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  1. Trapical you rawk =D Getting people to raise 2.8k in a day... Something you should be proud of. Too bad I can't come for the party... it's way early in the morning at the other side of the world.
  2. Heh. Do u think I can range blue dragons with Rune XBow + Bronze Bolts? Or should I use Iron Bolts? Or maybe a Bone XBow even?
  3. Lol, my 1st time using this "Help n Advice" forum. So anyway, I need 600k more for a whip, as well as 3 more attack levels. Here are my current stats. ATTACK 67 STRENGTH 67 DEFENCE 57 PRAYER 52 RANGED 66 MAGIC 73 SLAYER 52 So as I was saying, I need to make 600k more for a whip, and hopefully training my Attack to 70 at the same time and if possible, Defence to above 60 as well. So, any suggestions on some COMBAT-BASED money earning? However, I prefer NOT to... barrows OR go into the wildy while making this 600k. So, if it's possible to make 600k during combat at these mid-lv stats, please tell me whether it's possible and suggest what I should do. Um, if it's impossible, just say it's impossible and I'll go catch n sell magpies for the 600k. Thx.
  4. Okay, if I were a gold farmer, I'd just use the money to buy something like full guthans (about 6m) and let the buyer kill me. Rinse and repeat until all money is transfered. VERDICT: Lol. This suggestion is obviously flawed. Then, gold prices would simply double. VERDICT: Another flawed suggestion. Yeah right. As long as one can make it to the "stash room" safely he can get the loot. Then what about normal PKers? They run to the stash room, take the stash, and a few seconds later... die bcos of some n33bs on a deathdot. VERDICT: Nothing more to say. I see nothing wrong with this... You'd just get people ranting about how 100k is so little. 100k isnt even a granite plate. Legit players are going to suffer because of pilers and teamers. Imagine getting killed in 3 seconds and your PK loot gone.
  5. Theres a reason why those monsters don't drop stuff like full rune lol... the monsters can't finish you off the way normal PKers can, and normal PKers give more challenge than those ghosts, or that's how I feel imo.
  6. HUNTER > QUEST > COOKING 1. Hunter can get really boring after awhile, especially after clicking so many times and getting tired of animals knocking over your traps at lower levels. 2. Questing can be fun if you follow the plot (which quite a few people don't). Or at least, I find questing fun when I follow the plot. 3. Cooking. No need to say more.
  7. F2P should get: () Snare - Bind simply sux. () Better food - Too many pures in F2P that kill you faster than you can eat. () Achievement capes... I'm not sure, because some of the people who you can but skillcapes from are in the P2P region, like the FireMaking cape. () More bank space... 4 slots won't kill anybody? But anything more than that might though... (Bankspace for F2Pers used to be only 6 rows, Jagex was already kind enough to expand it to 7.5 rows) I'm a P2Per btw.
  8. Dang, I love your 99 Fletching ... especially since your first skillcape is before 90 Combat, well done!
  9. W00H00 NO MORE MERCHANTING! (Does Dance emote) (Does Jig emote) (Does Dnce emote) (Does Jig emote) Too bad for ya merchanters, I've always hated merchanters ever since I learnt what they doto make cash.
  10. Summoning is way kewl. I hope they release it earlier, as in the start of January instead of the later parts. And I hope that IT'S NOT BADLY BUGGED TOO. Every new skills is bound to have a bug lol.
  11. Ur guide FAILS because it doesn't work at all. Among all my green dragon autoer PKing trips, I have NEVER NEVER NEVER seen anyone, regardless of autoer or not, who would let their HP fall below 40% of their maximum. Therefore, this guide PHAILS. And there's no point killing green dragon killers anyway, it's the green dragon AUTOERS you should be killing.
  12. Actually, 50k per box would be a more reasonable cost. By the way, in case you're asking "WTF WHY CHARGE SO MUCH FOR THE &^%$IGN BOX WHEN MEMBERS HV BIG BANKSPACE N A COSTUME BOX" is because training to LvL 42 Construction for the Costume Room takes big money and if random event clothing boxes are just introduced into F2P for free, why should P2P people be made to pay more gp to store their random event clothing?
  14. The dds is as good as it is. No need for its counterpart. Also, if you wanna freeze someone, do it with an ice spell, NOT a melee weapon.
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