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  1. Although not the best drop ever, I'm very proud. I pked this on my rc staff tanker at 40 combat. PS: the tele I only use when I receive the disconnection message, as that happens ALOT on my computer. Normally there's no need for it, as you can just run to safezone when you have like 2 food left, I'm at a very low combat so it's hard to ko, especially on def. Stats (35 defense and 43 range atm)
  2. You've probably never had experience with pking have you? The outfit you've listed is called one itemer, its usually disrespected among other pkers but you can wear whatever you want to bh.
  3. One thing you need to know is that staker stats does not work in bh. What you need to do is keeping a high attack(optional, in the low lvl crater its usually pures, 40 attack is good enough) and strength, you can hit high and thus making you get kills, even if you're in a huge clan, if you hit higher than others you're at an advantage for getting more kills. 40 attack, 1 defence, as high as possible strength for 50-54 cmb will do imo. And why would you need like 70 defence? Soloing bh = fails tbh. You want to fight with a clan, and defence doesnt really help in killing any faster. And about your 80 mage thing, I have 80 mage myself, and from my experience, unless my opponent is wearing rune/addy ect. I cannot bind them while I'm on rune or dhide. Since I see you're a strength pure, 31 strength is the max, unless you want protection prayers.
  4. STAY 50 ATTACK I believe you're a rune pure, and I'm pretty sure rune pure does lots and lots of no arm fights (when 1v1 is available). If you're planning to bh, range is good enough itself. And staying 50 will not get you unnecessary combat levels.
  5. Hehe, how should I say Stats: 9/10 Bank: 8/10 Outfit: 9.5/10 Now 1k total please you narb
  6. no need to bump after three minutes. :| 6\10. I'm surprised I got a 5 :o Thanks all :)
  7. Not that great of an achievement, but I'm proud :D And also thanks for coming to leveling up, ammo931 and uzikoma. Scruffyo99 left cause he doesn't have anymore time, oh well. #-o 1.1k total next :mrgreen:
  8. Very impressive list indeed, and I'm surprised I'm not that ridiculously far from 200th rank, a few hundred total levels.... I should be able to get it someday :)
  9. This is what I did for training Melee: 1-10 att & strength - chickens 11-20 att & strength - forgot here... mens? goblins? 21-40 att & strength- monks... 40+ att & strength - flesh crawlers, best exp for f2p pures, btw do vampire slayer for a bunch of att exp Ranged: 1-5: chickens 6-20: cows 21-25: barbarians 26-35: minotaurs 35-60: I did hillies cause I needed the bbones for money, otherwise continue with minotaurs or other spots that you feel comfortable in 60+: ankous all the way please unless you cant afford the arrows? Minotaurs...
  10. or something like that F2p, ok thank you I will stay 1 prayer now
  11. Hi, I'm in need to of help deciding if I will need prayer, I have the option of getting 26 prayer, 31 prayer or stay 1 prayer. My stats right now... 70 ranged, 40 attack 61 strength 63 hp 50 cmb 26 prayer(eagle eye) - 1 extra max hit on ranged, should be the same if not lower combat as someone who has 77 ranged 31 prayer(eagle eye and ulti strength) - 1 extra max hit on ranged, and a few max hit on melee, if I get 31 prayer I will get 70 strength, which lets me hit the same as someone with 79 strength, 77 ranged, and roughly the same cmb, but I will probably become broke if I do so 1 prayer - more hp levels and I don't have to worry about prayer screwing up my account, but with the slight possibility of becoming weaker than people with prayer at my level I got all the calculations from tip.it calculators, so what do you think I should do?
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