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  1. IMOwear untrimmed cape with full Armadyl, that outfit looks HAWT
  2. yup, proof is on the RS Main Page, says they will not remove or roll back updates in the fight agasint RWT OT: lol the only problem is that Autoers have half a month to auto as much as they can, recently i went to the green drgs in wild and there were 30 autoers there, all trying to get d bones rofl
  3. theres not really a safespot but u can hide around the ruins and just cast away, as long as you got lobs+ (mentioned above) and a anti-fire sheild i did this quest with no def at all, i ranged him with rune cbow on members and it was easy. my friend maged him and had 5 def and also completed without trouble at all.
  4. by the sound of this thread your planning on fire strikin, if possible get your mage to use crumble undead and use that instead of fire strike and/or bolt, you get 39xp per cast, and it hits hard on undead types (zombies/ghosts/ankous/etc) only drawback is that you cant auto-cast
  5. He did post his FM Lvl OT: IMO burn oaks till 35 or 30 which ever i recommend 35 that way when you Power FM you don't stop its always a continues motion. with the 60k id recommend buying willows from general store at 12 each or just cut them yourself and burn allowing you to kill 2 birds or in this case skills with 1 stone
  6. Do the above mentioned, but DO NOT do CW, its a waste of time and the amour doesnt really provide for the best training equipment outside the game. PC would be a better choice for you than CW
  7. Fire strike at lessers, and getting a rune drop wont cover the cost of rune, best option that were stated above was use Crumble Undead, IMO a really good training spell. I belive the xp per cast is 39xp i could be wrong. Or use slayer dart or get Chaos Guants and buy like 100k worth of Chaos runes and just do Air Bolt.
  8. depending on the amount you can easily sell to members with the runes required for enchanting
  9. id say 150 casts should be good also take in account that you must kill some zombies (lvl 21 i belive) to get a bronze axe to cut the tree also id advise you to bring some food
  10. Side Note: willow prices wont go lower than 15 per, because the gen shop price are 12 each.
  11. Wow amazing.. lil tip for WC there like 4-5 willow tress that are near the cow pen next to the craft guild. theres 90% there gonna be empty. that spot is usually ppl that like to power cut willows and drop or just burn them
  12. From what i belive you were able to tele outta of the area and walk around with the box as long as you dont weild another weapon the glitch as been fixed now there are several videos of ppl holding box's for example if you find a PK video by a lvl 27 with full drg hes carrying a box and using it as a wepon lol EDIT: Correction the glitch still works, found a video on YT dated November 4th of this year. I suspect that he just used Home Tele spell.
  13. can someone check if link safe? never heard of that
  14. i also need the other info as well if possbile
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