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  1. Highlanders=Anti-American, and thus, stupid. :P Oh, Iran, what will you do next?
  2. I'm curious. This is the best spot for training Range with cannon, by the way.
  3. The title should be Live Anywhere for Vista users, especially come May (Release of Halo 2 for Vista only).
  4. Silencers. I was just commenting on the fact that TMNT was more nonsensical than Power Rangers, which was nonsensical as well, but less so. Also, I know that Pokemon is nonsensical as well, I wasn't saying it wasn't. :P Anyone remember Land Sharks? They were these sharks that ran...well, drove, actually, they had little chassis where their tails should have been...on land. I recall one episode where one burst through a hardwood floor. XD
  5. Continuum

    Yes or No game

    Yes, Zezima is awesome. Am I awesome?
  6. Muunitnoc Mine sounds like your average arch typical sorcerer villain.
  7. If we're talking about the most essential natural force, it's obviously sunlight. If we're talking about the most powerful natural source, I'd have to go with earthquakes. They cause tsunamis, can change the very status of a nation, and are freaking scary.
  8. I didn't watch much of TMNT as a child, but the whole idea always seemed ridiculous to me, even as a child. Man-sized turtles? A rodent was affected and then proceeded to just happen to become a martial arts master and then successfully taught that to some turtles? How come the turtles didn't use guns, either, some sort of projectile weapon... I watched the first season of Power Rangers and then Pokemon took over my childhood by force. Power Rangers were awesome.
  9. Had to do Regicide. 45 Agility. Dropped it.
  10. Radio messages travel at the speed of light? Just curious here, but how long would it take to send a radio message to this planet, assuming it gets there without being interrupted by some sort of hole. *Has no understanding of physics in the slightest*
  11. Oh, lay off. I know that. I'm just commenting on the fact that the way humans are surprised that there are habitable/potentially habitable planets out there is ridiculous. So go away. -.-
  12. Is the human race really so stupid that they didn't expect to find a habitable planet amongst the billions of stars? Not like we'll develop the technology to get anywhere before we blow ourselves up...
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