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  1. CCC could stand for cruiser, as the cruiser is a 3 hit ship that could be represented on the grid with CCC.
  2. Decided to do a few stakes before church the results of 4 stakes [spoiler=4 stakes]
  3. started with 20m this morning now bank = I had a really simple strategy, don't lose money to 999
  4. Oooooooohhhh 99 I didn't realize that was you. I would never have given you my money if I had known :P
  5. What does that even mean? Are you saying New York, Chicago , and LA aren't well known. And how in the world are you judging the popularity of major world cities? Please give some reasoning/logic behind what you are saying.
  6. I find it comical how overdramatic people are being about this. They are taking away One thing from f2p ( something generally not even used by the players that would consider members). Yet somehow " No one will play f2p anymore!" and " Jagex is actively destroying f2p". This is no different than the pop-up ads in f2p, it's a small update trying to get more members. The f2p game has not fundamentally changed. People who wanted members will get it because they want more to do, not because they can sees that they are ranked 1.4 millionth in fishing.
  7. They are volunteers. They are players. They do not work for jagex and do not represent jagex. They are certainly not subserviant to jagex. How do individuals that have been given authority within a Jagex entity not represent Jagex ? There seems to be a lack of understanding of how companies/organizations operate in real world situations on this thread. Unfortunately we do not live in a idealistic utopia where everything is in accordance to what we believe is "deserved" or "just". We live in a world where companies act pragmatically to protect their own best interests. If a volunteer for a political campaign came out and bashed the candidate they were volunteering for, they would summarily be fired. I expect nothing different from Jagex.
  8. Of course! Why can't you tell your boss that they are stupid and be free from any repercussions..
  9. Bro, this is tip.it forums, not RSOF Thank you for that exceedingly ironic post. We are entitled to basic human rights (life liberty property), unfortunately being able to view your highscores from a game is not included in that. If you have a problem with a free service being provided to you then do no partake in said service. To all those saying Jagex doesn't know what they are doing, you have to look at the end game. There are things that will happen. 1. Some people leave, those people have had f2p long enough that they probably were never going to get members, 2. People who really care about there highscores get members. Jagex really has nothing to lose and they have the potential for profit.
  10. Ah so Jagex should cut off potential revenue streams so that f2pers don't get into unfair fights. Thank you for showing me the error in my thinking. You ignored what I was actually saying. Unless large amounts of FREE players stop playing because of this, then it was a smart business move.
  11. If you don't care enough about rs to play $6 a month, why in the world would you care about highscores ? Also, what is the purpose of a business but to make money ? Jagex's goal isn't to be nice to people, it's to make money.
  12. I think Jagex has made it very clear that they are attempting to re-brand themselves. The game today bears little resemblance to the game 5 years ago. Though it may not mean anything to Andrew, I think the actions of Jagex since Mark Gherard took over have shown that they want to distance themselves from the former regime and look towards the future.
  13. I'm not sure the rq's posted in BTS will be all the rqs that are required to finish the quest. If you look at how they couch the rq's for the all the other quests that have put in BTS "Requirements for Branches of Darkmeyer" "in this experienced level quest that has the following requirements:" "To join him, youll need" None of them have the caveat that RoTM has "To start". I may be wrong but it is an interesting addition to put in the description.
  14. Why are people trying to compare WGS month to RoTM? First. Even if RoTM and WGS were equivalent content it's not as though Jagex releases uniform amounts of content every month. Sometimes you get more sometimes you get less. iirc both GWD and DFS were released in the same month in 2008. But secondly, from what we've been told RoTM and WGS are not equivalent content. RoTM is supposed to be the biggest quest made to date. We won't be able to know how much bigger it is until after the release , but trying to go update by update and compare the months before the centerpiece of the month is released is foolish.
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