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  1. all skillcapes deserve recognition, at the very least people should not call someone a noob for having a "easy" to get skillcape. if u want to rank skillcapes in order of diffculty to get, summoning would top the list. Slayer and runcrafting is next hardest followed by Agility, woodcut, fishing, mining would be next since these skills since they need quite some time even if u use the fastest method money can help u buy. Quest and combat is then the next in difficulty and time consumption, the rest of the skills depends on how much money u have or are willing to spend, construction, crafting, cooking, farming, firemaking, fletching, herblore, magic, prayer, range, smithing, thieving. yes prayer is buyable assuming u have lots of cash, u can buy ourg bones and use them with ur altar.




    how i ranked the skills is based on their buyability and how that affects the time it takes to get the cape, some people will argue that getting the money to get the money to train the skills should be accounted for, for all i know u could have gotten a blue phat a few years back and should it for a few hundred millions. so therefore i only rank the skills in terms of how long it takes u to get even if u had all the money in the world

  2. well if 3 hit ever posted something that made sense i wouldn't have to be typing this... but to answer your question, no fullscreen does not allow you to see any farther than you would in normal mode, there is 'fog' to block further line of sight.




    Also, this belongs in the help and advice forum.




    actually u see a tiny bit more then non full screen mode, check it out urself

  3. so how many music tracks are there in the game?




    my music counter is at 549/549 but i still got 1 track that is in red: dagannoth dawn


    i went to kill the dagannoth kings but only got 2/3 tracks in the dungeon


    is this a bug?

  4. Bank Tabs + Search = AWESOME!




    Only 2 days ago I spent 30 minutes looking for a shantay pass!




    Oh and item lending seems pretty cool too!




    wow thats pretty bad you could have went to shantay to buy it, in like 2 mins, more likely 5 seconds since ur probably right next to him. i wonder how the bank wil work now with tabs. for each tabs is there a limit to how many items u can stick? maybe as long as it doesnt pass the current maximum number of items? i wouldnt want someone else to tell u what u can put in what tab. other then the bank update, achievement diaries and their rewards are always fun. well maybe the rewards wont be faboulous for this achievement diary

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