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  1. any specific level of the place 1,2,3,4?
  2. DarkSano

    70 Crafting

    eh i did green hides till i could do blue then just range blue drags
  3. i owned it with 41 mage so 55 should do nicely
  4. wheres good place to train for melee stats 40 att 41 str 45 def 41 hp hobgoblins to weak now so security dungeon or ice warriors? with 33 range where should i train at blk knights or what i have no idea any advice would be nice
  5. yes if u have cape and new quest comes out u cant wear till u do it i still havent done that newest quest yet and i lost meh cape :( 246 qps ftw maybe after i hit 99 wc and 99 fm
  6. my noob was 40 att 40 str 40 def i couldnt kill the draon lOL 40 hp i had 41 mage though mage owned his [wagon] if tond hit thta often but when it did 13's and 12's air blast f tw
  7. meh either 99 farming and 99 herblore or 99 prayer and 99 99 crafting for skill total 1900+
  8. eh 99 fishing lol btw moe awesome sig lucky for me i dont have school ftw just work full time >.< so currently going for 99 def/99fm/99wc
  9. go for it even high levels get called noobs ive seen it lol dont matter what level you are ive been a member for 2-3 years never been to kq/kbd/dagganoth kings dont own a fire cape level 115 cb so eat me :P
  10. eh if your f2p no really fo place to get them deaths ankous if they drop em on f2p other then that errr dark wizards near varrok not much else on f2p
  11. death runes brine rats need to do quest to get to and certain slayer level forget what level but they drop mad earh/deaths/water/air/bloods canget 200-300 bloods in an hour
  12. ya dude burhtope it i skip all metals drags just cuz they take to long and im 92/92/93
  13. hmmmz well im not looking to sell them going for 99 wc and 99 fm
  14. wrong and wrong s long better all my high level friends did 99 str with d long better by a little bit then scim spec also better or u can do dharoks combined with long i use scim and w hen full spec use long just for specs
  15. i know yews are better for xp but are slower then maples so in theory maples are better what would you prefer?
  16. also i can kill karil with usually 3-4 dragon dagger specs i have no problem landing hits on karil with whip same for ahrim and yes ahrim lowers def/str/att but karil lowers agl which is just as bad so bring at least 1 restore or super restore pot i go in order of dharok/guthan/ahrim/toraq/verac/karil or whoever is down in tunnel usually guthan or toraq
  17. btw kill counts do not raise success for getting barrow item all that does is gives u more runes ex with 6kill i usually get nothing but mind/chaos/deaths 15-20 kills i get bloods alot more chaos death minds and bolt racks so other then that extra kills dont do anything waste of food and pots for lower levels :P
  18. if not with melee u can try to kill karil with mage ive seen people do it before dunno why since hes a ranger of course u can range ahrim for arrows whatever u can make or kill fire giants for rune
  19. well im off to mith drags for a bit if u wanna talk mor add phixcire on rs
  20. depends on prayer level i can do 5trips without teleing with 9-10 p pots im 75 prayer also i wear full proselyte armor minus the helm god book trimmed cape for prayer bonus think im around 25+ prayer bonus with that still that way is expensive if u buy the ranaars i just theive master farmers and plant the ranaar seeds this way i dont spend on seeds im sure theres better ways but thats the way i do it and i have no problem
  21. mith drags are trash takes way to long to even kill em i can only ger 3-4 kills a trip and im 115cb 92 att 92 str 93 def 75 prayer 84 mage 94 hp 85 range i melee them so maybe thats why id say either wyverns ir metals but do whatever
  22. i have no idea i just use gold/white mystic set or ahrims without staff
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