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  1. yep i have a big stockpile of dragon bane bolts and i find those way faster then using mage on metalics even using their elemental weakness
  2. sweeet good thing i just finished every quest as world wakes and fate of the gods are reqcuirments for them
  3. just ss+eee pack yak with few food and more p pots gets me over an hour per trip just got to learn to dodge that spec attk and get the glacytes down. and thats me using sea singers and tier 75 weapons
  4. when are they coming out? i want to be on top of this one
  5. yeah really lucky got 3 boots on 1 slayer task of 75 but any other slayer task no rare drops like lava strykewurms 0
  6. ah didnt think they counted in the rare drops just normal stuff as i have 850 kills and about 6-7 boot drops
  7. how can people say for example that glacor's are 4.5m or w/e gp per hour when i dont even get 1m per hour, now granted i dont have nox or chaotic or even virtus weaponry or overloads, im using abysal wand+orb i can still kill them pretty dam quick also using seasingers armor so im doing 65-75ish kills an hour. Just curious how people come up with these numbers
  8. waterfiends are 98 i believe same for mithrils weird seeing as how miths were 400+ in the old days dark beasts are 100 even abyssals are 98 or so i dont think many monsters are 100+ anymore except bosses and i doubt you can do nihils or muspahs
  9. dang im sure sara is packed might hit that up if i get bored at glacors
  10. So i heard from some people on rs that arma offhand xbow was coming out is that true? and what do you think the value will be as i just bought myself drygores would it be worth to camp sara when it comes out?
  11. just range them all thats what i did and that was with arma and demon xbow in full arma armor, ugh muspah part was a bit tougher had to use ancient magick blood barrage/blitz as their weakness is ancients since zaros gives you unlimited runes for it..
  12. ill work on getting the scroll from dung store about how many tokens is it?
  13. yeah i got my kingdom on mining as last i saw runewiki said it was #1 for profit guess ill start my farming runs again... scratch that just got 15.9m more thank you to a glacor donation wahaha
  14. noe scroll as i dont do dung skill no idea how to get a portable and no clue also what or where a god banner is
  15. Hello so i want to get at least 94 herb for prayer renewals possibly 96 for ovs about how much $$ am i looking at for 92-94 then 94-96? have 36m in cash on hand fyi also i already have 2500 extreme attk/def/str/magic pots for ovls so will only have to make extreme ranges
  16. that is if you got the lvl for soul
  17. guess ill be doing the plague's end quest here soon then because atm im using kuradal oh i also have mutated jadinko's blocked to
  18. So are muspahs and nihils worth unlocking for tasks? and for block list i have jungle/desert/ice/warped creatures/ganodermic creatures/vyrewatch blocked , that sound about ideal for blocks.? I have glacors and tormented demons toggled on. Just curious thinking i want to get 104m slayer xp for true mastery cape
  19. also royal bolts are almost +200 dmg then dragonbane >.< so dragonbane only better for fighting dragons
  20. 14 days rs membership bond=9.1m on ge atm
  21. ok ty got double teamed at lava wurms today they timed it just as i was out of food and walking to lvl 20 wildy
  22. last i checked the dyes were 400-950m each 3rd age druidic also was 500-850m each if that isnt worth the attempt to do elite scrolls i dont know what to tell ya except maybe try easy clues then
  23. If i was using the vampyrism aura in wildy and got pked and lost it can i reclaim it or do i have to spend the 23k or how ever many loyalty points it is to buy again?
  24. even on practice mode i cant get her to forge the bow or i die from all those fking grots do i need to kill them when they spawn? or ill just say [bleep] royal bow and go camp ascencions
  25. yeah trying to get the royal cross bow but killed her before she used the fire on stage 4 to smith it together lol and i dont even know what or how to get attuned crystal bow >.<
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