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  1. some people truly are idiots. i think this guy between ages 6 and 8 :XD:
  2. lol most of these are lies(especially the one about the rusty swords :XD: ), i mean why lie about bad things? i think once i got a few black thins a some runes but i can't remember the specifics...
  3. i saw saru on the way to barrows once didnt think it was important enough to take a pic of :-k
  4. i would bring my gold, do you know how much gold coins would sell for?! the other two would be air staff and lotsa bloods :twisted:
  5. 1. Whats your favorite outfit?lederhosen top and bottom, lava or ancient staff,black mystic hats, boots, and gloves, sara book. 2. Coolest looking cape is...? fire cape 3.Your Bored, what do you do?go to barrows :D 4. Whats your favorite room in your house?portal room 5.Where IS your house? (IN GAME NOT IRL lol)yanile 6. Favorite Color of naval clothing? (from trouble brewing)never done it 7. Whats your favorite magic spell? (can be from any type of magic)ice rush 8.Did you do the Achievment Diary?not yet 9. Did you beat karamja's tasks? (ALL)no 10.Whats your favorite way to thieve?sorcerer's garden was fun 11. Whats your home world?99 obviously 12. Whats the funnest quest you did?desert treasure was really fun 13.Whats the funnest skill to do? lately i've taken a liking to fletching 14.Whats your favorite town?canifis 15.Whats your favorite random event?mime 16. Whats your favorite weapon special?the barrelchest anchors special is cool 17.Your at the barrows, what brother do you go to first?dharok 18. Whats your favorite song on runescape?newbie melody :-w 19.Whats your favorite dragon weapon?scimmy 20. Whats your favorite way to hunt? (pitfall, net trap ect) i dont hunt much but traking is fun
  6. thats why you always log out even if you're leaving only for a minute :shame: dont think i'm being mean though, that really stinks :( as for unlucky moments....i cant really think of any others besides getting hit a 25 by guthan(it killed me) at barrows on my second run
  7. you could try barrows? you'd be good at it,dont listen to all those people saying you need really high range i do it effectively at 52 range.
  8. i've got the answers for the first 2 -Is this profitable or am i better off merchanting?barrows is profitable and fun so i'd go for barrows -Why do i lose prayer sponatniously? Ex. I have 21 prayer and jumps down to 11 all the sudden. it just happens to make it harder against them(it happens every time a face appears on your screen,only in high detail though) -If im using slayer dart, what armor should i use?i use mystic but i do fire blast so i wouldn't really know :-w
  9. well i don't know about you but my vacation is 2 weeks away \ as for prices, well i never have enough money to buy anything, so i don't really care. and who camps? ppl are crazy if they go camping. humankind conquered(almost) nature and now ppl want to go back to it? i still don't quite understand it :-k i went camping once, i don't see how you would like it, all the bugs flyin around, eatin cold food... -.- two weeks? you're lucky, i dont get off for another 4 weeks -.- ...anyway i plan to pretty much barrow alot more and hope to get enough for a santa before end of summer......maybe 70 range, 80 attack and str, 70 defence. i've got alot of plans for this summer :D also camping is really fun :-w
  10. 5/10 a little cool but mostly weird :-k
  11. a little fuzzy try saving as a .png maybe? but anyway really amazing bank 10/10 cause you got a santa and santas own
  12. 0/10-never before(not surprising with only a few posts :ohnoes: )
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