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  1. I have had my account for 5-6 years and never received a black mark. This whole "Legacy Punishment" system is really beyond my understanding. If they have No evidence then you shouldn't retain any Black Marks or bans. You are innocent until proven guilty.
  2. Even the computers on my router/network have different names, whenever I log on all it says on the top is my IP, nothing more. I am still waiting for my reply from Jagex but I asked the question on a freshly made F2p account so I don't know if I will get a response. On top of that I only got to use 400 characters to explain the situation and ask the question and that only got me about 4 lines worth of "characters". I am still hoping someone can just post this question on the Rs forums.
  3. People can actually multi log in if they use Usigned Jave applet, so Jagex might think we are doing that when we play together. And by the way just yesterday a J-Mod said that you are responsible for anything that happens on your IP which means they do actually keep track of IPs I sent in a message to Jagex on Saturday asking if me and my bro both log on and play together will we be banned. I have yet to receive a reply. Considering it's a f2p file I don't know how long it will take..If someone could make a thread on the official rs forums and ask this very question, I would be truly grateful. I can't post yet becase I am not a member.
  4. Wrong, all computers connected to a router will have the same external IP address. However I believe the applet can detect the internal IP or MAC address to distinguish the different computers. Final answer, no you will not be banned. And just to confirm you are 100% sure about this?
  5. My main concern really is that when I log on and go on to play with my brother , they aren't going to investigate or anything they might just bann us, I doubt they would do a thorough investigation when there are 5 milliom Rs players and only about some 300 Jagex Staff. Thanks to everyone for their responses.I am not a member yet because of the whole router situation.I don't to subscribe and not be able to play with my bro or anything. I have a favour, can some post on the following thread: Quick find code: 23-24-673-51851343 And post and ask my question. A Jagex moderator has been answering all questions on this thread and although he is gone on a holiday atm, I am hoping another moderator will answer the question, despite the title it is a question thread. It would be really appreciated since I myself can't post yet.
  6. Does anyone have contact with a J-Mod or can anyone ask a J Mod for me? Ddraiggoch06, I have heard some people have done and it have been fine for a long time but I don't want to take any chances. Both my account and my brother's are 5-6 years old. We have both worked hard and I would be seriosuily upset if something happened to them. The reason why I am so cautious is that many people have said they did get banned for this so I don't want to risk anything.
  7. I checked various sites to check ips on both computers and they both show the same thing. And when I log on to runescape and log of and then log back in again it says you last logged in from _____ Ip. When I tried this with both computers both times the IP was the same.
  8. Both me and my brother play Runescape.We have been for years. We both have our own accounts, we don't account share or anything.Up until a month ago we only had one computer(desktop), but now we also purchased a laptop. Both of our computers are connected on a wireless router so that's how they both have internet. Both me and my brother want to play together on runescape but the problem is that both of our computers have the same IP adress. If we both log on at the same time to play from our own accounts will we be banned?Will Jagex consider multiple log in since on their system all it will show is that two accounts are logged from the same ip.In the past some people have stated they got banned for playing with their family members on computers with same ip via routers.Though when I posted on the official runescape forums, siome players said we wouldn't be banned and so did some player and forums mods but no Jagex mods confirmed or anything. We haven't loged on together till now, we don't want to take a risk, so until we can confirm it we are not gonna log on together. P.S:Me and brother both made new accounts to test if we could log in at the same time. Ans it worked but the ips were the same.So the problem isn't if we can both log on at the same time, the problem is that both comps have same ip. So far the two level 3 accounts haven't been banned or gotten any messages from Jagex , we tested this a week ago. Although we only did it once.. If someone could post an anser from a credible source such as a Jagex Mod it would be appreciated. So the questtion is If we both log on at the same time from our own accounts to play together will we be banned?Will Jagex consider this multiple log?
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