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  1. OSRS mobile seems to have viability and is extremely successful at the moment. RS3 hasn't been released, but I have doubts whether it could be successful. I actually hope that it isn't, because RS3 doesn't deserve to be successful anymore, even though I play it.
  2. Although I still check in from time to time, this forum is pretty much dead and will not be resurrected no matter what actions are taken. We should just accept that, soberly. I would prefer that the organizational integrity be maintained, instead of collapsing everything into one garbled mess. It's mostly an archive at this point, and I'm okay with that.
  3. The numbers for OSRS are astounding. Before mobile released, it had peaked at 90K online players. Afterwards, it has peaked at 150K players. Meanwhile RS3 peaks at 30K-40K most nights.
  4. Reddit is a lot more fast paced, ephemeral (most threads basically die after a few days, and are lost by the 1000 thread limit), and has strong elements of 'popularity contest', and the large number of people present in more popular subs prevent the formation of a close knit community. It certainly has disadvantages when compared to traditional forums.
  5. Judging from his posts, he seems like he'd be a great addition to Reddit: he can join the hordes of people there who have a meltdown anytime someone levies even the mildest of criticisms of the game or Jagex.
  6. Its definitely reddit but also the fact that fansites did a poor job of getting osrs players. zybez had a pretty healthy userbase when they were the site for trading before ge It's the monopolization and centralization of the Internet. No one wants to go to multiple sites anymore, they want a one-stop place for everything, and for most people, that one-stop is Reddit, sadly.
  7. Came back for DXP weekend after semi-quitting over the summer; back where it all began and got some last minute makeshift goals right after DXP ended:
  8. It's mostly Reddit, and the decline of players in Runescape itself. I still treasure this site as an archive, there's a lot of historical knowledge here still, and the memories are priceless.
  9. Is that Runescape Classic or something?
  10. Unless maintaining the servers is costly and unsustainable to the admins, I would prefer it be kept in its current state, even if it's mostly just a mothball time capsule state.
  11. I don't have them anymore, I used the basic windows note-taking gadget, and cleared it once I was done. I ran into a few people who tried to skull trick me via avatar (none were successful), and a few CPK'ers, though no one notable. My world choices were pretty good, if I do say so myself, and I only got Pked 2 times during the several weeks I was there, and both times were avoidable, I was just tired and stupid. I was able to telly away/run away from 99% of the Pkers who showed up.
  12. cmonBruh and you realize most real pkers hop around inside, and there's 2 entrances to come in from :} I actually made semi-extensive notes and profiles of all the various PKers I encountered there lol. I spent so much time there, it was necessary to do this to survive. I also made several friends and ran into one old friend who were also hunting the title, we and used to trade notes/tips on Pkers, in an FC. What worlds particular PKers frequented, what time zones they operated in, how long they PK'ed for. Quite a lot of them were pretty pathetic to be frank. Many of them were skulling tricking with avatars - which is literally bug abuse. Others were just more or less griefing. I don't really consider this to be a worthwhile activity or way to PK, so I can't say I have sympathy for these people.
  13. Probably could knock it out in like 2 months of casual gameplaying.
  14. Been working on this for the past 10 days or so (minus 3 days from DXP). This was without a doubt one of the most fun and also annoying things I've done in a long time. I initially wanted this, since it was one of the coolest looking titles, yet also relatively rare, but I was off-put by the fact that it was in Wildy and how rare these drops are from the Chaos Elemental (impossibly rare). But then after I saw other people on Reddit get it at enhancers, I talked myself into getting it. It took all sorts of trickery to avoid PKers for this, stealth, monitoring the regular cast of pathetic no-life PKerswho just spend all day hunting people who hunt Revenants to grief them for no reason and so on. Got to know them real well, and their schedules (so I knew which worlds to use at what times). Also made use of language worlds. Used Revenant Enhancers (13.5 used, didn't use any for last couple thousand kills) from DM though apparently they don't do much. I only died twice, both easily preventable, but I was stupid. Only lost an enhancer once. Aside from that, avoided all PKers, often tellying on the same tick as they cast teleblocking. Was satisfying and also thrilling. My favourite trick was using an alt and a ring of stone to turn it into a rock and hide at the cave's entrance and overlay that screen onto my main's screen, so I could monitor people who were coming into cave while I killed revenants on main. Made probably like a good 700M~ from these (got two Statius Warhammers). Raced a friend, and of course he beat me to it by a few days. I sold some of the drops before this due to crashing price so the price checker isn't complete, though obviously the drop log is.
  15. It's only use will be to facilitate AFK skilling. I don't imagine it rejuvenating the RS3 playerbase or bringing in another influx of players as Miniclips did many years ago.
  16. There's a decent small sized number of people that are regulars there. So it's not dead. Granted at certain late times in the morning it can be empty, but that is to be expected.
  17. Yeah, I sometimes meet new players too. Though RS3 has a serious growth problem, and has a very low number of genuinely new players. Most of the lower level accounts are alts, IM, or returning players.
  18. ====================== The magic of NXT and Skyboxes, even on my beat down laptop:
  19. Final Skilling Pet. [bleep]ing finally. 30-35M Agility experience at least, got it late at night but I often play with my private off and my screen resized and to the side so I can just click on obstacles on Hefin without looking, so it took me 2 hours to realize I had gotten it lol. Maybe I'll spam this thread with my XP log and other pictures in a bit.
  20. What do you do with them considering your account is a skiller? Just cash out, right? ------- A minor milestone:
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