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  1. gratz on 97 strenght :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Now for the ninetynine!!!!11!!!11!
  2. I agree wit sox, but must say that if people want to do range, they have evry right . . . :?:
  3. Thanks guys, that means a lot for me. I'll keep it going and post more about the why's. I'll add inkofdeath, as i assume that's your main as you put that one as RSN under your name . . .
  4. Nice blog, sad about the sister disconnect thingy, though I have no idea what DK stands for. please tell me.
  5. :-w Nobody seems to actually read this, maybe f2p all to lvl 20 isn't very exciting. Maybe I'll quit this blog.
  6. Super support! I've been wanting a lock toolbar for a long time, also with other stuff but the makers of games don't seem to notice my suggstions. Maybe I'll suggest checking out the suggestions page :-k
  7. So what would ape-dinges be? Maybe that's a stupid question, confirming that I am in fact a [developmentally delayed] =P~
  8. I take that a champions scroll is very good, and I KNOW that defeating a champion demon is good . . . at least it sounds impressif :shock: :shock:
  9. My Rhyme: Bumpity-bumpity-bumpety-bump ( Melody: Jingle bells rock ) :-w :-w :-w :-w
  10. I have no experience whatsoever in slayer, f2p as i am, but I guess that that is very good :mrgreen:
  11. Listen, I think it's horrible that he's quitting, but I think that he's already chosen and that he *ISN'T* going to change his mind, sadly.
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