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  1. The armour is potentially useful for tank roles. Regardless, Tecci is very limited and there's no way to farm it. You can make 50m (which is about what a Codex costs) a hundred different ways.
  2. Just buy the abilities with cash. Not worth spending Tecci on it.
  3. Oh and I didn't leech my title/get carried, unlike Jeremy. ;)
  4. It's a cape for wannabe trimmers. I've no interest in it whatsoever.
  5. Or they could just give people reasons to do more than 1 Yakamaru kill per 48 hours. If they did that, then teams would be constantly running, and some of them would be willing to help soccer moms who don't do bossing. Right now, the majority of teams do their 1 kill and stop raiding and do other stuff until they can reset.
  6. There's basically absolutely no incentive for people to do Yaka (because of the complicated fight, costly supplies, etc.) more than 1 per lockout, unless they're selling leeches. So people who have done dozens of failed kills in order to learn and get better are sure as hell not going to take noobs and repeat all that process of failed kills for no loot/reward, unless they're leech sellers. Basically, Yakamaru is the most poorly designed boss, as far as rewards go, in Runescape history. Jagex is too delusional to see that of course. So if you're a comper who isn't the best pvmer, and you're looking to get your comp back back, your options are extremely limited, and you'll more or less have to either get with another team of noobs and do dozens of attempts until you all get better, or you'll have to pay for a leech. Experienced teams are not going to take you, for the most part, because Jagex gives them no reason to do so.
  7. Only Jagex could be stupid enough to think that a boss that requires 10 people to do, an insane amount of coordination, effort, skill and is incredibly costly to do should give no rewards. Meanwhile a few people are selling leeches to make profits, everyone else is killing Yakamaru (to boost KC) for nothing. Just mind-boggling stupidity. They want to do 'cool' concepts (such as only being able to loot once per 48 hours), without actually thinking of the consequences. It's almost as if they designed this boss just to ensure that the only people who could profit from it are leech sellers.
  8. Thank goodness this one was quick: how much did leech cost you you f itlyh nob Am not a leech. :D
  9. Pretty sure that spirit shields are still the *hardest* shields to get in this game. In reality though, all of my friends are using t90 shields for tanking the new raid bosses anyway. Corp is a solo boss, it's also a mass-friendly boss (and there's one mass fc that runs most of the time). It is in no way comparable to RoTs which is much harder.
  10. Finally done with all the God Wars one. Soloed most of the HM kills, so was certainly a new experience as opposed to Zammy where I duoed the HMs. Was starting to get a bit annoyed that I hadn't gotten the pet with so many HM kills but then it came. Got Whisper on the same kill as well, that's never happened to me before (a pet + rare drop in same kill):
  11. Mixed feelings on Chris L. On one hand he did design some rather great updates, yet on the other hand he was very stubborn on certain things (his obsession with RNG in PVM), and he paid far too much attention to the HLF fanboys who are narrow minded and equally obsessed with RNG nonsense. Still, the fact that he's leaving (in addition to the dozens of other J Mods who have already left), is quite worrying. There's obviously been some kind of internal drama at Jagex, and I can't imagine they have even began to replace the people they've lost. Are we neaing the end? Seems like it.
  12. I guess V can take solace in the fact that he isn't a total loser unlike Guthix. I've come to the realization that Guthix is the worst of all the major gods, a sentimental fool who didn't have what it takes to get the job done, and a complete loser. [hide] Aside from that though, this was pretty much a rehash of the World Wakes: You're going to meet this great new NPC! Isn't that so awesome? He's almost here! ZOMG, he's here. Oh, wait, nope. RIck-rolled! He's going to die within 2 minutes of meeting you by the bad guys. But don't worry! You'll be able to avenge him 3-4 years from now in some other storyline. In the meantime, his followers have made a shrine to honor him because he was awesome." [/hide]
  13. They totally didn't recycle the World Wakes here...
  14. What other planets did Saradomin destroy/help destroy aside from the Naragi homeworld?
  15. Was not expecting it this soon, as my other two God Wars pets were obtained after a threshold or two and HM kills:
  16. As I predicted when 120 capes were released, and no one believed me, the next logical step would be them raising the skill caps to 120. It isn't happening any time soon, but they are hinting at it. Meh.
  17. Been a busy few weeks at KK since I finished Nex. This was certainly one of my most hard-won pets. Only got super lucky on one pet (Nex) and RNG made me repent for that dearly with this one. Started at 177 KC. Took 1500ish KC. Was able to get 28 Drygores in the time that it took to get the pet: Some other pictures at KK: Died as I got a Drygore. Luckily partner picked it up: Barely escaping:
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