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  1. Gl with 85 slayer, a goal which i couldn't stand... I got to 39 on miokie (my main) and gave up : Good Luck
  2. Basically the same here, i played 20 mins on the first day (after tutorial island)
  3. goodluck on your goals i hope you will achieve them Post my my blog? kaii?
  4. Updated And everything! 100 total achieved and 35 firemaking and 30 woodcutting.
  5. grats on all the quests you've done since i last posted Gl
  6. W00t w00tpecker Pwns Gl on 99 attack, Saw you at the Holiday event so i had to post : Good Luck
  7. If you read this please please... POST! Hey Im Skills Lyfe, a pure skiller from england, UK.This is my pure skilling account away from miokie, i sometimes get bored on miokie so i need something else :P I made this account because I love to skill, this is my Blog of From when i started this account to now :P First Goal Complete! Second Goal Complete! [hide=Total Level Pics] 100 - Missed 100 so this is 101 [/hide] [hide=goals] [hide=Woodcutting--COMPLETE!!] [hide=Mini-Questionair About this skill] Skill name?: Woodcutting Goal level?: 50 How?: 1-15: Normals 15-30: Oaks 30-50: Willows Where?: 1-15: Behind Lumbridge Castle, Linking Lumbridge to draynor 15-30: Behind Lumbridge Castle, Linking Lumbridge to Draynor 30-50: Draynor Village What Will I do with the logs?: Firemaking of corse getting that also to 50. [/hide] [hide=progress] [/hide] [/hide] [hide=Fire Making--COMPLETE!!] [hide=Mini-Questionair About this skill] Skill name?: Firemaking Goal level?: 50 How?: 1-15: Normals 15-30: Oaks 30-50: Willows Where?: Behind Lumbridge Castle When chopping oaks and normals or draynor willows. [/hide] [hide=progress] [/hide] [/hide] [/hide] [hide=Long Term] 1/41/75 woodcutting 1/3/80 fishing 1/5/80 cooking 1/3/85 mining 1/2/63 crafting [/hide] [hide=Day to day blog] Day 1 - 21 October 2007 Woodcutting---10 Firemaking----10 fishing-------3 cooking-------3 mining--------3 smithing------3 crafting-------1 runecrafting--1 Day 2 - 22 October 2007 Woodcutting---32 Firemaking----36 fishing-------3 cooking-------5 mining--------3 smithing------3 crafting-------2 runecrafting--1 Cooks Assistant Quest Complete. Sheep Shearer Quest Complete. Day 2 - 22 October 2007 Woodcutting---43 Firemaking----45 fishing-------5 cooking-------5 mining--------11 smithing------3 crafting-------2 runecrafting--1 Dorics Quest Complete. Rune Mysteries Quest Complete. The knights Sword Quest Started [/hide] [hide=donations] donations are nice but everything i get from one skill will go to another, the main things i need though is rune ess, Money, leather and Iron Bars. Cheers Guys. [/hide] Friends Blogs (Will Add when i can be botherd to find URLS )
  8. If You read Please Post. The blog is unfinished Hey, I'm miokie and this is my blog abotu my day-to-day life on runescape, I don't really have a goal of such but im trying to get all my skills 50+, A little about me irl... Name: Jack Created this account, When: Autumn of 2004 Created this account, Why: Broke My arm skateboarding... When i created miokie i didn't really set out for this account to be good, it was kind of a joke at the start, but i picked up a pickaxe from tut' island and i started mining (at that time is was my favorite skill) I got 50 mining and i thought this will be my main account. I was combat level 21, bored of mining so i went and did some combat i got 40 combat thinking this will be a good time to set out and try some quests after i finished all F2P skills i went back to mining for a little while; Again like normal i got bored. I went try try fishing and i took to it straight away.. Me and My Cousin would go all over runescape on fishing trips, I Achieved 40 fishing and thought, ok this is defiently not a joke account. I went back to combat achieving 60 combat around spring 2005 (I didn't play much thats why i had such low skills for such a long time) And i went to go buy membership. As i bought membership i found out a thing called fletching... I love the fact that you could make your own bows and arrows so i quickly got to work with that. As i was fletching i got 40 woodcutting, i heard that you can earn alot via woodcutting I quickly got my woodcutting to 60 fletchign everything i cut and i had 50 fletching. I took a break from runescape completely forgetting about miokie... Date: Winter 2005 I Came back to runescape achieving many more goals i setted myself i got 70 woodcutting and i was very very happy, i done alot of other things. Yet another break i took. Coming back Around Spring 2007 i played RS for a while and i got 80 woodcutting and achieved alot of other things then again took another break, but this time im back! The Date: 2nd October 2007 Welcome to my Blog... These are my stats at the begging of my blog (20th october 2007) [hide=Barrows] Trip 7 - Torag Plate Body [/hide] [hide=Day To Day Blogging] 20/10/07 - 41 farming [/hide] [hide=Level Up pics] 41 Farming [/hide] Friends Blogs! Nac Fan
  9. i dreamed that my rs char was sleeping and dreaming about soemthing... :-s
  10. My Rune Axe, i picked it up from a drop party when i was level 3, i had 4 wc then i've used the same one ever sicne then to which i am now at 83, so i love that rune axe... :XD:
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