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  1. Spender. Whenever I get even 150k I blow it all on one of my pures for arrow, runes or food. :mrgreen:
  2. What haup9 said. If you like playing the game then play it. I started when I was 16, I'm 19 now and am still playing it.
  3. Some of the images are broken.. can't say it's a good guide till you fix em.
  4. Good guide. I myself am making a strength/ranging hybrid. Right now his stats are 69 Ranging 58 HP, all other stats are one. I'm going to get his range to 77 then get 40 Att 75 Str so I hit 13s with range and 23s with r2h. Awesomeness. 8-) Edit: Oh, can anyone tell me what HP and combat that would be? greatly appeciated.
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