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  1. Pretty sure green drags are way better, but...to each his own :S The point of skilling is being safe and not havign to buy gear or food... He shoudl at least have a whip before he starts green drags... and if ur a [kitty] and kinda scared blue drags r nice too Even with just a D scim, its still a very fast money maker? Worst case scenario, he could buy 1 invo's worth of food at a time, and I'm sure it would still be a lot faster.
  2. Pretty sure green drags are way better, but...to each his own :S He only has 59 herblore? Use regular antifires and an anti-dragon shield with a terrorbird. Rune armor should suffice, mebbe get one peice of cheap barrows if you want to be extra safe.
  3. Seems I was mistaken, sorry if i caused any confusion; it all seems to be a bit cleared up now.
  4. Yeah that happens...but some apparently "trash" drops can be worth quite a bit. For example, I was slaying black demons and I got a 900k pure ess drop. So at least check the drop pile, and pick it up if its noted/stackable to check the # of items.
  5. They updated the ROW to give better drops more frequently, and added a sort of ROW only drop table that can be accessed from any valid monster (I believe). It shining like that indicates the drop you just recieved came from the ROW, to make its effect more obvious.
  6. I'm trying my best to make sense out of this, but I just can't. Please help me here. Really late reply, but I mean that I tend to do stupid little solos that don't really sound that great/are repetitive/don't make sense, rather than actually practicing or attempting to play something decent. In other words, I'm far too self indulgent on the guitar.
  7. I may be wrong here, and it is a little late to correct it, but isn't Buddhism more of a philosphy, rather than a religion? Because, although Buddha is oftentimes elevated to a godlike status, didn't he consider himself a normal guy, and preach that morality and truth comes from within, and that you must find the religion (or lack thereof) that fits you the most? So, I, as an Atheist, can be Buddhist because I've found that my atheism is the most correct, moral path for myself. Right?
  8. It won't earn money, but it helps w/ convenience...train your agility up to something like 40ish at the very least; I think course selection is less crucial at low levels, just use the highest you can. Then, train farming and slayer at the same time. Both don't earn a lot on their own, but at later lvls they do, and combining them makes them decent. Or farm/kill dragons. Once you have decent combat stats, You could Barrow, although I'm not sure how good that is anymore.
  9. You can grow snaps at 62..? But yes, snaps are a higher cost, but a higher cost/profit ratios. Usually, anyways, it does occasionally flucuate, and of course its all dependent on what you are trying to maximize (cost to profit, cost to xp, xp/hr, gp/hr...the list goes on :rolleyes: ) Good exp though, and they TEND to be the best herb to sell. *edit* Oh, and use supercomposts and plant strawberries/limps to bump up your xp, Juju potions, that one DG scroll...yeah. Strawberries cost almost nothing, but the fruits don't sell. I personally hold on to them and basket them for use on long slayer assignments (I think its like 300 lp/basket?) *Edit 2* @Quy: Farm them WHILE Bosshunting (or barrowing, DKS, tanning hides, killing dragons); you can leave them indefiinetly, and harvest them later to increase your gold earning potential. There are very few methods of moneymaking that it would actually slow your gp earning down to go farm; I'm thinking skills in excess of 1m/hr, and even then I'm not sure :unsure:
  10. I'm a guitarist. I play bits of everything (nothing as well as I would like :P). I've been playing about 4 1/2 years, and really enjoy it. I tend to be far too self indulgent when I play, but I've been getting better about it. I'm HOPEFULLY going to be playing in Jazz Band next year, my first time ever really playing in a group. Right now I'm going to be working on Civeta Day by the The Number 12, Ebon Coast by Andy Mckee, and some Rush (not totally sure what yet). Maybe slap some stuff together of my own, but thats really iffy at this point. Oh, and Range, fudging LOVE polyrhythmic and polymetric music...interestingly, my first real exposure to them was by a Death Metal group. Then I found out it's primarily rooted in Jazz and Sub-Saharan musics.
  11. How do you justify the last two?? OT: YAY! I'm average!!! (white, atheist, straight)
  12. Nothing atm, but I'm about to listen to 4 hours of Rush Live Rush. Yeah. I'm stoked.
  13. I'm currently getting 71 FM and 70 Cons/Crafting so I can get Korasi's sword to do this w/o risking the z spear. I'm super stoked to try this out :thumbsup:
  14. Ahhhhh of course...I see. So 68 summ = 1337 math skills. Time to get trainin! OT: Thanks antaeus!
  15. You, sir, are pro. Thanks so much! Btw, where the hell do you get all these formulas?
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