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  1. Ohhh boy ^this x10000000million. First time my friend got drunk around me he was getting a boner over every little sip. Took every ounce of me not to hit him. Also we took him smoking one time, he got a boner off it too. Now all he does is copy whatever we do. Kinda sad.
  2. 1. I would break it over a primal plate. Just my opinion. 2. Tough one, never came across but I hear it is really useful so I'd agree to 3. 3. When I get one I will never break it, but if I had to choose then 1 bind if they came out with something much much better.
  3. Hypocrites. Self-righteous people who try to tell me how I should live. Babies. Junkies. Incessant [bleep]ing. College. Working out. Southern drivers. People who never shut up. People who don't work for their money then figure the government should take care of them. Cancer. Plane trips. Sloppy drunks. Sloppy girls. Drunk girls (the ones that don't stop whining). People who do stupid things for attention. Liars. Being late. Unkempt rooms. Rap music. ~90% of these I deal with on a daily basis, but always good to express what annoys me :shades:
  4. What about scarring? Has anyone ever considered doing that? I watched a special on TV about different rituals around the world, and in a country in Africa to become a man you must endure scarring. If granted permission I would honestly considering getting this. Eh I couldn't find a good picture. Bear in mind they are not done professionally. They are done with a small blade, no aesthetics, and are fairly brutal looking. I would never get it done to the extent they do but perhaps a small area on my back. Thoughts? Also on the tattoo subject, I was thinking for my next tattoo of getting a claw scratch on my ribs but with a number of colors 'illuminating' it. Thoughts also?
  5. I'm make about as many claws as you do without going to TDs :P which is good...because I suck at pray switching.
  6. Hitting a 600 with korasi on Mithril Dragons apparently isn't a max anymore :huh:
  7. Sucks that bad I'll just take that 453m off you. Nice job :shades:
  8. Uhh thats like 1000+ hours of mining ess...things like this make me think...nevermind. Anyway nice job, could have spent that time better though.
  9. Yeah, hes not that smart. I mean, hes bug abusing, but hasn't filtered out his name. :mellow: Please tell me this was patched asap..
  10. This isn't a typical 'what would be cheapest' or 'what would be fastest' thread. What I want to know is, is there a way for me to end up at 92 herblore with a perfect amount of supplies? For instance, a lot of spec restores, a nice bit of super antifires, and an equal amount of extremes to make Overloads. I've seen something somewhere that wrote out the perfect formula for it but I can't find it anymore. I don't want to end up at 92 Herblore with 30k spec restores etc. I want the right amount. Thanks :) I put here in hopes someone already knew so I didn't have to write it out myself. To staff, I know this seems like a question, but I put here to discuss and hope it helps others by looking into it. If I should have posted in Help&Advice, sorry.
  11. I enjoy collecting my charms at Dusties :) just incase you are interested in them. Also can I get a source on your claim of Jagex nerfing Rock lobs?
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