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  1. I've been using google's sketchup for 3-d models and i use terragen for landscapes, but i've had some trouble finding some pluggins or the such that would allow me to use 3D models from sketchup with terragen landscape or vice-versa. does anyone know of any out there? any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. guys honestly... THE CORE-> BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME, BIOMASS, AND MONEY IN THE WHOLE WORLD + its an insult to anyone with an IQ over 1
  3. yeah im pretty old runescape wise too, i came in during fall of 2001, pretty sure it was b4 the terrorist attacks. i remember there was a glitch in which f2p could use dragon long sword. of course i was a noob and i thought that having 1k and full iron was rich.
  4. thx for all the CC guys, could use some more though :)
  5. i made this for free to get a start in pixeling. please give me CC, thx!
  6. i used to do better ones for free, but school came up from behind me and knocked me off the comp
  7. just make the sky bigger and higher
  8. hey guys, real sorry i wasnt here :oops: , school got in the way i will probably get most of the sigs above done this weekend. thx for ur patience..
  9. its good but i think that if i stare at it for 10 more seconds i'll have a seizure(try not to make so bright pls lol)
  10. i think its really good, however i dont really like the outline of the clouds(sry bro) the style is still the same, and its very appealing to the eyes. It looks very nice xcept for the clouds' outline, i like it a lot 9.5/10 overall
  11. hey would u mind if i set ur sig back behind a few others? i'm just working with this new program that does allow vegetation on terragen and if it really does look nice you will have mountains covered with sooooooooo many beautiful tropical trees :P cruel deacon- thanx for all ur comments man, i'll get to work on urs as soon as i finish the orders that i already have(almost done)
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