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  1. ihad a go yesterday...got up to jad, but clicked wrong prayer... i was going so good though. i shouldve taken pictures of my invo
  2. do i need 2 crystal bows? and can i use karils skirt...
  3. :thumbsup: :XD: shortest lvl 3 clue ever \
  4. 1m d scims so i can sell em and buy all the p hats and rule da world!!! :twisted:
  5. lvl 1: HAM guards in the secret room when u finish death to the dorgeshuun (cant believe u missed that \ ) lvl 2:guards lvl 3: greaters and hellhounds (got a sara pl8 today from a clue they dropped =P~ )
  6. Then you might as well melee all the way with a hally - you'd need 90+ att and str aww 90 str 79 attack :(
  7. omg what if i brought melee and used the bow on jad? :pray:
  8. am i able to use a 2/10 crystal bow????
  9. Hey my rs name is Sub Zero2010 (tried to register it here but some idiot chose to not let me) ive been playing rs for nearly 2 years now and here r my stats: and 101 combat my favorite costume would have to be this: i made a guide of cw for my clan thought i might try and post it here but not allowed to and the pictures have stuffed up so gotta do it again :wall: i am also going to start killing black knights soon trying to get master rank. well thats my intro, wtf is this???? :arrow: #-o D_5c1m_pwns
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