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  1. its not true, llama0 just said pharons ez
  2. ok adx and knightie come to wall ill use weakens and 3 on 2 you guys see what you do :shame: stop sickin up for som1 when you dont even play becides whats the point pkin if you only hit like 27 max with pray or less on 99 flat
  3. Luge911 was 1 the best in stats in the day he didnt pk alot cus he was going for 99 99 99 i think lol :-#
  4. No, pking is sad when somebody logs from you when you use damage runes on them multiple times, then gets mad when you start weakening them in order to not waste money, and subsequently posts about it acting like they are some big tough guy. This is not even comprehensible. dont pk if you cant afford it ok thx stfu im gonna start pking with weakens and see what you do [bleep] how about you jsut stop using them mr tough guy
  5. I never had pid on anyone that night because when they ran full food I couldnt catch them a 2 square east. I also did not weaken the first two times you logged against kdog and I. I simply got fed up with you logging in a fair 2 on 2 fight and decided not to waste damage runes on you. You logged 4 times last night when you had a team of 3 against me and kdog. So I have a proposition for you, if you give me the 4 sets you owe me, I'll give you the 1 set I owe you. I am an honorable pker, but I'm really getting tired of your bs. Btw grats on autoing 118. it was 1 on 2 with kdog no skull than i bank come out you weaken i called rh0dsey [bleep] you got pid half the time we fight you just catch [bleep]ing catch nob [bleep]ing get real stop being a [bleep] pixel lover weakening and login ya maybee i did log from 2 on 1 when i was weakened and kdog wouldnt even [bleep]ing skull all i can say is grow the [bleep] up stop noob pkin well you dont even player kill you weaken with pid cant catch [bleep]ing gratz you never stay to death you run or log or run till m8s come why should i? come on honorable weakener im tired of a noob weakening me than thinkin its fair cus im weakened 2 on 1 rofl btw ppl ran cus u weakened dur ? i always fight till no food if you cant catch its your problem mr weakens :shame:
  6. ok kids whats my whole cm of pic got to do with llama0 weakenin 1 on 1 you guys are really sad pking isnt even worth it if a noobs gonna weaken som1 lower hp cus he cant pk =;
  7. ok last night i log on to pk see kdog skull on em tell em to log he doesnt walks over to llama0 so its 2 on 1 with a non skuller lol than i call a m8 llama0 weakens us rh0dsey goes to death llama0 was on wall ran logged lol hes such a great player =D> and they both had pid
  8. ya but it also looks deader than ever :?
  9. i been shorty and night's m8s for few days atleaste, like me a 108, shorty owning noob teams like danio, hazy , beerme=danio also now i guess with jace on danio and none of us are 99 hp vs 3 99 and a 96 lol i killed danio like 3+ that night lol forgot about another 1 of them juss died lol.. :XD:
  10. i was wondering why you kept disappearing :shame: lol ya we rape'd pkin ju
  11. have a look at the time, going on a saturday night for him. maybe he had plans with mates, go out and have a few drinks. would u pass that up for an online game? lol He was back in under a half hour (with catch I might add), that's a pretty short bar run dont you think. ok you want my day story llama0? my buddy stoped over to make plans hung out a lil bit he left so i got back on cus i was waitin all day to pk, about half-hr later i was out drinking smokin tryin to free my mind :notalk: and when i came back you still had catch btw you just cant always catch someone lol :boohoo: =D> flame me i dont give a [cabbage] its a game get over it btw thx for sharing earlyer
  12. lmao we had some fun Davi I miss those days hella to bad i lost like 500 pics due to my comp crashing
  13. ya because i have a life my buddy came over i told you this \
  14. It seems 2 me that you don't have any friends, which is the reason you dont pk with anyone, not because you think solo is the way to go. Btw I'm calling you castle from now on since you always think of an excuse to run full food, even though you have catch everytime we fight. i dont have friend but my group was pkin with you today lol? i never run full unless im being weakened lol or its 1 vs 2 with guthix your the 1 that banks for weakens everytime we fight 1 on 1 than run till your m8s come rh0dsey btw llama0 dont log wall he runs for 20 min till a m8 comes to wild to save him
  15. ok so you agree i was 1 on 1in you and you ran with like 6+ food for 15 mins till your m8 came from autoing to help you lol?
  16. Considering his character is 100% autoed and wouldnt be there in the first place if he wasnt a cheater, I have little sympathy for him, and certainly not enough to say that I teamed him. Btw I'm sick of randoms using the "teaming" excuse. Do you know when it was cool to say you cant fight alone to someone? 5 years ago. I have friends and I pk with them. Get over it loser. yet when me and pkking 1 vs'd you, kdog and mass chris and both of us destroyed all of you you had a sad and did what your good at, walling and logging. its funny, if i have a mate with me and theirs 1 of you you log on site. when theirs even 3 of you i'll still stay and fight. You're a pathological liar lol, you did not beat us and I didnt log from you. However, if I ever was in danger of dying to you, I probably would log considering you dont even play the game by the rules set out by JaGex. You wanna explain to me how you came back after dying the first time with catch on both me and Kdog3wa? How could you of known when to stop logging out and in? I wish I took a screenshot of your guy logging out and in a few minutes after we killed you. stay on topic mutiple login marcoing has nothing to do with what you do in wild the fact that you 2 on 1 ppl makes you a stinky pker get over go weaken ppl dw ill start wasting your pots to and all your m8s for fun put the damn weakens away kid
  17. really ? i was fighting you 1 on 1 you run while half food for 15-20 till m8 comes to save you than 2 on 1 me on 3 low food lol and just now ya you said you gonna weaken me so dsm atts me and you weaken your the sadest pker in rsc atm man dont be a pixel freak kid go kill autoers if you want rune gtfo wild if your gonna be a chub
  18. than i fight llama0 1 on 1 13 shark left he runs from me for 15 min till his m8 comes and 2 on 1 me of course im gonna log if i bring 20 ppl to fight llama0 1 vs 20 hes gonna log so grow up be a man fight dont run till m8s come adx i dont have uncroped 1 i cut and go to new
  19. lame0 ha 1 the best over all kill yourself?
  20. look at map any1 else around? no its 1 on 1 somtin llama0 cant do lmao when he does its like this
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