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  1. I feel your pain. I'm quitting runescape and canceling membership as we speak..
  2. This 49 was walking around in level 1 edge wild, I skulled on him and he kept running in and out of the wild. 14-14 mage bow special for the ko.
  3. br34d

    Staker Lvls

    well you could start by not using my avatar. zmanx, I don't know if you read the official runescape forums, but 1v1 stakes have a cap of 3k. So you can't stake more than 3k.
  4. For people who are to lazy to log back in i suppose.
  5. if you're still open to suggestions, drop it off in his mailbox.
  6. Emotes are standard with every event :-w I'm pretty sure he means an item that modifies a current emote. Much like flared pants. but i would love to get a ring that makes you short and elf-like :D
  7. well if all the data was moved to that backup folder i don't really see the problem.
  8. i honestly think a slayer pure is completely pointless unless you get 99 slayer. otherwise it would be somewhat tiring to tell people to look you up because they don't believe your __ slayer at your combat level.
  9. Well look who it is :) I thought we had lost you forever. I can't wait to see this video :D downloading now, but is there a part 1? excellent video. 10/10, i love the fights between you and barrage k0
  10. macroers are the accounts macroed upon, or the owner of an account that uses macroes. if a kid was getting payed to macro, he would set up the macro and trade other people the spoils. I think it's neither selfish nor legitimate, its more of a means of making money.
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