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  1. well, i don't think that i have noticed a change in laggyness, even when the new music update came in. i always play at high graphics and the only time i can remember lag was when i was in castle wars or when i was in the ge. that was all, but some computers are getting older and older and i reckon that some can't withstand the new updates.
  2. lol good luck with ur goals. im at lvl 73 woodcutting and i have a bloggy as well! good luck. the only difference is taht ur a member. do u have a dragon woodcutting azxe? peopel say that it is really worth it to get one.
  3. good luck val! show them you don't need to be a boy to pwn! (even though i am a boy i promote equality, especially in runescape)
  4. yea. red guthan helm. no! not the pl8. i doubt the dragon plate would look like a red rune pl8 and the kite clearly has a zamy logo on it. not the dragon kite either... good try though...
  5. i like it, but the skills interface isn't that great with the scroll bar
  6. get a whip, and if u don't have it, get full dragon. a sara sword costs more, and people see that u have a sara sword, and immediatley associate that with money, not skills. if u have full dragon and an attack skillcape it's a bit better in my opinion. and u will still have loads of money. u could get a draconic visage though...
  7. mage takes aaaages... don't really go for that. go for some other one.. theiving is cool, but the emote is not that good. my friend is doing hunter, it's a relativley fast skill to train, and u get loads of money from doing chins.
  8. it's not going to be easy to get a visage... there have been really unlucky players and really lucky players. which side to u lie on? i think that it's not going to be quick, if that's what ur thinking... get a gs but don't bother going visage hunting... raise money some other way. it's not ideal...
  9. well, as explained, ive got 1m to spend on skills. i am considering the folloing: -prayer lvl 27 right now... (yes, i know it's not good) -crafting lvl 28 (yes, ditto) - or spending it on firemaking. what should i do????? i need to know...
  10. im a yew woodcutter, and i was lately cuttin yews to get to my goal of 75 woodcutting *points to siggy*. but then i noticed that my yews werent selling. so i asked around and it seems that we have to sell at min price at the exchange. ... there goes my moneymaking *shudders*. well, i have noticed that the no bot thing has not really made it any easier for me to sell my yews. why has the price been going down? and down... and down??? :-k
  11. it's not like jagex are going to miss something out like that... they will either create another crater, or they will expand the 100+ crater so that it will allow the lvl 138s in. with their beasties... cool! :
  12. press the button and you immediatley implode and become nothing more than a tiny blob of imaginary dust that i will suck up with my dyson uber cleaner... presses the immediate implosion green with yellow poka dots button
  13. :-w :-k =P~ Share plzz i tbed :anxious: note that my mage lvl is only 75.. :D nice fake =) no guys its not a fake. this one is real :-X whoops, just realised that ive already posted... sorry
  14. i wish i was there... 124 combat would be really nice. actually, 100 combat would be good enough
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