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  1. ADVERTISER: Boursin URL: http://www.boursin.com TYPE: Top and side SITE: Quest page MY LOCATION: USA REASON: Ads take over the content when I accidentally rollover them. They also play annoying noise.
  2. I know it's kind of a small change but the easier to add for jagex, the more likely it will be added, right? I hope other support this idea... If u have another idea, like it can be for all jewelry or include tiaras or something, please give opinions on what it could hold in it. Thanks, -alipica
  3. This is funny to me... I just put up a post in RS forum last week about have resolution options. Mainly for the opposite reason; I would like it to be smaller. My reasoning was mostly because I love to multitask. So I will watch a movie on my comp while I play RS while also monitoring a download. It would be easier for me to have a smaller game window instead of moving RS halfway off my screen so I can still see if I get randoms, while I'm smelting or wc'ing and maximize the size of the movie window. So I'm all for options on size... but I would also like to see smaller sizes.
  4. The cooking guild does have a bank now. It's only accessible to those who have completed the high level tasks of the varrock achievment diary. Which virtually makes it useless to most players who can access it. It should at least have a higher entry lvl to match the other high lvls u need to complete the hard tasks.
  5. I support this idea mostly... I like that it would give more exp per bone depending on the lvl but I think the intervals should not match the intervals of the alters in the POHs. In other words, the intervals would be less often and not go all the way to 350%. This is because jagex would want to keep people at least a little interested in building their own chapel and using it. I'm also not sure about having creatures to kill in a prayer guild... somehow that seems wrong to me... maybe it would be put near some creatures to kill but the creatures wouldn't be in the actual guild. I like the hoods, full support on that. And naturally, I think all guilds should have a bank... but thats more of a dream ;) That's my two cents.
  6. Hi, I wanted to get peoples opinions on this. I posted this on RS forums, please support thread if u have time Quick Find: 24-25-507-53590265 This is a suggestion to add in the costume room of POHs (player owned houses). I was looking at all my jewelry... the quest ones, like the monkey speak amulet, the camulet and the ring of visibility. I don't use these things too often, but I do use them. Most of the time they just sit in my bank taking up room. So I thought it would really cool to be able to deposit the jewelry into a box in the costume room. Or display them along the wall in the quest hall. (the quest hall often seems rather dull to look at after all). I don't remember how many jewelry quest items there are... but I have 11 of them: monkey speak amulet camulet cat speak beads of the dead gnome amulet ring of visibility armadyl pendant cat training medal salve amulet glarial's amulet Please let me know if you think this would be useful. Thanks, -alipica
  7. I just found out that BJR is the code for the Fisher King's realm in the holy grail quest... This allows you to get more magic whistles if you lose yours. Please add the code to the fairy rings page
  8. Quest Calculator I absolutely love this calc, it's what got me into quests I've earned over 100 qps since it came out (which wasn't very long ago). And now only have 17 quests left to do. Maybe it would be easier to include the hard, moderate, easy/ long, medium, short, sort of ratings to each quest to give people an idea of what is in the quest.
  9. Hello, I just joined the forum and wanted to help with the quests. I've read almost every quest guide (only 17 left) and am a big fan of how this site does them, but I often have issues with how the items are done in the guides. Sometimes I am notified to late that I need an item. I would like to touch up on some of the guides and help out with images and overall flow. I thought the best place to start would be the first quest: Animal Magnetism. All I've changed is the ordering of some of the text. I changed/combined the items required for each section to fit better with teleport trips. I also moved part of Step 4 up to step 3 so the guide tells the quester to get the items they need before they pass the bank. And I added the Old Crone to the list on NPCs. Plus I've made an image because I thought it was hard to get to the Old Crone's house when I first did the quest. I know it's already tedious work going through the forum and making changes on the website, so if you do decide to take a look at how I've touched this first quest up then you can just take the coded file that I've linked to below. I've just copied the code between the Page Content tags and edited the text in there. You can find the text file at: http://students.washington.edu/alipica/animag_code.rtf If you have any questions for me please ask! If I have a completely wrong approach for doing this, please let me know. Thanks! -alipica Hope it helps!
  10. Are you saying that I'm pretentious or that the image looks like an art student (with the beret and all)? I don't even own a black beret lol, I photoshoped a white one =S. I just wanted to point out the hooks on the shoulders and boots. and the blood drop shape on the torso (be it upside down). I think a cape is a great idea! I'll add one later on. Thanks!
  11. I posted a description of this on the RS forum (ref: 24-25-911-44307923 ) but I think it is hard to understand what it looks like just from a description. If you get a chance to read the description and you like the look/idea then please help support the post (whether you post here or there). I would like suggestions or comments on the look and feel please! Thanks! alipica
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