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  1. No, It's not "THE TIME" it takes for the cape of Distinction. It's being FORCED to play what was at inception was meant as an option in game......... MINI GAMES. I will never have a cape of distinction due to the required amount of Castle Wars and other MINI GAMES. There have been many great strides in Runescape over the 9 years I have played, But Mini games is not one of them, ESPECIALLY hoe Jagex has forced them down our throats to accomplish normal, ingame activities. Including Quests.
  2. Give me a break!!!!!! Maturity level? Current players of RS just haven't been around long enough to remember the rediculious immaturity of players in the first few years of the game. Before there was gang Pkers in RS, there were gang harrassers. Any female character was fair game for many individuals to mock, make fun of, make dirty jokes about or threaten with killing in the wild. (And Back then with only 9 servers it wasn't hard to find someone who jumped servers to get away from harassment. Runescape is popular. it spreads by word of mouth as much as any advertising. Whole families play the game(and are usually the better behaved players in my opinion) Anytime you have expansion in a game, like in sports, the talent pool thins. In the case of games, talent and maturity are about the same. The more people play, the more immature people get into the pool of players. And everyone knows the bad apples get most attention.
  3. Somerville is not my name, not where I live, not a school I went to. It just sounded like it fight the time period Runescape is set in. I didn't want to use the common movie rip off names or use mythical names or names from history. I just wanted something Original and not followed by a number
  4. How come it never occurs to theorists that because there are more people playing RS than ever before, and longer than ever. More raw materials are being produced just in the daily play of the game. When RS2 was introduced, mining was made simpler than on classic. SO, there became more and more coal miners, then more and more rune miners. Also, A player starting today has an easier time leveling skills. how i wish i could have leveled my combat WITH slayer from the beginning. Most players today can't imagine what it was like to be a rune miner with only 2 rune rocks and a total of 9 worlds to hop to. You think competition for raw materials is hard now? you don't know what real competition is. Every resource in RS is hundreds of times easier to collect because of hundreds of worlds and dozens of added areas with theose resources.
  5. Tutorial Island???????? when i started you just showed up in lumby with no items and started searching for items on the ground and fighting barehanded for drops. People have it easy now with all the items they get free on the island. Oh ya, there were only 6 free worlds way back then, and you don't know what lag is if you didn't play back then!!
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