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  1. Good job. I got ely sigil through ls tho. Free moneyss. 21m tho. Can't complain.
  2. A little over 2200 people have higher. Considering millions of players play Runescape, you give a 6/10? What's you total anyways? Edit : Btw, the main achievement in this topic is the 2200 total, idc about the 80 agil.. I know many people have higher.
  3. Your bank is nice, 9/10 for that. As for your stats, they are decent. Could be better. 8/10. I respect you for all of your whip drops n such. So overall, 9/10. Keep up the good work \
  4. Title says it all. I'm pro Monkeyboy. Rate/hate stats plz kind sirs. Cheers.
  5. Cheers for the posts guys. Yeah, I split with team. Both were good friends.
  6. Well, this was pretty lucky i must say. I died just before this kill, came back to find my armour had gone. No biggie, corp was 1/4 health. Friends asked me to stay and help kill. As you can see, i have 3 items, and that in my invent. Stayed for kill. Said " sigil " right before kill. And bam, free moneys for me. Sold to a friend for 113m. Idc if i could have made more. I and him are happy. O btw, gunners is the kid who died and didnt come back to help kill. That's why my friend didn't want me to tell him. Split with the team, ofcoure. Plans? Slaying for 99 Summon. Watch this space...
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