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  1. What's the fastest way to get melee experience? Got drygore rapiers, titan and turmoil. What should the revolution ability rotation be?
  2. How long does it take to get all of the experience?
  3. What prayer level would I need for God Wars team? 70 enough? Got 80+ def now, trying to figure out what to do next - buying some melee gear or buying bones for prayer. Or should I just keep doing Avansies (getting 900k+ gp / hr and 200k def exp / hr) and get full Armadyl armor set?
  4. What herblore level would I need for QBD? Is 80 enough? Getting close to 70 def, prayer level is now 43+
  5. What are ports and what is EE?
  6. What's the deal with 70 defence? Does the armor that requires 70 def give ranged attack bonuses or something?
  7. Arma - god wards? What are DKs?
  8. my stats: attack: 60 defence: around 70 strength: 88 ranged: 99 magic: 95 prayer: around 43 Any suggestions what could I do to make money?
  9. I thought the same until same thing happened to me. I tried to scan my system with multiple anti-malware programs, but they didn't find anything. But I found some suspicious system activity with tools that help with finding rootkits. I just reinstalled my system after that to be safe.
  10. Have you cleaned your system from malware? Would be a waste if you worked your way up again and lose it because of some stealthy rootkit + keylogger combination.
  11. Thanks for the answers! What farming level would I need to earn decent money with it? And runecrafting is not really good for earning money as I understand?
  12. I used to make money with runecrafting, resulting in 1m/h. This was years ago. I have currently 93 runecrafting, is it still useful for earning money? What other methods are good for earning money?
  13. I wish I thought about 'No-items-returns' policy before starting to play RuneScape. Never again I will play a wealth based game with policy like that. Lost my wealth too after about a year of inactivity, but I think my laptop that I played with back in the time was just compromised. No virus scan detects anything on that laptop, but when using UnHackMe antirootkit tool, it cannot remove few suspicious files so I guess it's very well hidden malicious software.
  14. fallout

    Electronic Music

    nice! extremely-not-glitchy-hop Letherette - Yea Yea Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmCZCD9qgwU
  15. I have an account with 99 range, 1 pray, 95+ magic and 40 defense, on top of that high skilling levels and 91+ runecrafting. It was fine until free trade, when some how my laptop was compromised and my account got keylogged. At least 500m worth of wealth was gone. Felt bad, but would have been far worse when the keylogger would have leveled pray or defense levels. I quit the game though. Also made a promise to myself never to play 'no items back' policy wealth based game any more.
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