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  1. So I accidentally collapsed the cave from the outside and I dont know how to open it back up. How do I open it back up? Thank you
  2. Good job! This almost wants to make me play old RS again. I miss that kinda stuff. Keep up the great work
  3. Really liking WarBands now. Just wish there were more mining tents
  4. Might do some stealing creation to get bonus while doing warbands
  5. I have been doing warbands. Was using them on construction but I'm going to change it to mining now. EDIT: should I do SC for bonus xp? And, do goldsmithing gauntlets work for superheating?
  6. Hey guys, So next my on list to get to 85 is mining/smithing. I was just wondering what are the best ways to do this? I heard that LRC + superheating is a really good way to go? And is the d pick really work it? (I think it was like 16m when I checked it) Any hints or suggestion are thanked!
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