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  1. Mechanical keyboards sure do take some getting used to.


    I have my lifelong dream booked.

    Dreamed about this for longer than I can remember anything.

    Bucket list stuff.


    I am going to Indonesia! 22nd September til 11th October.


    Take nothing and return with nothing or you'll be on the news awaiting execution.

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  2. Just ordered my first mechanical keyboard. I've elected to go with the Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate, with brown switches. Hoping to find somewhere local that will sell me blank coloured keys so I can have red esc and white WASD keys, without having to pay 3x more for shipping than the keys.

  3. Finished my first week of working full days in a long while. 6:00 starts, 18:30 finishes, with a break in between. 4 days worth of it, and I'll have made over a grand once I get paid on Wed. Already know what I'm buying with the money, the new Nexus 7 tablet. Bought a wireless charger for it today, which will make waiting for the tablet itself to be available here a pain, as I want the LTE version.

  4. that is an option. it will also grow in better with time.


    It lives.


    How do you lose a tractor? It's not the sort of thing that winds up accidentally pushed under your bed.


    It's a toy tractor, Estonia is poor enough for them to be of use.

  5. About to kick a wall in. Net drops out every 10 minutes or so. No matter how often I call my ISP all I get is "Sorry, we are running the towers at maximum signal strength already." No way would we be with them if they weren't the only ones to offer throttling instead of excess charges for wireless broadband. I want to also get another modem for low-data things that require a constant connection. The modem I want is $350 though (only one the ISP sells with an ethernet port, might look for a cheaper one though).

  6. Managed to close a car door while my girlfriend's hand was still in the frame, spent the night in hospital in A&E, which has meant a fun few days of irregular sleep since I was up so late. Really need to force myself into a regular, 24-hour day sleeping pattern.


    Had a guy come into the office I work at during lunch hour. I was the only one in the front so I had to deal with him. He was shirtless, wearing bright blue basketball shorts and "looking for a job". He started pacing around looking at the front desks. Goes from asking for a job to asking for a referral. When he finally decided to leave, he grabbed a handful of candy, started to walk out, turned around and hit the service bell multiple times like a child, then left.


    He could have been a "Mystery Shopper", ya know, to test your customer service skills and report back to the company heads.


    I work as a mystery shopper, they do not do that. In fact you're told to not draw attention to yourself and act like a regular customer. Plus no way would "a handful of candy" qualify for their purchase requirement.




    Well I won't be going to gas stations for a while, a quarter of a tank of gas in my echo lasts more than a week and the tank is busted so I can't put more than 3/4 without having gas leaking. Guess I'll have to wait until it flashes everytime before putting gas.


    My friend left my fuel cap at a station when he was fuelling up my car since I was driving him around that day. So now until he buys me a replacement I can't fuel up past 1/2 a tank. Then on the weekend I had car problems so I got my dad to look at it to see if I need to take it a mechanics, and he ended up fuelling up the tank completely. Going to waste a lot of petrol. Plus if I have any more problems I'll need to take it in to a mechanic.

  7. They're not really "free", they're just paid for collectively. Unless the professors work for no pay and the buildings were constructed by slaves then you're paying for them in some way.


    Similar to healthcare, the cost of education is a lot lower per capita when it's funded by the government instead of run by corporations.

    That statement is misleading. It's a lower price per capita because there are more people paying - everyone who pays taxes (in the "European" system or whatever you want to call it) vs. everyone who is enrolled (in the "American" system). The price is the same in either case, and the amount paid is the same. The thing people seem to forget is that in the European system you're paying for other people to go to university through some percentage of your taxes for the rest of your life. Theoretically that amount over the course of a lifetime is equivalent to the sticker price of a four year education under the American system (though of course it isn't for most people because of graduated income taxes and sales taxes affecting individuals of different socioeconomic statuses differently).


    With healthcare this isn't true, and presumably would be similar with education. I don't think it states it in that article, but with another one I've read, even in the same hospital the charges for each insurance company is different.

  8. So it looks like I won't be taking advantage of the Steam Summer Sale this year.


    I seem to have over extended myself. Put $100 on in total, down $40 and of that $10 was spent on the gf, who finally left me alone for more than 30 mins. Didn't text me once yesterday.


    The Win8 Metro UI pissed me off until I realized it's just a really big Start Menu.


    Add a large Desktop button and you're good. I like it a lot, actually.


    It's how I tolerated it.


    I'd move if I was given a job opportunity. :<


    So would I. I want to complain about things that aren't the internet.

  10. It's ~8 inches from my house.


    So yes, but no.


    Something small will work. I'd suggest aerosol cans, but they explode if you don't know what you're doing. Could use a water pistol filled with something flammable if you have good accuracy. Either way have a way to put out the fire in case.


    [big story that's worth reading, it has romance, alcohol, and parental disobedience]


    Wow. Now I'm only speculating, but your dad may respect you for the way you stood up for yourself, and for your girlfriend.

  11. I got a remote control heli for my birthday a few months ago, but I still haven't flown it yet. Never can seem to have both batteries and the charger at the same time. Might go look again.

  12. Or if they weren't so costly. I mean $3,949AU for the Master Collection? No wonder people pirate it. 1/10th of the price would be a lot more acceptable.

  13. Welcome to page of my birthyear. Also I finally have a HDD to use again. It's nice having something stable to use again, even though it's only a 750GB HDD, and I think only 5400rpm. When I have some money I can finally upgrade it and get some additional HDDs. Hopefully I can get a job soon, my current one has me working 2 shifts up to 4 hours each. It's lose-lose for both of us as I don't work much, and they have to pay me for 4 hours for both shifts no matter how short they are.

  14. omg Toblerone cocktails are heavenly.


    Suffice to say I'll be drinking a few of those at dinner tonight. Heading back home to Australia tomorrow @ lunch.


    They sound good.

  15. So today I heard Scribblenauts Remix was available on the Play Store, and I prepared to throw a maximum of $5 towards them. Nope, 99c and US only. Since I enjoy the exercise of avoiding things wanting to kill me all the time I'm not moving to the US. No choice but to use the other way to get apps. :sad:


    Wooden obv. Also yuno steam anymore?


    I need new HDDs. Currently have $0. Old one broke, SSD is a temp measure.

  16. burnt the bracelet


    You got a wooden bracelet? If it was gold/silver, and you didn't use the pits of hell to burn it, a smelter would pay a good price for it.

  17. Xbox one now has no required internet connection and makes used games normal.


    It also will be renamed the Xbox One-80.

    I see what you did there...


    I bought a Fijian man-skirt.


    .... :3




    When you get back we should go comatose on duty-free booze.

  18. The Last of Us is awesome. Cutscenes are amazing. Character design is really well done, the levels look spectacular, and everything just works well. Except that on PS3 to reload you just hit fire while not aiming. Which means no hip fire, and I keep meleeing every time I want to reload.

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  19. Woo Australia, where nobody cares enough about religion to force these archaic laws on shops. I don't think there's anywhere here where people will fuel you up, it's all do it yourself. Although things are more expensive. Like the PS4, was gonna pre-order it in Aus and then noticed it was $150 less on Amazon. Even with shipping I'm saving enough for game on release and a year of ps+.

  20. Is your Liberal party comparable to the Conservatives in Canada or the UK? I don't know much about the Australian political situation.


    Yes, the Liberal party here is very conservative. The leader for the party is a right royal prick too. Xenophobic beyond measure, wanting to send asylum seekers back to their deaths, despite the fact that what they're doing is actually perfectly legal. He also says a lot of sexist comments and then says because he has a wife and daughters that he can't be sexist and is the opposite. Not to mention he loves having his pic taken in speedos and swimming goggles. I like Malcolm Turnbull though, he's an alright guy, just doesn't understand technology. Which is sad because he's Liberal's communications and broadband minister.

  21. Elections coming up here too. It's a real difficult decision for the people who only vote for the two major parties. Most of them are likely to vote Liberal, but Liberal have stated they're not going to remove the asbestos that people are just starting to realise are in the old Internet cables. Labor (currently in government) better win because they're the for the working people compared to Liberal being more for the employers, and so will want to safely remove the asbestos for the health of the employees. That's essentially the biggest difference between the two parties this election. Elections here are really boring, and very different to US elections.

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