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  1. Boss pets coming this month. Apparently they finally went ahead with them after Mod Stu O responded to one of my rants and forwarded it. So I take full credit for this. :D
  2. wyverns and camels both also have a journal drop Oh, I completely forgot about those.
  3. Who even does Nex anymore? That's an update 5 years too late. Nex pet and ancient emblem D: I presume most of the people who want those two items have them by now. Aside from that, Nex prices and drops are pretty terrible and dismal.
  4. Skip all the new elite slayer mob tasks. Only do Ripper Demons if you're looking to get the Master Quest Cape (MQC) at some point, as they drop 6 journals which are a MQC requirement.
  5. Prepare to have the fiery envy of a thousand burning suns:
  6. What was that old saying, "a happy customer tells one person, an angry customer tells ten"? It doesn't really make much sense to treat any given group as some monolithic entity when people only really speak up if they feel strongly about a given issue and even people that want the same thing might not necessarily agree on how. Not really. Most of these sorts of problems are caused by Jagex half-assing updates on release (Invention being the biggest tribute to their incompetence ever), and then half-heartedly half-assing the 'fixes' as well. So they start with a mess, and then compound on that mess some more. They are met with criticism and loathing mostly because they deserve it.
  7. A minor point. Not everyone who plays OSRS hates the EoC combat system. I have a lot of friends who play OSRS on the side; many others who were high level pvmers in RS3, but then quit for whatever reason, and after they came back, they felt left out so they just went to OSRS; many others still who just got bored with RS3 (and not because of the combat system), so they decided to go to OSRS. OSRS is basically a separate game at this point, a whole new world, and it has a far better, more committed, responsive, and competent J-Mod Team. So I can see why people play it.
  8. It's over. Not that I care about it, but still neato:
  9. A hilarious post on Reddit capturing the deceitful and non-responsive Q and A stream that Jagex put up:
  10. There's literally not enough hand cannons in the entire game for more than a few people to get 120/99 Invention. It's almost as if they didn't even spend more than 0.0005 seconds of thought on this. So a few people get 99/120 Invention, while everyone else is expected to do nothing.
  11. After careful consideration, and having really given it a fair chance, I can honestly say that this is the worst skill ever designed, with the least amount of thought put into it, and it's literally wrong in every way that it could be wrong. I could write a 10,000 word thesis on this, but I don't have the energy. It's an abomination, and it really highlights the lack of critical thinking ability or even just brain cells on the part of Jagex. This is not me being facetious or angry - I am 100% serious and sober. [bleep] Jagex, their lack of thinking and foresight, as well as their cavalier attitude.
  12. To be fair, most of us do not come here for the guides and stuff like that. Tip.it at one point was my go-to place for quests clues and even some PVM, and the Archive of Wisdom was pretty great at one point. These days, if I'm doing a quest right on release (which I usually do), I rely on WIki. If I'm doin the quest much later than release, then I'll typically use Tip.it and one or two other fansites (I always use multiple guides simultaneously). I also still use the Tip.it locator for clues, but I never do clues anymore, they just rot in my bank. And I don't really use the PVM guides for new high level bosses, since there's better ones out on Youtube much closer to update, and the rest is learned by experience. I come here mainly for the community.
  13. The notion that traditional sites could compete with either the Wiki or Reddit or Twitch is purely delusional, sorry to say. No amount of changes to any of the traditional sites could make them competitive, at best they could only hope to be Wiki/Reddit 2.0, and that isn't going to be able to beat the real deal. The times have changed.
  14. Got this little thing last night: Beastmaster pets, done. :)
  15. I really like TIF, and certainly do not like the lack of activity and popularity, but the times have changed. It really is not possbile to compete anymore. The predominant way to get news nowadays, for RS is Reddit, Twitter, RS homepage/forums, and Twitch. The predominant way to access high level and very up to date guides is to basically watch the top PVMers and Skillers streaming themselves on Twitch. That's not going to change and there isn't anything that can be done with that. That's just the way it is.
  16. They are two different modes, as far as I'm concerned.
  17. Nice... Alas I can only afford the T90 melee and range defender. No way in hell can I afford a seismic wand plus TWO singularities.. So I'm saving my ancient emblem to make the magic t80 defender Perhaps you'd like one? Raids... I basically range exclusively unless I'm meleeing with scythe at beastmaster. Can also tank vorago with range, which I like to do as well because it has a higher attack space than magic, and you take less damage from magic bombs in range armor. In what universe do you use ranged to tank Vorago? Are you going to tell me that you exclusively mage Araxxor now or something? It's uncommon, but there's definitely people who do it, and it's very doable. You also have the advantage of being able to use Corruption Shot and Frag Shots.
  18. It's definitely not a traditional forum. There's far too many people, a lot of the dicussion is pointless - albeit funny - memes and other trash, you barely get to know the people there, and so on. It's mostly a townsquare kind of thing where you go to get the news, it's not a forum. The discussion there is very shallow, ephemeral and fleeting, usually done for popularity (though, with the like system that exists on this forum too, but posts on Reddit get hundreds of likes, whereas on TIF, usually a handful at most), and most threads on Reddit are forgotten about in a day or two at most, as they disappear from the front page, whereas discussions on traditional forums can last forever, and there's depth to them, it isn't just a transparent popularity contest.
  19. Nice. Did you buy it? Or did you DIY it? Also, what bones did you bury?
  20. But it's already 1/25 though, can't get much easier than that.
  21. Forsberg (or however you spell his name), is one of the wealthiest players in game. I mean I don't know if he's top 0.001%, but he's probably easily at least top 0.05% and he has virtually no expenses since unlike most people he's 5.2B and doesn't need to save money for skills/120s/200M. And he couldn't be bothered to buy a few bonds to keep his membership or to buy the year-long Gold P2p (which even some of my poorer friends have)? No sympathy at all for him or his lost rank. Also lol at Jagex claiming that the reason why the highscores is set to remove old inactive ranks and not let them regain it when they become active again is because this would devalue the ranks for new players who surpassed the inactive player's ranks, as the new players would be bumped down when the old ranks returned. They claim they did this to preserve the 'accomplishments' of players, and with a straight face too, meanwhile they do all sorts of other bonus experience events/promotions/MTX/OP training methods that are continually devaluing people's achievements. I don't care about it, but I do find it funny.
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