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  1. Died to the 2nd boss. Was shooting magic balls that would make an electric area on the floor. Doing 2000 dmg each hit :D
  2. If you dont have 5 challenges in the log they will not dissappear. If you want to get rid of it make it go to the bottom. So when you have 5 challenges listed it will ge replaced the following day.
  3. there goes my chance to win medium lamps for this weekend :(
  4. http://imageshack.us/f/851/outfitk.png/ This is the outfit i am currently using iwith the trimmed HP cape. Head: constitution head Cape: Constitution cape (t) Weapon: White flowers Shield: Saradomin's Holy book Chest: Desert robe Legs: Zamorak robe legs Gloves: White gloves Feet: Desert boots Hopefully you'll get some nice ideas from this one Seems i cant post images on this forum but i am sure you can click the link to get an idea on how the outfit looks.
  5. then i need to do alot of rcing :D :D
  6. do you think that we can use the assist system for the karamja dairy to craft 56 or more nature runes at once?
  7. elite clue in the khazari jungle its a scan orb clue. The clue The location where to dig after digging a guthix wizzard appeared
  8. that is not a glitch when you run in a save zone you see a timer running and you can stil be attacked for 10 seconds after that 10 seconds you cannont be attack anymore
  9. i got a chain after 500 kills so yes
  10. 1. What was your reward? My reward was 5000xp 2. What levels were your quest related skills, total (approx) and qp after quest ? Mining 73 Crafting 80 Magic 85 Firemaking 71 Prayer 65 Total 1643 Qp 184 3. Did you opened (during quest) all 8 door on temple boottom level? YES 4. Did you opened (during quest) all 4 exits? YES 5. Did you buried (during quest) all 5 bigbones from the first boneguard? YES [EDIT new question] 6. What head you chose to make? the god of the desert dunno the exact name began with a I though [/EDIT]
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