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  1. Arena scape still exists. http://arenascape.net Google and play where you left it.
  2. In the Enakra fight, I found it easier to fight her with low health, then to run behind pillars. She can only take a little bit of your life points, so giving her low regenaration (by having a low health yourself) makes that you can damage her more then she can win back. All by all the easiest fight.
  3. How to rotate them? Nothing happens OK, control pannel works, overlooked that
  4. How to solve the cosmic one? I really have no clue where to start
  5. I don't understand the upset about the economy. I normally don't earn money because it is to boring, now with the double XP weekend I could have fun while earning 3m (I had banked 6m). I have gained some xp on herblfore and still made my money. I enjoyed the bonus XP and I would like to see another one. About the names, some are indeed impossible to gues why I added them, a eternal reference to the original name would be nice.
  6. For the fight don't forget to go without any prayer left, otherwise the boss is healing himself. And his defence is already very nice. You can teleport out if you forget something. Nice quest, it took me several hourt to finish al the puzzles, and the storyline is also good.
  7. I agree with the first article, but indeed a little insight can do no harm. I would really want to know why the youth who is supposed to be openminded and progressif is so ultra conservative and narrowminded. Why is it so difficult to understand that things can faile?
  8. I disagree with the danger described in the first article. I have solved the riddles by looking to the dutch fansite (lunagang). I don't think I would have solved the first day without their translations, also the other days were very helpful. For english fansites this evolution may be dangerous, but not for foreign language fansites. Without the riddles I wouldn't have visited the site.
  9. I know they are more open, for that I have trouble to understand how they manage to be so secretive about there last actions with herbflore
  10. I agree with the first article. I can understand why they made 2007 the year of beating RWT, I can understand why they made 2008 the year of winning back the combat orientated players, but now we have an umbalance to skills. I hope they make 2010 the year of the skills. I don't like fighting but skilling is quit money losing.
  11. In 2008 they announced some stuff, all combat related in return for the old Wildernis. Almost everything they announced we got. In 2009 they announced all upgrades, and upgrades we got. About the quest, I like the extra info about the Mahjarrat, and I don't think the last quest of that serie will be easy.
  12. I already have the emotes and costumes, so either xp or items if they give me more xp while processing or if they are hard to get
  13. I have missed them. If it means that there will be less errors, so be it. I hope they will give DD regularly, once a month or once every two monts.
  14. The actually playing would be between 1000 and 1500 for me, if you also consider the time you spent at reading the articles and looking to the highscores it would scare me.
  15. I reed it every time. The last few weeks were good but not exceptional, The Editor is better, and besides The Editor there are only a few who are as good.
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