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  1. mine was a ranger's set :\ i get tons from pking so no big deal.
  2. Has anybody seen Newbiei? Or primadog on the forums, haven't seen him in a while.
  3. I agree, we should be thanking jagex, not hating them, because without them this website, and many other things would not exist.
  4. i know who it is and guess what I'lllll neeevveerrr telllllll.... Btw: w 48 = the official Arcticrunite world, so watch out for me ;o ! You know who it is? TELL ME TELL ME! *hurries to world 48*
  5. The ability to make what things I write come true, apon request. Endless possibilities.
  6. think the bad stuff about him gonna make him do it more?
  7. Well, I would like to say thank you after I read the article and the posts after it. Before I read this article, I was always like some of the examples you guys and gals were giving. But I find that actually going by the correct punctuation is somewhat more calm and relaxing. Stricken wrote: When I was typing bad, my English grade started to go down and I was typing words in reports wrongly relying on Microsoft Word. So I guess you can put me in that category. jaklumen wrote: Well, I know some people that are 14 and don't know what a run-on sentence is. You may ask, "How is that possible?" Well, where I live they have lots of poor schools. I visit Africa every other year, and it really is depressing to see how they do in school. It may be because of lack of education, they dont have the right resources or what. That was a really nice article Zonorhc, and really brought a lot of thought to me, and in my case, even changed the way I type.
  8. Well, dont automaticly assume that just because they are lvl 3-5, that they are autoers...I have a lvl 3 with 81 wc and play with him by hand. And i have met a few. Anyways, the price of yews have gone down? Not when i last sold them. I look on the official forums sometimes, even though they have yew sellers that sell 35K at a time, it is very hard. I suggest moving on to another skill, like fishing or mining. I made 500k there and got a 4 mining levels and 3 smithing levels.
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