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  1. I remember reading an explanation of this a while ago they claimed that proportionally ships and air crafts which went missing was not significantly higher than any other part of the ocean. Many claims of disappearances or strange happens supposedly seen by many people when cross referenced with official data or local newspapers was shown to be false and/or completly made up.
  2. Im not a fan of Spongebob at all. I find the bits where he torments Squidward abit dark and sadistic and hard to watch. I dont understand how people like any of these bits let alone find them funny. The only argument I could understand people using is: 'It's so dumb, it's funny'. But generally i think 'It's so stupid, it's stupid' is a more convincing argument. Too much slapstick and obvious puns. I don't see any sophisticated humour or clever pop culture referencing.
  3. Heard some1 claim they used the fire from the new shield in duel arena and hit a 50. No idea if its true.
  4. I think the Varrock General store owner. Although the other nps might make more money per day, they have not been around as long in business when compared to the general store owner.
  5. How many logs do u get per hour with this method?
  6. Slayer can get 50k xp an hour if u use cannon so its not that slow
  7. I agree. If you need defense use a dragon square. For training you want to hit more often so use rune defender. Food is so cheap it doesnt matter if you get hit abit more often.
  8. I agree, Also apart from the clockwork cats no one of the money making methods involve leveling the skill. Your basically charging other people to level there skills.
  9. It was Football365 forums which started the the death rumours as a prank, they posted it on wikipedia. I dont know the link for it or if its been removed yet just that it was definetly ppl on the football365 forums.
  10. you remembered to show the girl at the door ur bronze defender i hope... on topc: 2 rune
  11. 0ri

    ~Spirit Seeds~

    They are highest tree seed for the farming skill and yes they are untradeable.
  12. You would loose them. You dont get any bonus from any members items so best not to use them
  13. my rsn is censored.... Ori = *** 0ri = or*
  14. Im 95 combat with 74 QPs im free most days of the week so im up for this. I dont mind supplying items for everyone aslong as it doesnt cost me too much or takes me hours to get.
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