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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ihghjOth7c TNPW do a dance!
  2. granted, but it's me again i wish they would hurry up and complete the roadworks they do every morning outside my bedroom window at 6am (why is that a reasonable time?)
  3. banned because i don't know who you're talking about it stands for question sleep, an artists website (does some pretty good comics/t-shirt prints) and a few cartoons that were banned for being "too graphic" (think happy tree friends meets dexters lab)
  4. banned for giving me such an easy reason, yet not allowing me to use it
  5. when the superhero from the opening posts attention has been gained, he can eventually save people for food
  6. granted, but it takes the extra usage and sets it as the minimum usage instead i wish for more genies!
  7. 27841 thanks, still not entirely sure if its a good thing or a bad thing ive joined, on the plus side, things to do while mining/fishing etc, on the down side, too much here, end up stood doing nothing for longer than i need to
  8. banned for not breaking the rules, fight the power!
  9. banned for making me click something to read the entire post
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