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  1. Hmm, I think I'll try out mage here... Might work pretty good :D EDIT: Not worth it. ~2161
  2. Yeah, it's even better if you've finished contact :D Yup, let's go throw about 300k of repair costs on level 18s! Heh, I guess you could... But the meat they drop heals 3s, and their max hit is is 3. ~2161
  3. Today I am here to talk to you about an excellent training spot for those who have started Icthlarin's Little Helper. Locusts in Sophanem. What really makes these a great training monster, is the fact that it is quite empty, they have 27 hits at lvl 18, and they drop instantly edible food that... Heals 3, but at level 18 they rarely hit. In other words, a great spot for lower levels to train. Here are the requirements to kill locusts. REQUIRED -Must've completed Gertrude's cat and have a pet cat to start the quest. RECOMMENDED -Around level 40 attack and strength and at least an adamant weapon. SPOTS TO KILL LOCUSTS Main spot (Lower exp, but close to rock and more locusts) Secondary spot (Better exp, more locusts clumped together Red- Places where locusts meet their doom. Green- Entrance from rock near the wanderer's tent. INVENTORY -Waterskins and cash for magic carpets. -Around 2 food, just in case. DROPS -Locust meat, instantly heals 3 without cooking -Absolutely nothing! MAX HIT 3 EXPERIENCE PER HOUR -With 79 attack and 78 strength, With D Scim and Rune Defender, I got about... 30k exp an hour in the main location. In the secondary location, I got about 35k exp. If you really wanted, you could use super strengths and attacks and get about... Maybe 2-5k more exp. More coming soon! My first guide :D Happy Exterminating ~2161
  4. Hmm, I was reading a technique where you just keep building glory teleports, and get your glory back, and like 100 extra exp. Can someone confirm if this works? ~2161
  5. Below lava maze in wilderness. Always put a zero before 1 digit coordinates on the treasure finder. ~2161
  6. Looking for the fastest way to get to 75 construction. Willing to spend about 7m on it. I'm 65 right now, btw. Thanks, ~2161
  7. Hmm, has anyone else noticed that this 3rd egg looks like a fusion of the raven and the vulture eggs? :shock: Mutation in runescape ftw! ~2161
  8. I don't think they are dropped by Reds. Anyone confirm it? They aren't. ~2161
  9. YAY! Lol... Tyvm for all your help. He was in harmony island.
  10. Ohhhhhhhhh.... I forgot that I did that quest... Tyvm!!! Let me check. ~-<2161
  11. All I'm asking is for you to do your homework. Consider reading a comprehensive summoning review. I'm sure there's something. And it is a spam topic, because there are tons like it. And if i do recall, you're the mod wannabe. ~2161
  12. Please. Stop. Spamming. The. Forums. I Think January 8th. Or Something.
  13. Been there, done that. No success. ~2161
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