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  1. im sowwy for you missing your lvl :cry: plz forgive me :anxious:
  2. stop getting distracted. kick those dk stealer buts :twisted: gratz on the new levels though and nice cw tix (gimme some pl0x)
  3. when your done alching you will lose about 2mill but considering you get distracted (dking)you'll make like 10 mill (i hates you rich narb :wink: )just ask me any time if you want me to suicide for you again (but not too often :lol: )gl
  4. looking Hawt As Always :wink: your gonna be scawwy with barrage :ohnoes: good luck with that no life alching :thumbsup:
  5. yeah i think they are running out of idea's as they have repeated the emotes for holloween and this easter, and the rewards and really the best but they are still pretty cool :P
  6. very nice bank and better stats than mine (well most of them )7/10 and may i ask why do you have a brocken arrow in your bank?
  7. very nice i never tried barrows as im too scared :ohnoes: so very good and nice drop wish ihad them (hope you get some more, so gl!) :thumbsup:
  8. brilliant idea's guys jagex should do it but they won't
  9. alough i may not have one :( my favorite wepon is (if you can call it a wepon...) is the rubber chicken :thumbsup:
  10. when i was a noob (some might say i still am) i saw this guy with a crown beside his name when he talked i said "omg your the king!" so i started bowing to himand gave him shrimps so he called me a noob and i said "im not noob that person behind you is"(a lvl 70 somthing cally something noob"so he took me to the dark wizards and said "if they kill you it gives you they give you a dimand so i attacked one and died :x how noobie i was... :thumbsup:
  11. the thing i'd most want to get rid of is "miles and gile"as the best thing i have ever got from them is the one the only the spinach roll :evil:
  12. well iknow it's not much but i got 1mill from a mate \
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