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  1. I'm liking the new Raptor outfits more than I thought I would:
  2. Yeah, they're basically the creation of one the Zarosian Mahjarrat (the one that was Enahkra's enemy) - he merged the camels with weird spirits from the Mahajarat homeland.
  3. Time for a lot of pictures. :D From the past week or so: Both phoenix pets, finally got the second one: Never thought I'd be able to tolerate Legios because of the annoying way the fight is structure (constant hitting and running), and the fact that it's gambling, but I got through it: End Result: All Threshold boss pets, get!: It was a passive side-goal of mine ever since the start of the year when they came out.
  4. Teamsplit and Scopulus, unfortunately. The team I was going with is done because of IRL and stuff, so I'm sort of left in limbo. I could have certainly gotten Scop with them and then wouldn't have minded paying for TS if we weren't able to get kills, but meh.
  5. Congratz! I'm stuck at 4/6, indefinitely, it seems.
  6. The miniquest was probably voted against because people feared Comp Reqs. In any case, there are ways to do world events so that players don't completely hate them. World Event 2 and the Falador Events, while not really popular or enjoyable - had high participation rates because they were 99% AFK and had good experience rewards. Whereas the Halloween event is not.
  7. The reaction across the board is that pretty much no one, except Helring, likes the event. So you aren't alone here. It's a completely lazy and uninspiring event, and I'm actually glad that people are giving negative feedback for the way holiday events are no longer fun miniquests but full on grind fests. I've felt that way for years, it's nice to see others finally catch up and reject these events.
  8. I didn't say I like shitty graphics. I just don't like the poorly designed stuff that JaGeX is constantly pumping out. And for the record, I play 07 and rs3. A lot of it is shit and rushed, and sells mostly because there's a niche demand for cosmetics and there's a novelty, and because even shitty cosmetics are desired by some because people like the theme/concept art behind it (even if it ends up looking nothing like it in game and is total shit), but there is some good stuff out there as well.
  9. The sort of outfits that Butters has, they aren't really my style, but he does know how to take one hell of a picture, and he's good at the style that he likes. Fashionscaping really is 'each to their own', I don't like 80% of the 'cool' outfits other people like, and a lot of people don't seem to care much for some of the outfits that I have come up (though I have had some compliments over the years). -------- Finally got Krar Jnr. pet after camping on and off for it for a week:
  10. We can't compete with Reddit in terms of attracting new members, but that should not be mistaken as a sign that Reddit is better. It isn't. There's a real sense of community and history here. Also, when discussion does happen, it's a lot more in-depth. Reddit is basically just a hotbed of memes, trolls, bandwagon voting, and really, the only reason most go there (aside from its accessibility) is that it's a good place to get Runescape related news, because someone always post stuff there right away. That's it. Aside from the fact that news is instantly there, it's not really all that great. I certainly feel a sense of community and familiarity with the people on Tip.it (even if I don't have necessarily everyone added), whereas on Reddit 99.9% of the names - I don't know, nor do I do care to know about. This is a community, whereas Reddit is just the townsquare or marketplace where everyone goes to see a spectacle or get the news, without really knowing any of the people there.
  11. During Reaper today, also picked up 2 other Signets, and got Primus Key on same drop as pet. :D
  12. Given how large your screen is, and your screen resolution, that interface is inexcusable.
  13. Why do people even care? I knew about what Tim was up to for months and I didn't care in the least about it. Someone told me once, and I was like "Oh.", and I moved on with my scaping. It seems other people here were just obsessed with it and on an unending campaign to get him banned. This is 2015, a time when Jagex openly celebrates certain bug abusers on Twitter/Twitch (so long as they're famous), meanwhile others buy mounds of bonus experience with real life money through microtransactions (which is no less an unfair advantage than botting), and you guys are upset that someone was botting? Please. Under these circumstances, 'integrity of the game' or 'unfair advantage' are meaningless concepts. All I see is a bunch of people with petty jealousy. I've have never botted (or even come close to doing so or even thinking about it.), and I couldn't care less that there are other people out there doing it or buying bonus experience with spins. I play the game because I enjoy it, not because of what others are up to. Things like this are of no concern to me, and it really shouldn't concern anyone else either, unless you're someone who is writhing with envy that someone got virtual experience on a game with a bot. I don't care about people who bot any more than I care about people who do microtransactions to get unfair advantages. I have seen all sorts players get away with all sorts of things, I'm way past the point of caring. While Tim should have had more common sense and humility not to brag about his gains, he was still a long time and generally well-liked member of this community. I would never snitch on someone like that over something so monumentally stupid as petty jealousy. "Oh, no, there's someone out there cheating to get virtual levels on a game where you can use real life wealth to cheat anyways. Unless Jagex bans him, the game is completely ruined for me!" That's basically the mentality of some people, and it's just so silly, and frankly quite embarrassing.
  14. See, that's what I have a problem with. It doesn't add danger by any means. It adds inconvenience. Say I'm skilling - mining to be more exact. Someone who I'm competing with decides to kill me for hours straight (as has happened). There's no danger, just wasted time. I'm not losing anything when I die. If I'm banking the ore, no one cares that I've lost a whopping 10 ore before he's killed me again. I'm losing the few seconds/minutes spent travelling back, which is often a single click. I know DarkScape give the impression, "You could be attacked and killed at any time by anyone! The risks are high! Etc etc etc..." However, in reality, it's, "You're most likely only risking 500gp in resources you've managed to gather before a 1 itemer comes to PK you for no personal gain of their own apart from the satisfaction being a prick and wasting someone's time!" But isn't every form of "danger" simply some form of inconvenience? Danger in real life implies potential permanent negative consequences (such as death). But AFAIK such a thing doesn't really exist in RS; the only thing you're ever risking is your free time. There is if you go Hardcore Ironman, but lol HCIM.
  15. Snitching out on a fellow community member over something so trivial in an attempt to get P-Mod is a pretty low move.
  16. Only thing I won, and on the last day for Barrows sets:
  17. We are no longer friends, Gwyn. ---- Anyways, I always used to resent the fact that Araxxor required my full attention, meanwhile other friends could just skill and watch stuff on the side. Well, not any longer. Been doing this for a couple of weeks and can now do it at ease. A joy greater than just single-minded Araxxor'ing: Anime + Araxxor. Can do it at all the way to 300% as well as I could when I used to play in full screen.
  18. My hatred for all those who have won Golden Barrows sets and not me, is immeasurable. I wish you all ill.
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