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  1. omg metal bro thats awesome if he doesnt like it can u make me that 1?? jst change the name n say proud member of zf n ill have it :P, i hope i get it for a bargain price coz im a frend :D
  2. i like lagoons better on islands, like the 1's in the pacific, they have heaps of em there, n their the type of lagoons i really like so ill give this a rating of 8/10
  3. i really like it, it looks really smooth, u should make more, im sure alot of ppl would want 1,
  4. first thing i picked up was the dragon's fire.. it looks kinda wierd.. like a skinny bit then jst goes huge.. it dont look right to me. and yeah the med n the chest, but like thats pretty good i'd give it a 8.5/10 pretty good work man
  5. wow dude that is nice... color it in already lol i cant wait
  6. nice sig gan looks heaps good
  7. 9/10 really cool man i love it, it looks really mysterious like u said but its jst awesome, its my type of sig , can u make me 1 for free please? lol :D :D
  8. ya make some stars, always stars wen the nite sky is clear ;), and umm make afew more trees maybe? other then that it looks great, 9/10
  9. Ok i've made the decision, since i wanted a realistic one, this 1 would have to go to mi3, due to the fact that he's gonna put in the stuff i wanted in it. i really like realistic 1's, THANK YOU to everyone that entered, so mi3, i would like the 3rd 1, it looks really kinda my style wit the beach n stuff, i would like u to put in 100+ Combat in it and 85+ mining , contact me in game
  10. it doesnt have sirkill on it, its made for some1?... newayz im sorry but im not really into pixel, looks like aldeon's 1 has caught my eye, im at school atm so wen iget back from school ill announce the winner, oh ya aldeon can u change the sky maybe and put in 100+ and 85 mining plz? that mite jst get the win, we ll c bout the others
  11. wow nice sigs, atm i'd say mi3 is in the lead tho coz i jst like the landscapes, but i like eve's idea too and arma, but arma's 1 isnt really wat i was looking for, i wanted like ocean 1 sorta, not mountain :(, but ya keep it up wen i get home from school ill tell who wins, newayz if eve can show abit more landscape that would b nice
  12. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=23627 please check that, i hope u can make me 1 :D
  13. awww no1 wants to make me 1 :'( ... soo cruel , come on peeps i noe ya'll can make nice beautiful sigs :D
  14. k, well since i dont have cash atm , coz of my gp's being scammed, and i havnt bothred doing anything on rs but mine or pk, i am offering in Rune stuff Price is 2 Rune Larges, 2 Rune Longs, 1 Rune Leg and 1 Rune Baxe (yes i noe its really low, but its the only thing i can offer atm, and its gonna even up my rune sets so that i wont have more legs or lrgs nemore hehe, and if u demand more for the sig then plz tell me lol) I would like the following on the sig. My RS name: Sirkill9alot my combat lvl :100+ and : 85 mining (for the future, since i will be using it after i get that lvl , im soo bored atm wit it so that mite take 2-3weeks lol) newayz i would like it in Landscape, prefer something like an island or something like a lagoon with a palm or coconut tree thats realistic plz. color would b mainly blue i guess, coz i like blue hehe
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