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  1. :thumbsup: This games creata in da house! :XD:
  2. Is right TPUM will explain their last comment about taking a break.
  3. Yes I do. :D TPUM likes bananas.
  4. /\Right \/Does not love ketchup as much as me.
  5. :D Zzzuperman's sigs are good... :lol:
  6. :anxious: ............Hehe.....That's a funny story actually. Uh..Oh boy.Don't hurt me. :pray: TPUM isn't going to hurt me.
  7. Banned for using this -.- too much instead of using some of these. :D :( :shock: :mrgreen: :wall: :anxious: :boohoo: :-X
  8. No I didn't look again. TPUM doesn't pay attention.
  9. :twisted: Yeah...... :anxious: Actually no O:) TPUM is zzzuperman
  10. :cry: I say good bye
  11. 10/10 for harry potter. 8-)
  12. 10/10 You've just gotta love Harry Potter. 8-) Gahh blast you Primeaction. 8/10 for both Primeaction's sigs.
  13. :anxious: You can't see your own eyes.
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