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  1. And that brings me to 120 all. A somewhat important goal that has preoccupied me for a while now:
  2. Traditional forums are indeed vastly superior to mediums like Reddit and other social media in various ways. The problem is that social media is colossally more popular than forums, and forums such as Tip.It which were reliant on a robust main page to draw people in to the forums, don't have an equivalent way to draw in people. Also, a lot of people have either quit and moved on with their lives, or they don't bother visiting the Forums after getting their fix from Reddit, as it were, so there's that too. So there's no new blood to the Forums, and people gradually leaving, and no newbies to replenish and revitalize the forums, which brings us to the state we're in.
  3. Double Weekend stuff: Pet #11. I was hoping to get it during DXP when I made some Overloads for future Pvming, and I was glad to see it happen relatively quickly: Accidentally and inadvertently got 120 RC while I was running through my Ports Supplies on a whim, which sort of ruined the achievement I was going to do after all 120s. I shouldn't have went to Ports. RIP:
  4. The fan-site aspect of the site is hopelessly outmoded and obsoleted by things such as Wiki, and there's really no point in trying to compete on that front - that's just evolution. Still, the forums, the community, the friends' chat are all worthwhile, and should be preserved. Perhaps the main-page can simply be mothballed for historical purposes.
  5. Well, you had better prepare yourself for some very hurt hands then!
  6. Hunter is very annoying and click intensive, but very fast. Are you working on 120 or just 99?
  7. This is most definitely the reason behind this. I have that perk activated too, because doing 500 Daily Div Cap with Yews is a pain on World 48, and would be even more so with banking. More experience, no lame banking, win-win.
  8. About 50M XP for this one, though with about 16M~ BXP if not more. Almost thought this would be another Rue-like struggle, but thankfully not:
  9. Dyes don't get world broadcasts because Mod Chris L (who did the Treasure Trail Rework) was incredibly naive. ---------
  10. Gratz! Though with 90, you won't be able to loot a lot of the clans. I would suggest doing Traders, and then moving on to Priff.
  11. Does that make you Rue the day you decided to start going for that pet? That pun. My answer is no though. Drystreaks are just part of RS at this point, and I have had to deal with my share of them.
  12. That's fair enough then. Vic has diminishing returns for BXP, so if you do it before the 200 cap, it's not that bad. -- Finally got Rue, after 45m~ dry. At 103.2M experience. I was almost on the verge of existential despair and dreading having to RC past 120. Persevering against shitty RNG-based systems and Jagex's obsession with them, one dry streak at a time. Skill Pet #8:
  13. I hate to break it to you, but Vic's an en enormous waste of BXP. Unless it's a really good outfit piece or you really need it, he is to be avoided. Like about a year or so ago, I needed 1-2 more pieces to complete a Rune Ethereal Outfit (which are essential for smooth Runespanning), so I bought it with BXP. And when I was naive and less xp-oriented, I bought some Rare Tokens for some cosmetic or another. Aside from that, avoid him at all costs. The outfits you seemed to have purchased (not that I know your stats) aren't really that important.
  14. I was doing a Goebbieband run today, and since there were people there, I decided to use my WBS preset (usually I am not armed). So lo and behold I get into forest and some kid (with the Warden title!) is beside me in just a Dark Strykebow, and he starts attacking me, and says 'Cya Kid'. He probably thought I was a defenseless little lamb, since I had overrides on and hidden, and my Death Lotus Darts were overriden by Acid Flasks - which are extremely small - so he thought I was probably easy pickings. He attacks, there's a brief struggle, lag and bad FPS, but I turn the tables pretty quickly, he tries to run away, but it's the forest, so no straight surges, and I dropped him two seconds later, and his loot was on the floor. Feelsgoodman. As far as I know (I added him to make sure), he didn't bother relooting. Lesson of the story: don't be a douchebag:
  15. Gratz Sally! Minigames Weekend Gains: Had 800~ before the weekend.
  16. Disassembling 200K Maple logs? Wkw is still a yuuuge loser, I see. |^_^|
  17. I prefer Serpentine Rapiers and sometimes Helwyr Claws (depending on the rest of my outfit) for melee weapons.
  18. Gratz! (again) On another note, from Reddit, the best description of the dying RSOF ever:
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