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  1. I looked it up, and all the pictures except the top left are from the god letters, which fits with the quote. Don't see how that helps though, probably just reusing artwork. The bottom part can be cut up and rearranged in Paint, to show how many of each you need.
  2. Bread, anchovies, garlic. Yay! EDIT: Doesn't work. EDIT2: It does work, but it's not Avalani. Look at the picture again..
  3. But the I of anchovies is in the wrong place for string or shrimp? Unless it's an error.
  4. I'm thinking the first word may be bread, as this would allow A6 to be aid: 'initially an internal document that helps'.
  5. D1: 'A cradle's owner at the start of a disaster' is cat, as in cat's cradle and catastrophe.
  6. Runescape Episode III: Return of the Bot You forgot Runescape Episode II: The Two Gowers
  7. It was called Marzipan - it's played in the troll tunnel near Keldagrim.
  8. Interesting day today.. From desert strykes, but then from the clue they also gave me: I actually gasped when I opened the casket :) EDIT: and then it gets even more bizarre, I log onto W60 to do my penguins and Zezima's right in front of me :blink:
  9. Found this journal part on the RS wiki, it finally reveals what's at the bottom of Daemonheim :???: [spoiler=Journal Part 24]Year 5 of the 5th Age: This is it. The area below is weaker than the bedrock I have been forging through, and my magic carves through it like saw through flesh. This must be fate's reward for seeking the interplanar portal below, the portal that separates me from my Masters realm of banishment. To think He could have been banished and contained! Vile trickery... I, Bilrach, will find this Rift, where the barrier between realms thins. I, Bilrach, will re-open it and release my Master upon this world once more. I, Bilrach, will release Zamorak! Thoughts?
  10. Monster that dropped clue: was from Kingdom Management on Miscellania Level of Clue (If 100% know): 1 Picture of reward screen: Any information on new items (picture, examine, stats if equipment etc.): Examine: "I can summon meerkat familiars with this."
  11. In reply to the second article: I checked the news archives and the first 3 D&Ds to be released were Penguins, Shooting Stars and the Circus; Evil Tree came a few months later. :unsure: Apart from that, I agree that some D&Ds are a bit useless, the only ones I really use are Penguins and the Circus, with the occasional bit of Shattered Heart.
  12. I do think the second part sounds like CW, not only is it much loved, you wear hoods while playing. FIrst part, don't know. Hopefully will be fun :^_^:
  13. Better than an A? It's the top grade, but they're only just introducing them at A level.
  14. Mine: English Language: A* English Literature: A* Maths: A* Biology: A* Chemistry: A* Physics: A* French: A* Geography: A* Music: A (miracle, the exam was pure evil) RE (RS): A ICT: Merit, so 2 A grades 8 A*s, 4 As Am very happy :twss: Although I was annoyed when my best friend walked in straight after me and spazzed out cause she got all A*s. One day, one day I will be better than her...
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