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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_P5U_e_Ibk&context=C3340579ADOEgsToPDskLtS0eg2s2I6q5lX5RS5bgR not even that good of a floor. furns are much faster than f15s, give it time
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPihN0yV35U Kinda got gf'ed by hunter ferret at end, but still pretty nice.
  3. People are entitled to give advice even if they know nothing about the topic at hand? DG is the only thing I know much about in rs so I stick to giving advice about it :wink:
  4. Not getting 70 RC on my alt, thanks for the opinion on cosmics vs. laws. Kinda what I figured (laws > cosmics). Surgebox isn't an option. I know pros & cons of laws vs surgebox, wanted to know laws vs cosmics. Same as my reply to fire's post, I know (as you mentioned) it comes down a lot to personal preference between laws and csb. But csb isn't an option for my alt. I s'pose the lack of commenting on cosmics implies they're not even an option. Thanks, I'll be sticking to laws. Ah my bad misinterpreted. Stick with laws for now, cosmics are good in niche cases if you know how to use them very well. Not something you can teach that easily.
  5. Don't listen to firerage as he has absolutely no knowledge of dungeoneering. It's partly personal preference, but laws give the advantage of a much faster start versus a csb which gives the advantage of killing some monsters faster. I'd experiment with both; bind laws for now.
  6. 8m/hr ish not that I worry about it much.
  7. People training with blood runes wtf
  8. Mazzz and Gwyn have already both explained it quite sufficiently.
  9. It's common knowledge that plate is the best bind for xp/hr. Don't post "advice" when you have no experience on the topic at hand.
  10. wo finally some team hitting average speed flrs shame they have to die so much though so much for keyers knowing how to reduce damage and survive without a plate They dont care about that because the time needed to save your life means the floor is that much slower, making it inefficient. Faster to die then to look for 3 minutes for an altar. or have one make one in 20 seconds.. im sure the people on the team suicided for fun as im pretty sure 270k/hr with the skill it takes to get 11 min maps isn't deserving lol ghjkl's point wasnt that they were bad, but how they adopted that surviving floors without plates doesnt slow down floors and yet the difference between their 5x survivor floors and their 5x suicide floors are so massive lol.. because they spend so much time looting and eating eels (which is supposedly loseless for them) for the sake of the dps difference of primal gaunts that when they dont even try to survive they go from 18-idfk min maps to 11-15 min maps this refers to everyone except jettrider ^ as he dgs acknowledging hes going to die 15 times/map because its just what he finds enjoyable which is perfectly understandable as its what I do too. i dg for fun as does everyone on that team lol. dg xp is just a side benefit Unspam:
  11. I've gotten least harmful before as keyer, which I think is what you mean, and it's not a good thing. It means I didn't do a good job letting other people open doors and tried to open them all myself. The model of 1 keyer and 4 people in GDs is outdated.
  12. Contrary to popular belief, his magic attack is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It's irritating because it drains prayer points, but I believe it can't hit above 400. So unless someone is a complete derp and makes him mage several times, making him mage isn't the end of the world. Obviously it's important that you do your best not to make him mage, but that mistake is more forgivable than getting dragged or blown up. Not really. Not only does causing him to mage mean you lose attack turns personally, it often kills those who entered the boss on low HP. Coming closer is by far the worst, though.
  13. Which post are you responding to of mine?

  14. Cussing me out for making astrals is giving me chance? HAHAHAHA I don't remember anyone "cursing you out for making astrals." I'm sorry but a 15 second reaction time to gtgd or moving the gt to your gate completely ruins floor times and people who do that are unwanted. I'd understand if it was different techniques that you needed help with but your problem was using the same amount of effort in the dungeon that you would use towards woodcutting Ivy, and that doesn't fly. Really? Cause as I recall it was you who was the one cussing me at base. Also, re-read what you just said: one 15 second delay (which is an exaggeration to begin with) ruins floor times? You are beyond ridiculous. It severely inhibits the rate that the floor opens up, the keyer cannot do as much, so yes, it does affect floor times Also it does not show that you have the right attitude because if you think it's fine to waste 15 seconds here or there, sooner or later it will add up. It's fine to mess up, and apologize for it, i've personally done it a multitude of times, but to just get so defensive about it to the point that you make screenshots and try to defame DGS is wrong. If you have any issues, you're free to PM any of the ranks in-game or use the PM system on TIF, but this is not the right place to do things. I'm a bit more inclined to apologize when a) I make an honest mistake, which I didn't b) I'm not met with a flamestorm upon said mistake. 1) 50 of each 2) Are you really trying to make the argument that hitting control-shift-3 one time requires attention? 3) Not when it's showing how far this clan has strayed from the values it was built upon. Hevendor, you have already been asked kindly to use the proper channels of communication when dealing with a perceived problem of this nature. PM one of the admins or myself if you have a problem with a person in a dungeon. Do not continue posting your complaints on this thread.
  15. I would like you to explain how any of the responses are trolling. We are providing honest, effective solutions to ensure an adequate balance of profit and efficiency based on the OP's question. And also, if you have a problem with someone, calling them a jerk is generally not the right way to solve it :) To add on to what Obat kindly said, please take the initiative to report posts you believe are trolling rather than encouraging them by responding to them.
  16. Pretty classy clan you got goin' on here' date=' huh? [/quote'] It's easy for you to create a winning argument by just filtering through all of the information down to a few selective screenshots, and basing it ALL on one dungeon. I've DGed plenty of times with USA, and if he's calling you those things you PROBABLY did something to deserve it (like afking or idling) Those are the only times I was spoken to - was I supposed to quote calls for doors and keys instead? :rolleyes: I did nothing to deserve the flames - I was being flamed before I even finished crafting cosmics/astrals in the start room. If it took you more than 15-30 seconds to make astrals and cosmics in the start room when there was a GD to be done (which sounds exactly like what happened, I don't believe your "flamed for no reason" story at all), then yeah, I think it would be justified to be angry at you for wasting time. Hevendor, if you have a problem with me or any other DGSer, please pm either an admin (key rank in the cc), mod (gold star in the cc), or me in this case, rather than posting it on this thread. Thanks! USA Hell Yes
  17. Spending $ to have your skills raised is against rs and tif rules. I hope he was talking about rsgp... :ohnoes:
  18. Honestly, I use my effigies on herblore, because it's so expensive. You can collect ingredients for herblore and prayer yourself, summoning and construction are what you should really be using them on. Hey that's not a bad idea. I guess those are the only true buyables because you have to pay to make planks and pay to buy shards. EDIT: Read Balthamel's post below, and here's a link for what he's talking about. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Special_teak_log
  19. Honestly, I use my effigies on herblore, because it's so expensive.
  20. Is this for third bind or 2nd? Sorry, can't recall, but if it's 3rd, bind gaunts for now, until you get more optimal levels. If it's 2nd, of course bind a plate if you don't have a hood (I don't think this is what you're talking about but there it is anyway.)
  21. Whenever I do Troll invasion, I also take care of my herbs at the trollheim patch. Makes you a fair bit of cash (plant ranarr).
  22. You highlight a pretty important point, I think non-hexers should be encouraged to hunt dinos for hexers, especially if the non-hexer in question has a decent hunter level. Personally, at 70 hunter I find that in many floors I'm actually unable to hunt the majority of dinos (mega/tyranno). It only takes 3 slots (or a minum of one if you dont want to carry needle n thread) to do this and it'll greatly improve the dps of the team as well as potentially saving the keyer a death or two. Obviously hexers should still be hunting dinos but it would definitely help if another team member or two hunted as well. You should really only be hunting dinos if you are 100% idle or not good at running paths. So often I see a door that is unopened with someone standing on a trap instead of running to open it. It basically lets the responsibility of furthering the map fall to the other 4 people - it is not lossless. If you are 100% idle, go for it unless you can do something about ragers. Edit: Also, to add on to what Obt said a little bit, making melee potions is another thing you shouldn't be doing. Maybe if it's a one-way start and you snag some quick coin drops you can go buy a winter's grip and lyco seed and plant those in long gds just to make sure you have the herbs ready, but making 5 super melees is a waste of time that could be spent opening the map or participating in GDs.
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