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  1. I am not a big fan of steel dragons. In fact, I had been on a slaying kick until I got assigned them. I am so close to 72 slayer and to the slayer helm that I should just close my eyes and start swinging, but they are so slow. On another note, I love aberrant spectres. Lots of charms and easy to kill.
  2. I was just being ornery when I mentioned clan wars. It isn't nearly the same there I agree. I am sure they will change some of it. I predict they will change the 1k points/1k essense, but we will see.
  3. I don't think that bounty huner was a huge mistake. They knew that removing the original format of the wilderness was going to anger tons of their paying customer, so they tried to reach a compromise. That being said...I really wish that it was different. Piling is still very real in there, but then again the only timed that I died in the old wildy was when I was piled so I guess it is close to the same.
  4. A concept such as even teams is something that should've in the first concept stage. Every other team-based mini-game has forced equal numbers on teams. Wow, I believe this is the first time to disagree with Omali. You don't have to be even for clan wars.
  5. Well, since you took away all of the standard replies that would be applicable to your rant, I figure I will try to encourage you. You can look at this a few ways. You could see it as a new challenge. You can remain on the green side (for principle sake) and not get any tokens. You can keep playing a game that absolutely frustrates you (meanwhile not getting any xp or improving your character). You could pay special attention to all of those that are flaming you. I think that about covers what apparently you wanted to hear. Now that I am done being obnoxious. I say this maybe you should give Jagex a few days to fix the obvious problems with this game. They will make it more balanced; I am sure of it.
  6. Yes, I know that I am whining. I know that the title is just as annoying as other rant topics. That is the whole point of this thread.
  7. Bad911, Your comments are well received. The title of my topic is meant to be an attempt at satire (albeit a lame one). I know what the purpose of the rants section is. I am merely posting this topic to have some fun. Did you ever think that sometimes rants are fun to get other peoples heated feedback? I enjoy a good rant session. I don't really care about what I talked about in the first post. Everyone can do what they want. Sometimes it is just fun to play "devil's advocate."
  8. You see this is the type of thing that I am talking about. Would it have hurt you to have actually made a comment. Yes, I understand that I could have not wasted my time with the topic. However, your comment is nothing more than a symbol of a person trying to increase their post count.
  9. Please, elaborate. I enjoy seeing a difference of opinion. It is how people grow intellectually. If you have something to add, then please add it. By the way, thanks for reading. Okay, since you did elaborate. I really appreciate you reading and responding. I had no idea what a scrub was, honestly. I think the "new low" could possibly be a good title. However, ranting about the same subject should be done in the same topic. Creating a new topic about the same subject leads to way too much redundancy. Also, Fairness, the articulation request isn't necessarily meant for everybody, but you have to admit some of these posts are difficult to comprehend. I am a fairly intelligent person, but some of these posts are absolutely awful. Again, I don't expect perfection, but just a little effort. I put the effort in when I respond, please, do the same (Fairness, this isn't aimed at you. I believe that your response to my topic was legible and coherent...Thanks.)
  10. Okay, now here is a rant on rants. How many times has the average tip.it member come into this section just to be bombarded with crazy topic names. Here are a few: Play to win already, scrubs This is just getting ridiculous New low from players Most of these titles will not identify the subject matter of the rant. Then there is the repetitive topics that are rampant throughout the rant section. How many times do you see a General Discussion topic locked because it is a repeat of an existing topic? Why don't the moderators here stop defending the RSC crybabies and start locking these redundant topics? Then there is the subject of the feud between the *whiners* and the "Get-over-iters." This feud will probably never end. I just ask these two groups to please. Articulate I am tired of reading all of these awful topics that are barely legible because of the grammatical errors. I don't expect perfection, but a little effort would help. Oh, and please, flame if you want. I don't mind. My feelings don't hurt easily. Besides I like to see different opinions.
  11. If you've no sensible input, you are not required to post something. Though why do I bother, you lost your credibility with your last line anyways. I can't believe I can switch sides this easily. Fairness, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly on this subject. Name calling and saying "get over it" is getting old. I still stand by my opinion that the mods need to lock more of the repetitive topics, however, some people are just trolling for posts. I also think that some of these topics need to be named better.
  12. "Get over it" is sometimes a normal reaction to a wildly accusing, incoherent, silly, downright aggressive and/or crybaby rant. Granted, I can get awfully annoyed by the people who can contribute nothing better than "get over it", but the fault does not lie solely with them. I must be way to close to being a politician. I can easily see both viewpoints. This is a case of two wrongs don't make a right. How can you be disgusted with the same old moan about the wilderness and simply say get over it because you are tired of reading about it? I agree "get over it" is overly used. I also agree that "*whine* *sniffle* no more pking!!" is overly used too. You are also correct that I don't have to click on each topic. However, honestly I enjoy reading almost all of the topics. Not all of them I agree with, and certainly not all of them do I respond. Anyways, just to be clear....I can see both sides of the coin. Each point is somewhat valid, but please people, I beg of you. If you are going to respond in any of the tip.it sections, please, please, articulate your viewpoint.
  13. Well, here is the thing, Fairness. Although I may agree with some of Dragoonson, I don't name call. I respect your opinion, as you should respect mine. The only issue that I have is that since I don't agree with every rant, this moderator seems to think that I don't have a right to express my opinion. I have equal right to express my opinion. I don't just say one line; I try to offer a different perspective. I enjoy reading the rants even the ones that I have read over and over again. I enjoy going to the debate club; the only problem is you get the better arguments in the rants section. I don't bash anyone. I don't name call. I just engage in harmless debate. I don't take offense to anyone's viewpoint and neither should any of you.
  14. Exactly, I have had many discussions (arguments) with people and for the most part it is because they are griping about something that they manipulated to achieve some prestige in the game. There are very few rants out there that warrant positive responses. The vast majority of rants is about the same thing. The mods are quick to attack the vast majority who are sick of reading about how great RSC was. How about getting the posters to reply in the same topic instead of creating tons of the same topic over and over and over again? Hey, this will probably get deleted since I am going against his viewpoint. In my defense, I don't say "get over it". I try to offer a different perspective.
  15. Well, alot of these rants have got me thinking. Why does increasing the time it takes to do something make it better? Why do we this belief that making something easier makes it stink? Think of it this way. Isn't progress a wonderful thing? Think about how much better travel is irl with cars versus walking. How much better is your Runescape life if you don't have to click 500+ hours to get a 99 in a skill? I just think it is interesting how many people think that the improvements (or progress) in Runescape is viewed as a bad thing. Pest Control is a fun minigame. Mining isn't any fun. I tend not to do too much that isn't fun. That being said mining is one of my highest non combat skills. Just think it is interesting this mindset that more difficult and tedious the better. I personally want to enjoy my game. Remember....Smarter not harder.
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