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  1. Prices are.... High to say the least. Don't think I'll be going now, don't want to pay that much money for an event (any event).
  2. Interesting idea.. Not sure if I'll make the trip over the North Sea to attend the event, but you never know. I'll just wait and see how the plan develops. :)
  3. Menaphos is just a sand box, nothing interesting there :(
  4. Congratulations everyone :) Special gratz to Hobgoblinpie, hmm that must've been months ago back in world 46. ;)
  5. Personally, I have next to no interest in the RS economy whatsoever. I never bother myself with the best moment to buy something, I just buy it, use it in skilling and, if applicable, sell what I got from it. I suppose people are making and loosing a lot of money through the economy, maybe I myself have lost millions, but well... As long as I don't mind it and know I lost something, I don't care either. :P
  6. Noticed your signature, this "rant" on the RS forums may interest you.

    http://[Use Quick Find Code]/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?15,16,667,60005849

  7. What was your previous RuneScape name that you are listed under on the highscores?: 11the Mask 1 What is your current RuneScape display name?: Maskyn What Tip.it highscore list(s) are you currently added to?: The regular P2P list. (http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tipit)
  8. Slacking

    1. Gradeskip



  9. Around October 2004 (maybe even September). And I thought I have been playing for a long time, lol
  10. I really liked the second entry, so I have voted for that one. :thumbup:
  11. Hey, I was just killing mogres and I got a "Evil turnip seed" drop (3 seeds), but it does not feature in your Bestiary guide. Here's a picture, no pic no proof, right? :P Hope this helps, Mask
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