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  1. How many chests/hour do you think is possible? I think the average chest loot right now is ~69k, 32k from pieces and 37k from runes and bolts. I'm trying to work out a gp/hour figure for barrows at high combat.
  2. You can also alch on top on this, could probably add about 50k/hour xp
  3. I could be wrong, but when chinning aren't all 9 hits based off the accuracy of the one you're targetting? In which case you should definitely use salve ie for the accuracy even if the damage only applies to 1 target.
  4. 1st kill today, went on a whim. Maybe 5th solo kill ever :D
  5. How active is cd as a whole? I'm on 07 only a little bit really, but its still a shame that you can't access clan chats from there... its so lonely :(
  6. ..I want those shoes.. http://www.zappos.com/polo-ralph-lauren-vaughn-black-soft-leather?zfcTest=fcl%3A0 Here's link if you really want em. They're pretty cool, I get quite a few compliments on them
  7. play for yourself, and remember...
  8. Just chillin If this one could replace the two I have indexed that would be great. They're under Joof, if that could be changed to "Jeff Delu" as well it would be appreciated.
  9. Maybe i'm confused, but where does soak come into play?
  10. Its like 25% on the fire walls I think, worth getting the quest isn't too bad at all
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