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  1. Only got 14 kills as 0 kill count ended with 58 total kills so 4 divided by 58 using scrimshaw of ranging ext range pots war tort mostly all food on him gear wise.Also my 1st attempt there was using ss/anguish and tanking all his attks do i need to avoid his blue cyclones and the fog? so besides better gears that im to lazy to go get the stuff to make ascension xbows and no money to buy noxious or better range armors.. bow=crystal necky=d riders ring=6th age circuit boots=glaiven helm=arma legs=arma chest=arma cape=slayer gloves=royal spike vambs
  2. i want to get back into peng hide and seek is there a forum post for locations or what are the cc's?
  3. lets say i wanted to branch out and try saradomin gw bosses should i get 97 sum first or go for overloads in herblore which one would be better?
  4. do you need any specific quest for ascension monsters?
  5. Hey just came back after over a year not playing need some help making decent money, excluding bossing because i just dont do it dont have access to lvl 80-90 weapons as i hate dungeoneering and also as i dont have a clan or any friends that play this game anymore. So i have been relying on slayer + hard tt's i will post my stats in my sig. Slayer only has a few tasks worth anything and that is glacors everything else i think sucks as edimuu's are you need what 110+ dung to do them and i got lava strykewurms blocked
  6. So since they updated to a newer version of java i have had uber lag on rs to the point of freezing or dcing me, any ideas what i can do?
  7. DarkSano


    ok now im stuck on the room top im supposed to swing on ropes but i cant?
  8. go to slayer master and skip them form what i hear no one does them
  9. yeah rune dart (p)+ what i do on slayer tasks and when i can cannon+that amazing xp
  10. what to make with them?
  11. as title says best way to 45
  12. O_o how did you max combat melee with such low slayer lol
  13. good might use this for when i start glacors wont have ovls nor arcane stream hence i hate DG but 95 mage and extreme mage w00t
  14. Ok got a friend that needs 33-50 mining 53 fishing wheres the best places to train them at. mining is iron right? fishing karajma?
  15. well 70-79 i did oak tables because it was cheap had butler run to my bank to get planks for me, so thats just 1 way
  16. whats the street price on them because i cant even buy them on ge for 575 each only need 1k for extreme mage pots
  17. not to sound mean or anything d00d lol oh nvm u need 70 str 70 attk to use barrows melee armor and weapons
  18. like he said brine sabre because longswords do not attack as fast as scims but then again longs are a bit stronger, so what do u want more faster attk ore more dmg
  19. well ur melee stats are wayyy to low dont really need to range it just verac set her as it hits through prayer i would skip it
  20. im sure the amount of time it takes you go the sacred hatchet u could problly come close to the xp u would have got using d axe
  21. yeah miths are not that common most ive had a task is 8
  22. Been long time since ive done peng hunting what are the cc's for it? and is there a cc for effegies?
  23. world 60 should work thats where my friend used to do all her gop
  24. nah im not going for ovls
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