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  1. Nothing too big, I'll be fishing, fletching, mining etc etc.
  2. Sorry I didn't realise this was the wrong forum, noone is perfect eh? Thanks for the input. :)
  3. Hey Guys, I've been into a whole load of combat lately, and I think it's just about time to do some old fashioned skilling : I have a question. I have 28m to blow on any outfit, what outfit would look good with a Santa/Red H'ween Mask for skilling?
  4. Nice blog mate! :XD: I need to update my blog, considering I don't play on Silent x Ice anymore. Best of luck with your goals in 2008. 100% Support. 8-) Race me to 99 Craft? hehe
  5. I thank you for your remarkable comment. The light you shed on the subject allowed me to see this from a whole different perspective. Never again will I doubt your wisdom. I apologize, sincerely, for any hesitance I had towards recognizing your intelligence. LOL I couldn't have put it better anyway myself. OT: I hate randoms, I hope they go but I don't think that JaGeX realises we hate them so much. They think we jump for joy when the Sandwich Lady gives us a triangle sandwich.
  6. Stone69_Eyes


    I'm level 100, full karils and a whip and ddp++, I used Protect from Mage and I was still constantly barraged with 20+ hits.. the revenant literally wittled away my health to the point that I couldn't stop eating sharks without dying. It was level 87 as well. They are not as strong as a moss giant.. with that setup I could kill 100+ moss giants easy.
  7. Its just really hard, never had a bad moment with him. Thanks for the support it means alot to me. I'm having extreme trouble sleeping over this as well.
  8. One of my best friends just died half an hour ago, I feel severly broken and I just can't beleive that he is gone. we had many great times. We would sit outside of class for 15 minutes just talking to eachother before we went in to class. We spent hot summer & cold winter days together kicking the football to eachother and we would always get up to loads mischeif. I just don't know how I can cope with his death. One of my greatest friends. I need some advice to get me through this. R.I.P I'll never forget you.
  9. Stone69_Eyes

    Zamorak Boss

    Really? That would make it a lot more useful. Otherwise the spec is quite useless. No point freezing someone when you're standing right next to him. Unless you gave the "Lengthy" blade a 2 square radius, I smell a decent suggestion. :P
  10. Good Luck, I wish you haste with your goal. :D Blows my 99 Fire-Making Goal out of the window. Fire-Making is my favourite skill as well.
  11. Awesome Stats and Goals. Good Luck! By the way Devil May Cry is the best game series ever made.
  12. Sorry guys, I've been inactive both in-game and on these forums been really busy irl so not much progress has been made. :D
  13. ugh, idiot mistake. Meant to post something on my blog but this window was open as well and I didn't pay attention sorry guys.
  14. The game is pretty unstable as it is, a new more improved weapon would throw it off completly. The cap for PvP is 99 HP I beleive a whip can hit in the 40's. So someone with 99 strength and the best strength bonus can kill a 99 HP'er off in 3 hits. Thats already too strong at this stage I think they need to increase the HP cap. With PvM it's pretty much the same deal, sure monsters can have way more HP then players but creating a new weapon would throw training off. More and more players would be getting 99 melee stats way faster because of a new weapon, JaGeX can't really change the strength of monsters eigther because of the players HP cap. I say they fix the combat system before they update it anymore. Maybe they should take a leaf from blizzard's book, in my opinion WoW has a way better combat system.
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