leaned against the banister, bored. Unexpectedly, he noticed a metallic glint in the forest, one that appeared to be rapidly expanding. He pulled out a telescope, and zeroed in on the light. Sir, come take a look at this, the guard said, gesturing to Jardar. Jardar, still mulling over his loss to his fellow guardsman, calmly walked over to the now-stupefied watchman. The man pointed at a distant spot, and Jardar relieved him of his telescope. Raising it to his eye, he gasped when he recognized the royal seal of Varrock. Sound the alarm, get the honor guard, and you, He said, gesturing to his former opponent. Tell Ranaldas that the King of Varrock is here! *** Ranaldas was busy talking with aides, gesturing to servants, when the guardsman burst into the room at full sprint. Ranaldas glanced up, and his hand instinctively moved to his sword. The soldier panted, then shouted something about the King of Varrock and the watchtower, confused, but understanding the soldiers urgency, Ranaldas ran out to the courtyard. Hello, General. Im here to stop my daughter. King Roald said to him, upon seeing him standing in front of the doors. Chapter 10: Arrogance and Ambition Aryada was walking. Well, not exactly walking. It was more like something between a lope and a stride. Regardless of how she was walking, she was in a long narrow hallway, made of a beautiful white stone in the back of her mind she knew was marble. At the end of the hallway there was a wooden door, reinforced with steel rods and bolts in a checkerboard pattern, so that even if the door was blown apart, the steel rods would still prevent access. As she walked, her beauty became more pronounced. Her smooth face with chiseled features highlighted her full lips, and a rounded chin gave her the appearance of a young girl, which she had several times used to her advantage. Aryadas shoulders were not too broad, so that she kept that clear feminine grace, especially in the way that she carried herself, her spine dutifully exclaiming that she was of noble origin. Her breasts were nominal for someone of her size, but her waist was shapely, and her hips wide. Her legs, her most defining characteristic, appeared to have been stolen from a gazelle, so fine they seemed. They worked as a pendulum, swinging back and forth, like clockwork that never required winding. Reaching the door, she lashed her hand to one of the steel panels, and pushed it. The panel recessed into the door, with a mechanical click and an elongated creek, the door opened to reveal Sorebeluma, a washcloth in her right hand, her left hidden in front of her flowing robes. Before her was a woman that Aryada did not recognize, but whose identity Aryada could certainly guess correctly. The woman was covered by a white sheet, but she was most certainly alive, as could be evidenced by the rhythmic rise and fall of where her chest appeared to be. If Sorebeluma knew that Aryada had entered the room, she did not show it. Sorebeluma simply put the washcloth onto the womans forehead, but did not move to greet Aryada, if she even knew Aryada was there. Aryada, meanwhile, had stepped through the doorway and glanced around the room. It had not changed much in the month she had left it. The vials, beakers and liquids still bubbled and flowed, seemingly for show rather than any actual practical purpose. Why has the Prince not been returned to me? Aryada asked shrilly, choosing her words carefully. Sorebeluma once again remained impassive, giving no sign that she had in any way acknowledged Aryadas presence. Ah, the PrinceBurthrope is such a nice placeIf you dont mind the troops and the trolls, but then, they are so similar Sorebeluma said, sighing. But Getalin, the Prince of Burthrope, is now a missing man. So it was successful again? Of course. Soon we will be able to command them all, with only two. Then why has Getalin not been returned to me for the time being? Sorebeluma didnt answer Aryada immediately. Aryada felt herself growing impatient, and worked hard to stifle that feeling. Did you know that your father is meeting with the Exiles at this very moment? Sorebeluma asked suddenly. No, but what difference does it make? That old fool couldnt find his way out of his own castle without his servants! Ah, but you forget, Aryada, you are his daughter. And now, you become more of an encumbrance than an asset. Goodbye. In a flash of movement, Sorebeluma spun around and fired a crossbow. Aryada had no time to react. She was directly in the head, and fell on her backside, dead as a corpse. Guards, remove her. Chapter 11: Never Too Late What would you have had me do? I cannot control her any more than a leaf can stop the wind! Roald was nearly frothing at the mouth, his diplomatic cool already worn off. For their parts, both Ranald and Ranaldas were also tired. Goddamit! Can you at least tell us where she is? Somewhere in the Guildpact! Dont you have some intelligence organs of your own?! Ranald turned away at this, and Ranaldas stared at the floor as a sharp silence settled among them. We havewaited too long, Ranald said, turning around. Tomorrowwe go on the warpath. It is time to regain our world. Go prepare, Ranaldas. I have allies to gather. End Part II Feedback, please.
  2. Potential money < Actual money P2P will always have more power in relation to Jagex than F2P. F2P might pay, but P2P will.
  3. I've heard stuff about it, but it's mostly cause I'm lazy.
  4. Just a quick headsup, before you get to my actual text. I began writing this story five years ago, back when I was 11. Over the course of that time, I slowly put this together. There are lots of things here that I personally do not like, and as this was originally written as a RuneScape story, a lot of things are (probably) outdated. Oh, and yes, there is a Part II, but it's not really complete, and I haven't worked on it in like half a year. I've been working a lot on short stories (unrelated to RS) and a new thingy that I've only shown to a few people. Hope you all enjoy it, and please, tear it apart! Note: Some of you may have seen parts of this when I was part of the Onyx Project a while back. Chapter 1: An Unexpected Encounter A bleak landscape of grays, blacks, and browns, dotted with trees and various monsters. Blackened, decaying trees and dark, ominous dirt surround the area. Through this landscape a lone man runs. A majestic, yellow cape with a half moon and a star on the back, a ripped blue shirt, dark blue trousers, gray gauntlets, large, yellow boots, and yellow gloves are his simple attire. His roughshod hair is a sky blue as is his thick beard. He seemed to not be running from anything, neither man nor beast, but seemed to be following some trail he alone knew. Stopping by a particularly tall tree he rests and consults a map. He quickly makes a few marks with a bright red feather and then continues on. Only a bit farther to go, and soon this area will be mapped, too. He mutters calmly to himself. Suddenly, a twig snaps behind him and he quickly ducks behind a tree. He turns his head and sees a woman in dark green armor, running from a group of rangers with blue bows. They fire at her from on top of a ridge, their aim slightly off. The man quickly steps out and arms his own bow. His bow is finely carved and appears to be of the same dark blue material. He arms an arrow with a blue tip and fires at one of the ranger's bowstrings. His expert shot flies true, and grazes the string, attracting his foes notice. The rangers glance at the man and seeing the mark on the cape, quickly retreat. The woman in the dark green armor reaches the man, nearly out of breath. She seems weak, having come so close to death. The man stands there studying her. Her weapons are of the same color as her armor, but her shield is a light blue. Her face is a mask of pain, hiding her blue eyes. Her sun blonde hair is tied in a braid, and lies dormant on her back. Here have this food, you look like you need it. He said in a kind voice. He knew what it feels like to come so close to death, having been in this position several times himself, dependent on the kindness of others. He hands her a few finely-cooked lobsters and starts asking her questions. What are you doing here in this godforsaken land? He asks interrogatingly. She gasps and finishes the food. Wiping her mouth, she seems to have gotten plenty of strength from her repast. I was supposed to meet my friend out there, She said, gesturing behind her. But when I got there I saw my friend on the ground, weak and near death. I approached her and lifted her head, and I saw her dust soaked face, blood oozing from dozens of wounds. I looked behind her and saw her tracks. I was about to give her food, when I heard an arrow whistling and saw it as it hit her square in the forehead. She died immediately, and disappeared He noticed how she tried blink back her tears, but she couldnt hold on to this control. She began sobbing, clearly and truthfully. Calm down, its alright, youll see your friend again, she isnt completely dead. Saradomin restored her into the town of Lumbridge, shes probably woken up by now and went to her home, He explained. Then he looked at her and he recognized in her an emotion he had not felt since watching a friend die for the first time. You havent seen death before, have you? She shook her head. She had stopped crying but was still shaking from head to toe. Whats your name? He asked. Aryada, She answered. Where do you live? Im too poor to live in a house, all you see on me was given to me by my friend. Dont you have parents? Yes, but I ran away from home when I was young, and I do not wish to return. Hmm All right, you can come home with me and rest, I own a modest home in south-east Rimmington. But- No buts, you have to come home with me so I can make sure you werent poisoned or that they used something else on you Grumpily, Aryada tries to get up, but her armor weighs her down so much she cannot. Here give me your armor. Ill carry it for you He said, in a soft tone. Aryada agrees, and her progress was increases dramatically. They met a few more Player-Killers along the way, but they dared not bother with the man, for the mark on his cape. Why does everyone stay clear of you when they see that mark? Aryada asked, curiously. For two reasons. First, this is the mark of my guild and we are extremely powerful and feared for our skill, even though we dont often fight. Second, it shows my services to all the lords and ladies of the land, even the common folk. I am a very respected adventurer, He explained. Not every lady though Aryada muttered under her breath. They made their way past the gleaming Church and the majestic Varrok Historical Museum. Walking slowly, they made it to the East Bank. There he took out some runes, and they both teleported to his house. Welcome to my humble abode He says Come on in. The house was extremely large for one person. With fourteen different rooms at his disposal, the man was living in a personal mansion. Aryada was taken to a small bedroom on the second floor. On the left was an oak shaving stand, a simple wooden bed, and a fine oak dresser. There was also an oak clock, a fine red rug, and flowing red curtains on the windows. To the left of the garden was a majestic dining room. An oak table sat in the middle, flanked on either side by oak benches. On the walls were plaques displaying the same symbol on the mans cape. The man went downstairs and came back up with some raw tuna. Come on out Snow! I have some food for you! The man called. Immediately, a snow-white cat came up, and the man put on an amulet that had the face of a cat on it. To Aryadas surprise, he started meowing and Snow meowed back. They seemed to be in a conversation when Snow noticed Aryada. She purred cautiously and came over to Aryada, then decided it was all right and went for the tuna the man had laid down for Snow. Heh, Snow seems to have taken a liking for you! He said, removing the amulet. She was a bit worried at first, having a stranger in the house, but I told her what happened and shes okay with you now You were talking to the cat?! Aryada exclaimed. Yes, this amulet gives me that power, He answered. Now come to the bedroom, we have to get you onto the bed, so that my friends may clean your wounds Aryada lay down and got cozy. The man quickly went back to the kitchen and took some cabbage, onions, carrots, and potatoes, and made a salad out of them. He went back upstairs, saw that she had changed into some new clothes, and gave her the salad. Aryada looked at it like a plate of pure gold. She had not seen cooking this good sinceShe quickly forgot the memory, and started scoffing it down. The man saw that she enjoyed his cooking, took her clothing, and proceeded downstairs to wash her armor. He grabbed a rag, his staff of air, and some water runes. He cast a spell causing the rag to fly through the air, polishing the armor. The task did not take long, and he proceeded upstairs to see if Aryada needed anything. No, thank you, I do not need anything. But, please tell me your name! She said. Oh, you want to know my name do you? Well, then youll have to put these on, He said, revealing an outfit similar to his own. He proceeded down to tell Snow that they would soon be leaving. He found Snow by the hearth, watching a mouse scurry about. Then, in one swift movement, she gracefully pounced onto the mouse and gobbled it up. She then turned to him. Snow, well soon be leaving for the meeting, and please, this time, at least wear the collar I made for you! Snow went off to her little home, to get the gold collar with the half moon and the star on it. The man went upstairs to see if Aryada was ready. Just as he reached the ladder she came down, looking extravagant in the blue and yellow werewolf clothing. So where are we going, anyway? She asked impatiently. To the Barbarian Village. He said. He picked up Snow, and they left. They appeared in the center of Varrok. The center was a bustle of activity with many people showing their wares, right next to the fountain with King Roald at the top. Aryada paid it no attention and walked briskly past. They passed the staff seller and the gypsy, the abandoned blacksmith, and the West Bank of Varrock. They passed some more guards who saluted them. The man returned the salute, and they continued. They walked past a solitary house to the north, but stopped at the one to the south, saying hello to Gertrude. They then went on. Aryada was wary of the goblins, but the man paid them no heed. They then crossed a bridge, and entered the Barbarian Village. The Village was small, with a pottery, a helm shop, a spinning wheel, and a tavern. But the landscape was dominated with barbarians, all walking around the hole in the middle. They headed north into the pub, and two guards lifted a trapdoor leading in to a cavern. In the cavern were many people, all wearing attire similar to theirs. One of them approached them and spoke. Santran, what took you so long? I thought you were just going to map out the area where we were going to mine? And by the way, who is this? Chapter 2: The War So why couldnt you tell me that was your name before?! Aryada exclaimed. Why does it interest you so much? Santran asked curiously. Well Its just interesting, you know Aryada said, turning a scarlet red. Anyways, it doesnt matter. A guild named the Saradominian Rangers has declared war on us. They claim that one of our members interrupted their hunt in the wilderness, The other man said. So, in other words, youre saying that it was my fault? Well, I take the blame. They were attacking her, Santran said, gesturing at Aryada. So I fired a warning shot, and they left. Obviously, they dont like being denied their prey, Ranald Ranald was a graying man of around 40, weathered, wise, but noticeably dangerous. His manner bespoke a strong smith, a hard worker, who made his fortune from scratch. He appeared an elderly grandfather, but his muscled body seemed out of place with the rest of his demeanor. Ranald sighed. How do you get us into these messes? I know youre Minister of Intelligence, but these wars always start with you speaking sarcastically. Oh well, bring your new companion to Solaris to get her equipped. Get your uniform, and meet us here in 30 minutes Come on Aryada, lets get you equipped Santran gestured to another man with white hair. She followed amazed at the amount of people here. Could they measure up to the likes of the Varrockian Army? Well Solaris, hows your magic training coming along? Santran asked jokingly. The man turned and his white hair became far more pronounced. He looked like the very image of a wizard, from his beard, his eyes, even his expression was the usual restrained humor of a wizard. Just fine, thank you. Now what have you for me today? Solaris asked in the same even tone. Well, we have a new member here, and the Minister of Trade wants her equipped. So shell need some trimmed rune armor, a rune longsword, and a trimmed rune kiteshield. Can you provide that? Aye, just wait one second Solaris leaned back and took out some runes. He muttered something under his breath and pulled. Suddenly, light blue armor with ice blue trim appeared out of nowhere. Dont look so surprised Aryada. Now come on, take that and lets go, Santran said. We have 30 minutes to get into our armor and to get back here. Actually, you can stay here Santran went off to talk to Ranald. Hey Ranald, what area are we using for the war? Santran inquired. The Forgotten Battlefield, why? Because Im gonna meet you there. Show Aryada the ropes, would you? Fine, now hurry up! Santran pulled out a dark red potion and drank part of it. He then proceeded out of a glowing portal. To any onlooker in the village, it would have looked as if people were flowing out of the pub like water. He used his runes and teleported into his home. He laid Snow down and went after the rack of ornamental armor. Snow, you know the drill, I wont be back until after the war, and that should take awhile, could you bring out my sharks while I put this on? Santran asked, hurriedly. Snow nodded and quickly ran to the kitchen. Santran got into his gold trimmed full rune and proceeded up the ladders. He got into the cave and quickly grabbed a cannon, and some cannonballs, and ran back downstairs. When he got back down, he saw a neat pile of cooked sharks next to the door with the keys. He quickly grabbed one of the potions near the door, the keys, and the swordfish, and ran out. He reached the East Bank, when he noticed a group of rangers in blue capes with the star of Saradomin on the back. They were heading north, past the training building to the wilderness. Santran cursed under his breath for being so late, but realized that he had a good opportunity here. Some of the members have recently doubted my skill at gathering intelligence. This is a perfect way for them to realize their mistake. He quickly ran on the other side past the fountain, and hid behind a building. He realized that the one weakness of their group was that they were completely comprised of rangers, no warriors. He watched as they walked in front of the building, obstructing his view. He then heard them halt and a shrill voice yelled. Is everyone here?! No sir, one of ours is still coming, I just spoke to him. Hell be here momentarily Oh well, at least our alliance with the Zamorakian Warriors will allow us to pick apart the RuneScape Trade Guild and get rid of some worshippers of Zamorak the drill sergeant said, a hearty laugh tearing through his remarks. This is better intelligence than I thought; now our mages will be able to put to use that new spell I gave to Solaris. He saw his opportunity and jumped into a sewer. The room that Santran jumped into was dank, smelly, and full of rats. The whole place smelled of urine, and had skeletons littered everywhere. Giant rats were wandering around throughout. Santran shuddered. He quickly ran north and encountered a zombie. He opened the door to the east and passed through, encountering more rats. He passed a torture chamber and headed north, into a room of skeletons. He then proceeded west, opened a door, and ended up in a room full of ghosts. He opened the door to the south and headed west. He entered into another room full of skeletons, and slashed the webs to the south. He followed the trail to some Moss Giants. He palmed a part of the wall, and it slid open revealing a ladder. He quickly climbed up into a part of the wilderness. He checked his memory, drank a potion, and headed north to the Forgotten Battlefield. He got there, out of breath, and seeing his own guild, walked up to Ranald, Solaris, and Ranaldas. Those Saradominian Rangers tried to outwit us. I saw them when I was running to get to you guys. I had to go through the sewers so they wouldnt know I knew about their alliance with the Zamorakian Warriors. They hoped to kill us by swarming us with many units, then pick off the remaining Zamorakians. I think we should use the spell I gave to you Solaris. Only your mages will be showing, while the rest of the army can hide under pits that weve dug before. Well hide in the usual places, except for those of us carrying cannons, they should hide with warriors. Well surround them, and then spring the traps. Do you have the scavenger squads set-up yet? Yes, they got in as soon as we got here. Just one question though, which traps do you want to lay down this time? I liked the [bleep]ed pits, but they probably wont fall for that Ranaldas said. Ranaldas was a head taller than anyone there, and had an arrogant air about him. He was a powerful warrior, and numerous battle scars dotted his swelling physique. Well, get me my trap squad and well set everything up. Oh, and send me Aryada, will you? They separated, leaving Santran to think about the situation a bit. What kind of traps would be useful against rangers and warriors? He then decided on his course of action. His squad came, along with Aryada. They accepted her as their own, for they had all come accidentally. Santran quickly outlined his plan, and then dismissed them to start working. Ranaldas approached him again. I must say the members have really doubted you before. This may be what gets them on the right track, but will you tell me, what are you planning? Santran grinned like a young boy. Not a chance Chapter 3: The Battle The Saradominian Warriors arrived at the southern end of the Forgotten Battlefield, carefully watching the enemy mages in their mystic robes. While they waited for the Zamorakian Warriors to arrive, the fletchers passed out the arrows. Soon, they saw the warriors in red armor coming slowly to their position. Remember! We attack the members of the RuneScape Trade Guild, NOT the members of the Zamorakian Warriors, Their commander shouted. And in a quieter voice he added. At least not for now The mages on the other side didnt seem surprised. This didnt bother the rangers, it was said that the RuneScape Trade Guild knew everything that happened. After the Zamorakians came to the place where the Saradominians were, they waited for their leader to signal an attack. Suddenly, the leader of the Zamorakians signaled for his troops to rush forward. They ran like the wind, even under their heavy armor. The leader of the rangers waited for a second, and then waved at his troops to begin attacking the mages. The mages saw the loosing of the arrows, but were too preoccupied praying to their own gods that the trap would work. The arrows had light blue tips, and were flying so fast they passed the Zamorakians. But, to the horror of the Zamorakians and Saradominians, the arrows curved back, at them! The arrows quickly cut down most of the Zamorakians, and some of the Saradominians. Then all hell broke loose. In that moment it seemed that a whole army was raised from the dead. All at once they jumped out of the ground, wearing trimmed and golden rune armor, and carrying rune weapons. They all sprang out of the dirt, as if they were shadows, waiting for their prey. All of this caused panic and fear in the ranks of both enemy groups. They no longer cared about the group as a whole, but for their own personal survival. They scattered like mice in all directions, a few to be capture by nets and pits, but most falling under the massive assault that had attacked upon all sides. Multiple cannons raged, firing accurately at the enemy ranks, for such was the precision of the Dwarven artillery. In a few short minutes, the battle was over, with no deaths and few casualties for the RuneScape Trade Guild. As soon as it was over, some people wearing yellow boots, gloves, and a yellow cape with the half moon and the star on it, emerged out of yet more cliffs, heading for all the piles of armor that the fallen had dropped when they died. The few who were captured were ordered to hand over their armor, and surrender themselves to interrogation by the Ministry of Intelligence. Few refused. The defeat was so complete that most of the pride that the enemy had was instantly shattered. Santran walked around the battlefield, examining the success of his plan. He got grins and smiles from many of the soldiers, even those that were wounded, but especially from the mages. They knew that he had used them as bait, and they were glad that the plan had worked out. He thanked them for their bravery and continued on, stopping occasionally. A man wearing a bandage approached him. Sir, I have a report. We captured five Zamorakian Warriors, and four Saradominian Rangers. Only one ranger resisted, and he was killed immediately. The rest obeyed, and are awaiting your interrogation. We have only 13 casualties and no deaths what-so-ever Thank you soldier, go get yourself something to eat and rest The soldier saluted, and then left. Ranaldas quickly approached, grinning broadly. He loved a good battle. Well, that was very good, turning their arrows against them. Of course, my soldiers finished off the job. I dont understand why you care to keep some of them alive Ranaldas said, still grinning. Thank you for the compliment. What you dont understand is that half of these ideas come from my knowledge of our opponents tactics, which in turn comes from those of them that willingly hand over that information to us Santran said, seriously. Okay, okay. Just saying. Ill go tend to the troops and go talk to Solaris and my brother. You go interrogate Ranaldas said, raising his hands in understanding. He marched off, quickly gathering a crowd around him. He was going to criticize some of them as usual. Santran took a deep breath, and proceeded to his squad. The nine captives were being tied by their wrists and ankles to a tree nearby. The supports were already added, and some of the more defiant captives had their waists and heads tied already. Aryada walked up to him. She was still full of battle vigor, most new recruits were. Probably killed one or two of them he thought, smiling. He recalled the first time he had slain another person, that feeling of pride. That was incredible! They were routed before they could even touch us! He only nodded and proceeded to the captives. Some of his squad grinned at him; they remembered that they had been like Aryada too. Warriors and Rangers, your armies have been defeated, your armor taken, and yourself bound. I am here to extract information from you. If you resist, we shall take harsher measures if necessary. Do any of you have anything to say before the interrogation begins? Yeah! one of the men shouted. You wont get anything out of us Saradominians! A woman from another tree called out. Yeah! Nothing from the Zamorakians either! But these two seemed to be alone in that opinion. Santran waved for them to be taken off the tree and bound on the ground. Some of his troops hurried to comply. Soon, the two stubborn ones were trying to squirm on the ground. He turned to the rest of the group. For now I have spared them, and you shall only be sent to Lumbridge, not killed, if you comply with my questions They all nodded their heads quickly. They knew what happened if they didnt. In turn each of them provided him with some information on their guild and others that they knew. It turned out that they had captured a few officers, and even a second-in-command. He took in all the information that was given to him, and had some of his squad write it down for future reference. After he had bled each of them dry, he turned to the ones that had been stubborn. Because of the actions of your fellows, I have decided to spare you. Let it be known that we have mercy and that we will be just and fair. Now, you shall all be given a note His squad approached, stuffing a paper into the pocket of all of the prisoners. Then the mages came forward, and sent the prisoners back to meet their fellows. Ranald approached Santran. Would you like to retreat to the house now? I think we could use some rest, Ranald whispered in his ear. Santran nodded. Though the battle may have been short, the fighting was intense. For some, that was their first battle, even if they had joined a while ago. He quickly ordered everyone to don the robes of mourning, and had the injured loaded onto stretchers, to be carried down to the secret location for medical treatment. Ranaldas brought up the rear with the most able soldiers. Slowly, a man wearing the familiar costume plus a white band with a black claw on his arm approached Santran. I have the Scavenger report, sir Good job, go get with the rest of your squad The man saluted and left. Santran took a look at the list: 43 Dragon Chains 43 Dragon Plate Legs 19 Dragon Scimitars 21 Dragon Longswords 3 Dragon Battleaxes 51 Magic Bows 784,563,345 Rune Arrows 51 Blue Dragonhide Bodies 51 Blue Dragonhide Vambraces 51 Blue Dragonhide Chaps 584 Sharks 4758 Swordfish 51 Pairs of Blue Gloves and Boots 43 Pairs of Red Gloves and Boots 43 Zamorakian Warrior Capes 51 Saradominian Ranger Capes The list was short, but contained a lot of useful items. Santran remembered the argument of the new recruits that we should use red and yellow as our colors, because then they could use dragon armor and weapons. Santran told them that if the enemy came at us, and saw our guild in new armor, theyd think that we were weak. He was nearly sure that argument would happen again. He walked up to Ranald, as they were approaching Edgeville. Heres the Scavenger report, hope you like it Santran said. Ranald took a quick glance at it. Youll want the capes and boots for espionage. Our rangers will love the bows, arrows, and dragonhide armor He glanced at Santran. You do know the new ones will say we should use the new dragon armor? I barely convinced my brother last time Santran nodded. By this time, they had passed through the town of Edgeville, small like the Barbarian Village to the south, but it had a bank, which made it popular to go to. They quickly crossed the glade of the Unicorn Forest and reached the northern edge of the tavern. The tavern was full of Barbarian men and women all drinking beer or talking. As the group entered the tavern, two Barbarians got up and removed a rug from the floor. They hastily opened the hatch underneath. The guild made two lines, and raised their hand to show the symbol for the guards. The guards let everyone who showed the symbol inside. Santran was last, to make sure that no one was snooping. When he got to the guards, he saw that they had detained somebody. Sir, one of the travelers did not have the symbol Santran nodded, and then turned towards the detainee. Lift up your hood He commanded. The detainee lifted up their hood, to reveal Aryada. She glanced at Santran, and then blushed. Santran only smiled. He then turned to the guards. Let her through, she is new and has not yet received the mark The guards nodded, apologized to Aryada, and then let them through. After the last had entered, the guards quickly restored everything to normal, and returned to their beers. Chapter 4: The Underground House The house was incredibly vast. Its floors were covered with skins of numerous creatures, but in such a way that gave the room an imposing effect. These creatures ranged from bears to unicorns, and everything in between. If one were to look at them, one would get lost trying to figure out how many types there were. The walls were equally majestic. Paintings and that familiar symbol hung everywhere. At a wall near the door, there were little closets without doors, where the soldiers placed their armor after and before a battle. Santran saw that some were still placing their armor inside. He took Aryada to one of the empty ones and labeled it with her name. She understood immediately. As she was putting her new armor away, he went around the house. He still marveled that such an incredibly huge thing was underneath the Barbarian Tavern. He noticed that some of his squad was signaling to him, and he approached. Sir, were ready to redo our previous information. We were just waiting for you One of the group announced. Okay, then lets go. But one person should stay behind and show Aryada around. Any volunteers? Santran asked. At the end of his question, all the male members raised their hands. The women looked around, while some of the men grinned. Santran returned the grin. Okay, you, Haali, show her around. I think that if it was a woman shed feel more comfortable Santran grinned even more as a loud groan came from the men. Haali came from the rest of the group, saluted, and went to Aryada, who looked lost and confused. The rest of the group went to one of the far corners, looked around to make sure no one saw anything, then Santran palmed the wall, and it opened. His squad hurried through, and the wall slid back to its original position without a noise. The area was dark, but they all knew the path from following it hundreds of times. The darkness suddenly ended with a flash of bright light. They immediately covered their eyes and lifted their hands to a small pad. After everyone had done this, the bright light dimmed to allow a look into the chamber. There were dozens of bookshelves filled with papers, charts, and maps of multiple areas and buildings. Many tables that were also covered in paper were visible, but each had a curious pillar that looked blackened by soot. On a few walls were dozens of capes and gloves, a few even had masks. Each member of the party seemed to know exactly where to go, and sat down in front of the desks, only Santran stood standing. Okay everyone, its time to get to work. The room became a bustle of activity as everyone started to reorganize previous records. Information was checked, double-checked, confirmed, ignored, forgotten, and generally destroyed. Santran walked around, checking on some, helping others. This chaos continued for half an hour, at which point all settled down at their own tables. Sir! Weve got an image from the Minister of Trade! Coming! Santran replied, running. What is it? Hello to you too Sorry, hi, now what? I called a council meeting, and of course you forgot again Santran groaned, and then stood up. Fine, Im coming, everybody there? Everyone except you Santran sighed, and turned to the rest of the room. All of you can pair up, choose the group youll infiltrate, and then relax Santran turned and ran to the teleporter. As he stepped through he could hear everyone laughing and having fun. Once more chaos ensued. Chapter 5: The Meeting Santran stepped through and found himself in a beautiful circular room. All of the walls were made of sapphires, and the door was made of deep green emeralds. There was also a table and chairs, made of rubies. On those chairs sat two other people. Santran recognized them immediately. There was the Ranald, the Minister of Trade, and Ranaldas, the Minister of Combat. Along with Santran, who was the Minister of Intelligence, they made up the Council of the RTG. Well look who finally decided to show up Ranaldas remarked. Santran glared at him. Ranaldas was not particularly well liked, with his bloodlust and remarks, but he was the brother of Ranald, and the most powerful warrior among them. Sorry, I forgot. Whatd I miss? Nothing actually, besides roll said Ranald. They all laughed at that. Once it died down, they began. Now, because of that battle that we had, weve had to make amends with both clans. Both are mad at us, partly because we won and made them a laughing stock, partly because they found out that they were going to backstab each other, started Ranaldas Santran, did you find any info that might help us? Well, the rest of the clans and guilds are planning a meeting tonight, to discuss so called Trade Plans. What I got from my interrogations revealed that this is a meeting to plot our demise, Santran replied. The room grew cold at this statement. Since its founding, the RuneScape Trade Guild, or RTG, had became powerful, making numerous enemies along the way. Every now and then, one of their enemies rallied the others, but they always fell apart because of treachery sown by the RTG. This was the first time that anyone had been able to get all the clans and guilds together. I forgot to mention that were getting ready for a mass infiltration of every clan and guild. I myself will be with them Added Santran. Thats all mighty fine, but shouldnt we prepare for war? We shouldnt risk being surrounded on all sides by this plan. Surely we can get some allies? And what of that map you made? Ranaldas spoke up. Ranald nodded, and then turned to Santran. First I shall speak of the map. Because law in every kingdom does not allow the killing of certain people and creatures, most of the fortresses of every base are in the area called, The Wilderness. I set out to map each fortress, trail, and general area for our purposes. What I found gave me a sense of discomfort. You all know that I have brought a new member into our midst. I rescued her accidentally from the Saradominian Rangers. The problem is that they were hunting in the land of the Knights of Zaros, He paused for effect. This means that we are in very deep trouble. But, there is also something else. The person I found there said that they were to meet a friend. According to her description of her friend, it leaves to believe that that was none other than Sorebeluma, our member that went rogue The other three ministers gasped and cursed. So she has been giving them information on our holdings and hideout! This is the downfall of our guild! Ranald cried out. No its not! We can use our friendly relations with the Fremmeniks to let us teleport the hideout under their town! That way all her information will be useless! Ranaldas rebutted. At this, they all nodded agreement. One question, though Ranald said. The movement of such a large area is quite difficult, even for master mages like yourselves. Will you require anything, I can get my workers to get food or runes for the spell? Ranaldas nodded. Aye, well need plenty of that. But your workers will also need to go up and seal the passage from the outside, so our enemies will think that we are just hiding behind that wall, you do not even need to conceal it Ranaldas spoke again Ill also get my men to work on that, as well as helping the rest of you get your equipment ready to enter the Ethereal Plane Leave my area out of that, were always protected, and theres information that very few should know in there Santran said. They all nodded, and then ran out to their areas. Santran ran through corridors, past pairs of members that had fallen in love, strolling through the halls. He ended up at the wall, pressed the brick, and ran inside. He heard the soft rumble as the wall rolled back into place. He entered the area to find many games being played. He slowed down, and then stopped, watching from behind a corner. He searched among the group and saw what he wanted. He walked out from behind the corner, and turned towards the throng. He gave a long deep whistle and then fell silent. All of the heads suddenly turned towards the sound. They all saw his face, and a look of confusion crossed their faces. He gave a few hand signals, and they all understood. Hastily, everyone began to put the toys away. Suddenly, one of the crowd was pushed out towards him. It was Aryada. She blushed and looked down at her feet, as if Santran glowed with a blinding light. Santran took her hand and turned it over to the palm. He saw that she had been branded as well. She stood there for a few more minutes, then looked up. He was staring back marveling at something. When he noticed that she was looking back, he quickly looked away. By this time, the room had gone through several short bursts of confusion and disorder, but was now in relative harmony. Santran cleared his throat, and then shouted. As some of you know, a while ago, one of our members betrayed us. Now, that betrayal will cause us problems. Ours enemies have learned the location of our hideout, and will soon come to get rid of us, He paused, the whole room seemed to shudder at the sound that they were making. However, the leader of our mages has given us hope by offering to move our base to a morehospitable area. We must prepare quickly to infiltrate our enemies. When this base is moved, we shall not be here, A cheer resounded through the crowd, and everyone quickly joined their partner and went to get the capes, gloves, and boots, a few even went to get masks. Santran gestured to Aryada. Youre coming with me, She nodded and went for the costume. * * * The building had been built back in the Third Age. It towered above the forest as if it ruled all. It was circular, and made of marble. Archways dotted the outside like spots on a leopard. Huge crowds were streaming in, walking past the black clothed guards standing at many of the entrances and windows. Looking at all of this was Santran. The map of this area had been made long ago. This area was called Guildpact, because all of the guilds met here to discuss almost anything. The RTG had found it useful to map out the area. The Guildpact was located in the middle of a forest. Three of its four sides were connected by paths that lead into three different places. The right most one lead to the Kingdom of Asgarnia, where the seamen guilds of Port Sarim, the crafters guilds of Rimmington, the miners and smithers guilds of the Dwarven Mountain, the druidic guilds of Taverly, and the Knightly guilds of Falador came from. The right most road was also used by guilds from the lands to the West. Damned Knights, Santran thought, always wanting to be called Sir this and Sir that. The centermost road led to the Kingdom of Misthalin, where the large, but weak, guilds of Lumbridge, Varrok, and Al Kharid came from. The only powerful guilds from that direction came from beyond the Shantay Pass. The left most road, however, was by far the most dangerous. All the guilds who fought and warred came from there, from the place called The Wilderness. Thats where most of our enemies are coming from, hopefully a few allies as well, thought Santran grimly. The fourth side sat right next to the forest. With few, if any, guards in that area, it was the easiest to approach. That was, of course, why the Council of The Guildpact had planted a few traps. There was only one other terrain feature that was in any way distinct. The small hill on which Santran now sat. There was a lookout post there, grudgingly given to the RTG to manage. Now it was time to find out, who was trading who. Santran noted that the path to the right had the least amount of people on it. Santran grunted approvingly. Good to know that the economic guilds wanted no part in a war. Sir, were ready to begin! Any last orders before we proceed? Asked a sergeant behind Santran. No, proceed. And may Saradomin have mercy on us all. The sergeant saluted and returned to the outpost. Like all things RTG, there was more than met the eye. What looked like a covered platform on four legs, was just what it was, on the top at least. Beneath it, a whole branch of the Ministry of Intelligence monitored The Guildpact 24/7. Now the place was filled with double the people, all ready and anxious to ensure the survival of the guild. Santran got up, and casually walked down into the forest. He quickly made his way to The Guildpact. As soon as he reached the side, a hand quickly came up and grabbed him around the throat. This was followed by a dagger, aimed directly at his heart. The hand clamped tight, but the dagger had less success. Santran quickly grabbed the mans arm and broke it cleanly. The man whimpered before falling limp. In a flash, he was surrounded by medics and RTG agents. Jones, next time, look at who youre attacking, before you attack them, Santran said coolly, Now, give me a report, how are the crowds? Theyre beginning to thin out. Id give it ten more minutes before we can move in. Good, I hate delays. How do you feel Jones? Ahhh, why do I always get you, sir? Youve broken my limbs more times an I can coun! Well Jones, maybe if you actually looked, you wouldnt need to be the medics best friend. Jones grunted and walked off, clutching his arm. Santran looked to his left and saw that the road was finally empty. He quickly grabbed his commorb. Are the paths clear? Yes sir. Theyre all inside, the bastards Watch your language, private Sir, yes sir! Santran quickly shut it off. Today would be fun. Chapter 6: Incursion Captain of the Guard Mikhail Filitov enjoyed his job. At a young age he had shown a knack for violence and protection. Luckily for him, a guild recruiter noticed him before the guards did. The choice the recruiter gave to him was simple, join us and get rewarded, or leave and get sent to jail. Filitov, no matter how sadistic he was, wasnt stupid. To the dismay of the guild he was recruited by, he was a little too good at his job. So much so, that when ordered to protect a convoy, he accidentally killed the raiders and the people he was protecting. His talent however, continued to be noticed when one of the Captains of the Guard noticed him. He went to the guild and demanded that Filitov be turned over to him. To his surprise, the paperwork was ready before he got there. And so Filitov was trained to protect that most sacred of buildings, the Guildpact. He was loyal, brutal, and highly competitive. So much so, that in tests of strength he would break limbs. Four years after joining, Filitov became Captain. And to our heros dismay, hes about to learn an important lesson. Private Buchanan! Why are you slouching at your post?! But, Sir! Everyones inside! What do we watch? The tree line? Youll watch what I tell you toWhat was that? What? Out of the way, let me take a closer- Private Buchanan was shocked to see Captain Filitov suddenly fall down. It was the last sight he would see for a while to come. *** The RuneScape Trade Guild is famous for numerous successes. Its Army is unrivaled on the field and its coffers so full that other guilds fortunes seem as common as grass. These facts any commoner can repeat. What the heads of intelligence in other guilds know, is far from common street knowledge. They know that its Intelligence branch is so secretive and protective, that getting informants is next to impossible. No agent has ever gotten into their base, alive that is. But four months ago, Sorebeluma made it in, and out. To the delight of all guilds, Sorebeluma was willing to sell her information to anyone willing to buy. What they learned stopped there hearts, and started something so powerful, that no one could have predicted where it would it end. Because Sorebeluma had a friend, and that friend made it in as well. *** 10 Minutes Ago Its time, Santran thought, soon the world will change, but for better, or for worse? All units, report in Blue team is ready and waiting Red team is on standby Yellow team is waiting for signal Purple team is ready Orange team, waiting Green team, ready All units, go go go! Immediately, shadows darted around the building, arrows, knives and bolts flew. Santran ran forward, forgetting personal safety, after his teams. He reached the side of the building and looked up, he saw Guardsmen looking out, trying to figure out what was going on. Each one immediately got a dart in there face, and each one lay stiff as a tree. Santran noticed that his men were climbing up the sides, blowpipe and darts at the ready. He pulled out a crossbow, grappling hook attached. Firing it at one of the alcoves he started reeling it in. When he could pull no further he began climbing up. As soon as he reached the top, he pulled the crossbow up and lit it on fire. He looked around making sure his men were doing the same. Satisfied, he turned and found an unconscious Guard. Taking his clothing, Santran quickly pulled it on over his own. He then found some loose rope and tied the naked man up. He had no way of knowing that our Captain Filitov was now lying naked beside him. Nor would he have cared. He strode around the circular complex making sure that everyone was in uniform and that no stray bodies were lying around. Satisfied, he quickly called his team together. All of you know what to do, split up into pairs and approach the main assembly room from the rafters. No screw ups, got it? Everyone nodded, and then split up. Aryada had managed to find a uniform that fit her slender form. Santran looked around recalling the map he made everyone memorize. He then proceeded down one of the hallways. In the distance, he heard people talking with each other. People he knew. Slowing down, Santran cautiously reached the end of the hallway. He found a red curtain hanging from a pole, carefully pulling it aside, he managed to hear the rest of a lengthy speech. -and so you see why we must band together against the RTG. The information we received four months ago shows us what a danger they are! This was said by Holly McCoy, Councilor for the Saviors of Armadyl. Hold on Councilor. The enemy has had four months to change their strategies and move there bases, as the defeat of the Saradominian Rangers and Zamorakian Warriors shows us, At this point rumblings can be heard from the crowd, Better information on our part can still be foiled by the superiority of the RTG. Whether they knew what was going to happen or not, the RTG outwitted the best rangers and warriors in the world. By combining our armies, we are merely showing that we are weak and frightened! This from Nicholas Slaughter, Lord of the Knights of Zaros. Then what do you suggest, Lord? A hush suddenly came over the crowd, out of the shadows stepped a tall, graceful woman. She was beautiful, with a figure that showed off her high points, and there were quite a few of them. (PM me if you want me to start a poll on whether I should describe her further =]) Santran gasped as well. This was none other than Sorebeluma, the rogue member. But something was out of place. Why, um, I, uh Speechless? I thought so. Well Ill tell you what were going to do. Were going to listen to the words of my former superior, Sorebeluma turned, looking directly at Santran, Hello Minister of Intelligence. As everyone turned in Santrans direction, he suddenly felt a dagger barely touching the skin on his back. Aryada He whispered. Chapter 7: Betrayal Im sorry, but I care more about the world than your petty organization, Aryada said coldly as she led Santran between the aisles towards the floor. Everyone was staring at them and whispering to each other. Santran thanked himself for no telling her where the others were. There was still a chance that they could get out. Santran waited until he got in the way of a bright torch, and started blinking rapidly. He hoped the team would get the signal. What happened next was a complete surprise. *** 3 Minute Ago Captain Filitov woke, but had the sense not to make a sound. He examined his situation and found it unsatisfying. He was stark naked and bound at the hands. Luckily, his feet were barely tied meaning he could still hop quite well. With a strong push he managed to get onto his feet. He found that he was next to the staircase, and could make it down before anyone noticed his absence. As he hopped towards the main conference room, he started thinking about what had happened. Whoever they were, they were professionals, ones that were backed by a guild. It could be one of the Doorgeshuun teams were being paid by an economic guild bent on stopping the talks. But he had reason to believe they were RTG. And that meant trouble. He reached the red curtain, but as he started hopping through it, he inadvertently snagged part of it becoming tangled. Even before he hit the ground he started cursing and screaming, hating himself for such stupidity. The sudden commotion caused everyone in the main conference room to turn their heads toward the source, which gave Santran the sort of distraction he needed. With a quick movement he grabbed Aryadas arm, squeezing the wrist, breaking it instantly. She howled in pain and dropped the dagger. Then Santran pivoted behind Aryada and kicked her hard in the back. Aryada fell face first towards the lush carpet. With a thud, she landed and continued her cries of pain. All of you, get out now! Santran screamed toward the rafters. At once his men there sprang into action. Some left while others lowered ropes. Santran cursed and yelled again. No! Leave me! Ill get out myself! He saw them hesitating, but he had used up his time. The Guardsmens distraction had helped, but the guild members in there seats started getting up to apprehend them. Santran knew he was fighting a lost cause, but at this point he had few other options. He ran straight towards the floor as fast as his legs would get him there. Suddenly, out of an aisle stepped a member of one of the guilds. He was tall and wide, blocking Santrans path. Santran jumped onto one of the benches, and launched himself over the man. The man was surprised and ducked on reflex when Santran stuck out his foot. With his strength ending he ran straight at Sorebeluma. Readying his arm he was ready to dive right at her. She turned slowly at him, seeming to notice him for the first time. Santran jumped, but too slow. Sorebeluma stepped out of the way, and Santran flew directly at Filitov. Filitov had no idea what was going on, since he was still covered by the red curtain. He felt the impact and doubled over in pain. Santran on the other hand, tried to turn and attack again, but was immediately grabbed by two guild members. He struggled as much as he could, but to no avail. They were holding him tight and would not let him go. Seeing that he was trapped, he looked at the rafters, and was relieved to see that they were no longer there. A spark of defiance roared in him. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Is this what has happened to you? I thought you would be on guard after I defected, Sorebeluma said, all the while waltzing over to him, And look you broke poor Aryadas wrist! Ah, but isnt she a good actress? She fooled you quite splendidly! Santran struggled again. Suddenly he lashed out with his foot. Stomping straight down on that of his captors they both jerked away from pain. He lunged at Sorebeluma, but was grabbed in midair and was dragged down by more than one hand. He tried to grab on to something, but hit the ground hard. He groaned and turned over. Standing above him was Aryada, coldly looking down at him. Her nose was broken and blood covered it. Blood was slowly falling down off of her nose onto the floor. Now Aryada, dont look at our new slave that way. After all, slaves deserve some respect. Or do they? Sorebeluma said with a laugh. Santran felt a metallic taste in his mouth. He spat it out, realizing it was blood. Soldiers, go tie our guest up and put him in our room. Ill be with him later. Make sure a medic heals him right away. And be careful, I dont like damaged goods! Sorebeluma said in an authoritative tone. As Santran was being carried away, the last words he heard chilled him to the bone. What do you need him for? Oh, I have someexperiments,. Chapter 8: Retribution The High Council of the RuneScape Trade Guild meets almost every day. It is composed of three people, the Minister of Combat and Diplomacy, the Minister of Trade and Skills, and the Minister of Intelligence and Recruitment. Respectively, they are Ranaldas, Ranald, and Santran. The first category (In Ranaldas case is Combat) is what the Minister is mostly responsible for. The second category (Again, in Ranaldas case is Diplomacy) is closely related to the first. The hierarchy is simple from there. Each Minister has two people directly below him. They are his right and left hands. The right hand has to do with the first category, the left hand has to do with the second category. Each of these two people have there own hands but they have more than two of them. This goes down for a while, to the lowest, newest member of each section. So when Santran was captured, his right hand immediately received a promotion, and so on and so forth. Greetings, Getalin. It is a shame that you receive your appointment under such circumstances, Ranald said bleakly. Yes, but I am only acting Minister of Intelligence. Santran still holds that position, Getalin responded, thinking of his masters plight. Forget the formalities! Those bastards captured him, and were not resting till we get him back! Ranaldas yelled, I will go talk to the economic guilds who did not attend, the Fremmeniks, and any other allies we can gather. It is time for us to unleash our full power! Heads nodded. Among those in attendance were those of the Lower Council, each Ministers hand. They knew what had happened. They were also pissed. They should have known that you should rarely make a decision when acted upon by anger, but this was a special case. So be it. The Council has decided, and now we shall act! Getalin, send Rimal to talk with the barbarians, Fremmeniks, and those living on Miscellania. Gather as many conscripts as you can. Ranaldas, my brother, go talk with all the races, Elves, Dwarves, and men. See if you can scavenge up any allies. Rutailin and Jumal, go to your groups and begin preparations. The RTG is going to war! Ranald proclaimed with a cry. There was immediate activity as everyone sought to go and do there jobs. Ranald and Getalin immediately talked with their hands, giving them orders to carry out. The base had already been moved, and sat under the long hall in the Fremmenik village. The Traders took out there money, and dashed to the market to buy weapons and armor that no smith could make. The skill trainers set their students to work, fishing, cooking, crafting, enchanting, mining, smithing, cutting, fletching, rune crafting, anything that would help with the war effort. Stations were set up around the base and around the world so that people could come and sign up for training. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and the kings were already dreading the first Guild War. *** Santran was dropped on the bed with a thump. His captors left, locking the door behind them. Santran groaned again. He was glad that he had stopped bleeding, but it would be a while before the balms and potions the medic had reluctantly given him acted up. Santran looked at his surroundings, in a mixture of fear and shock. With a start, he realized he was no longer in the Guildpact. But that was the least of his problems. He looked at the bedroom in awe. Everywhere hang thin curtains of the colors of fire. The floor was one huge fiery carpet. The bed he now lay on was huge, with the same color scheme. The only things he could make out for certain was that the room had cathedral ceilings, and the only opening was from the top, creating the illusion that the whole room was on fire. Santran got up and started roaming around the room. He suddenly hit his foot on something and tripped. Cursing, he looked to see what caused his fall. It was a rectangular box that looked the same as everything else. Santran crawled over to the box and tried to open it. Finding a latch, he pulled and was delighted to see it come up. Inside, he found a button with nothing on it. It was red. Curious, Santran pushed. Suddenly, the walls seemed to move, and dressers and wardrobes appeared, with polished mahogany. Santran got up, and cautiously walked over to the nearest dresser. It was covered with makeup and hair combs. Why would they have given me womens toiletries? Santran thought. He walked over to the nearest wardrobe and pulled it open. He was surprised to see that it was filled with skirts, shorts and pants, all distinctly feminine. Santran frowned and walked over to another wardrobe. Opening it, he found that it was full of blouses and other feminine over garments. He opened wardrobe after wardrobe. One was filled with dresses, another coats. Another had undergarments, yet another had socks, and the biggest one was full of shoes. Santran was confused. Why would they have put me in this room? Perhaps they meant to put me somewhere else? Santran thought. He sat on the bed, going over what hed found out. After five minutes, he realized that something was very wrong here. But what? What could they be planning? Santran thought, frustrated. Then he remembered the door. If they thought a simple lock would stop him, they were dearly mistaken. What his captors had forgotten to do was one of the first things all RTG operatives hated. They forgot to search him. Calmly, Santran reached for his back pocket, and pulled out what looked like a wallet. Opening it up, he found that all his picklocks and other instruments were in place. He quickly picked out a small one and approached the door. He stuck it in, and started fumbling around, feeling his way inside. All of a sudden the picklock flew out of the doorknob. Surprised, Santran got on his knees and looked through the lock. In that moment the door swung open, hitting Santran squarely in the head. Before he passed out, he managed to hear a few words. Naughty, naughty, trying to get out like tha- Chapter 9: Preparation Santran awoke with an extremely loud groan. He slowly sat up in bed. He carefully opened his eyes, expecting someone to be there. He had no idea how long hed been unconscious. The first thing he saw was a mirror. Or, at least he thought it was a mirror. In it, he saw a girl that looked vaguely likehe quickly looked down. He saw that he was wearing distinctly feminine clothing. Horrified, he quickly removed the clothing as fast as he could. He was relieved to see he was still in his undergarments. He glanced around hoping to see his clothes somewhere, but to no avail. He got up, checked the wardrobes, and saw that the female clothes were still there. He looked at the bed at the clothes he was wearing, disgusted. What in Saradomins name are they doing? He wondered. He walked up to the door and tried the knob, but it was locked. He went back to the bed and pushed the clothes off. He sat down and started thinking. What are they doing? Why was I wearing womans clothing? He continued to think. Frustrated he looked up. The sun seemed to be directly over him. He wondered what was going on in the world. He lay back down, and slowly fell asleep. *** Ranald was looking at a map. This map showed that area of the Wilderness were guilds conducted their wars. No way would that area be large enough to hold all the forces that were gathering. He was glad that most of the economic guilds rallied under the RTG banner. Soldiers were still being sent to protect those guilds operations. In return they were doing everything in their power to make the RTG Army the best equipped. With goods no longer needed to be made by the RTG, all skill trainers and trainees reported to the army for basic training. The Armys strength was at over 25,000 at last count. Still not big enough to match that of the Guildpact Army, as it was being called. Ranald sighed. This map had been drawn by Santran, and Getalin could find no trace of him anywhere. Hed nearly given up, transferring most of the people under his control to getting informants and traitors within the Guildpact Army. So far he had lots of success, finding strategies, numbers and equipment. He was beginning to train assassins to take it key figures in the GPA (Guildpact Army). Ranald sighed again. With Getalin unable to make a decision, Ranaldas had forced the issue of the Dragon armor and weaponry. In the end, a compromise was reached, with only the elite troops getting new Dragon armor. The cost was huge, but so was the need. He feared how much longer it would take before the Kingdoms got involved. The GPA was made that the Gnomes, Dwarves, and Elves had agreed to fight with the RTG. The Barbarians, Fremmeniks, Miscellanians, and Etceterians also agreed to fight for them. Unfortunately, since most Human kingdoms didnt like most of these races, they seemed to be siding with the GPA. Only time would tell what would happen. To think this all started when Santran recruited Sorebeluma brought pain to the man. The world was changing, and allegiances were being made. *** Santran awoke. This time, his eyes realized that he was no longer in the bedroom. In fact, he was strapped stark naked to a stone slab that was upright. He was in what appeared to be a laboratory, with vials of different shapes, sizes, and colors, hissed, boiled, and steamed. In a corner Sorebeluma was sitting with Aryada, watching him. The look in their eyes frightened Santran, though he did not show it. Ah, I see you are awake! A shame you took those clothes off, they would have helped you soon. Ah, well, youll soon get my meaning! Sorebeluma said with a laugh. What are you going to do with me? Santran said coldly. Now, now, that is for me to do, and you to wonder about. Aryada, fetch me my runes! Aryada left and quickly came back with a stack of runes. Sorebeluma began chanting, but Aryada looked at Santran again. This time, he could tell what it was. Chapter 10: Diplomatic Relations The High Council Meeting Room has a rich history about it. Located in the exact center of the RTG complex, it is beautiful room. Elvish crystals and Dwarven stone working combine with Gnomish woodworking to create what is undoubtedly a beautiful room. The people in the room however, cared little about what the room looked like at that moment. Rimal, why isnt Getalin here? asked Ranaldas crossly. Hes checking out a possible lead on Santrans location, Rimal replied matter-of-factly. You mean we may know where Santran is? Ranaldas exclaimed. Yes. We have ainformant, deep in the GPA Why werent we notified immediately?! Because you are no longer needed Ranaldas and Ranald stared at Rimal. What do you mean by that? asked Ranald. At that moment, armed guards ran into the Meeting Room. They quickly grabbed Ranald and Ranaldas, dragging them away, kicking and screaming. They reached the top of the long hall, and dropped them. The barbarians stared at the commotion. The traitors descended back down without a backward look. Ranaldas quickly got up. He grabbed the handle to the trapdoor and lifted it up. His fears were confirmed when he saw the stone barrier. Ranald slowly got up and joined his brother. The Fremmeniks clustered around, realizing in whose presence they were in. They have shut the door Ranaldas remarked dryly. So they have betrayed us, and moved the base. They probably moved it under the Guildpact Ranald commented. So this war was planned not to destroy us, but to make the RTG part of the Guildpact But then, why are we still alive? The soldiers. Some are still loyal to us. The Fremmeniks all cursed, but the exiles did not listen. The Guildpact had gone too far. The brothers steamed with rage, and already they plotted on the destruction of there enemies. The Guild War would not happen. Another God War would. Chapter 11: Transformation Santran suddenly woke up. He did not know how he woke up, or why, he just realized that he had. With a groan he sat up. He realized he was back in the accursed room. What he saw next shocked him beyond all compare. He was wearing female clothing again. However this time this was not some shocking picture. This time he had breasts. His breasts. Or more accurately, her breasts. For Santran was no longer a he, but a she. He moved her legs together, and he moaned softly. He told her body to lie back, and it did. He felt her long teal hair, soft and strandy. His mind slowly came to grips with being a she. He slowly developed a paradoxical condition, hoping he would not go insane. His mind lay there for hours, grasping at the breaths of insanity. She sat up in the bed, slowly looking around. Her eyes focused on the door. Quickly, he developed a plan. She got up and walked over to the nearest wardrobe, opening it. She quickly pulled out some of the clothes inside, and began trying them on. She did this for hours, going from one wardrobe to the next, picking clothing, throwing it around, and making a mess of the place. Finally, she finished. She was now wearing different clothing. She was wearing a loose blue blouse, a short blue skirt, and blue leather shoes. In her arms was a pile of clothing that she had collected. She proceeded towards the door and pulled on the knob, then twisted it. The door opened easily. She smiled, and walked through. She continued walking towards the garden, to the exit. All the while, he thought about her name. She couldnt be Santran. She would become Asana. With that thought she approached the portal. She stepped through, and began her new life.
  5. Aw, Pure, you put my stuff to shame! I know this comment is decidedly unhelpful, but I really like where this is going, and I'd like to see more of it!
  6. They haven't really released a DD in a while...I'd like to see MEP3, or another Dorgeshuun Quest, or another Red Axe Quest, or another Sea Slug Quest, or another Morytania Quest, Legends-related Quest, Elemental Workshop Quest, Troll-related Quest, Fremmenik Quest, etc. A new questline might be nice...or maybe a really big quest like RFD, except that it ties in all the other quests a little better than WGS?
  7. Sorry, no. I posted and then did it.
  8. Clue says: "Search the crates of a shop in Taverley" Location: The Taverley Two-Handed Store, in the Northeast corner of Taverley. Search the crate closest to the door.
  9. I'd like to point out that RS is under new management. This seems to be a step by the overall management to show the older members that they still care. I, for one, am very pleased with what they've done so far, and I hope they continue this. Oh, and I'd like them to make my name possible to say ingame. Overall, good job Jagex.
  10. I think there's an economic probelm with combining ess at this point. It's much easier to introduce a new good to an economy than it is to extract it, especially when that good is one that is still demanded. And on random events, I personally don't mind them. They keep me sane :anxious: :
  11. The chat is set on Game, so it shouldn't show people talking? And the Assist 'on' is lowercase.
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